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Any experience with the CAI Zastava Tokarev M70A Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Jim NE, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Jim NE

    Jim NE Well-Known Member

    CAI Zastava Tokarev M70A Semi Auto Pistols -

    I've seen these on the net for in the 250 ish range new. They're in 9x19, w/ two 9 round mags. Looking for a fifth 9mm for not much money. The Eastern Europe vibe is kind of cool.

    Here's a link:

    Any opinions? Experiences? Thanks
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  2. Jim NE

    Jim NE Well-Known Member

    Okay...how 'bout any experience with Zastava pistols in general? Are they good/average/junky?
  3. Wilbert

    Wilbert Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I can't help ya. I would be interested to find out the same thing. That is a very interesting pistol at a very attractive price. I've wanted one of the tt33's, but the 7.62x25 ammo is getting very scarce around here. One in 9mm would be very tempting
  4. Jim NE

    Jim NE Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean, Wilbert. I saw a very cool "new surplus" CZ-52 in that chambering at a LGS for $299, but only found one source for ammo on the net. I'm sure there are more, but it's not going to be common. Seems like there was more 7.62x25 ammo a few years ago, but less now for some reason (ban paranoia aside.)

    Think I'd much rather have a CZ than a Zastava, but I suspect the low CZ price has mostly to do with low ammo availability.
  5. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D Well-Known Member

    Um, Zastava is the OTHER 'CZ'
    as for the pistol, it's the 9mm version of the M57, it's a Tokarev
    if you want a Tok, it's for you, with out the trouble of finding x25...

    As for build, all of my have been flawless, they are Serb, so 'Yugo' quality, it isn't finished as good as a top end German K98K, but it's better than most stuff that's done by Remchester these days
    Oh and the 799,798 mini Mausers are just rebadged Zastava's so the quality is there.
  6. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    I've got the M57 Tokarev which is the same gun in the "original" chambering.

    Overall its a good gun. Looks odd, but its reliable and decently accurate. If you want a nice plinker or a home defense gun I'd say go for it. Also probably would suffice for open carry, but I wouldn't conceal carry it.
  7. Jim NE

    Jim NE Well-Known Member

    Thanks Shadow 7D and mgmorden. The information is helpful and much appreciated.
  8. Wilbert

    Wilbert Well-Known Member

    If they're anything like their older brothers, I would expect them to be just fine. Just the fact that it's in 9mm is appealing. Hopefully some 9mm ammo will show up on some shelves somewhere someday :fingers crossed:
  9. marklmurray

    marklmurray Active Member

    I noticed they are starting to import these new in 7.62x25 (M57), and 9mm now. I have a very old 7.62 one and I like it. It shoots great and is very, very easy to work on. Breaks down just like a 1911 and the entire trigger group just lifts out and is interchangeable with any other Tokarev (reportedly).

    I haven't carried it concealed, because I have better options for that, but one thing to note is that this gun is extremely thin. I've tucked it in my pants experimentally and It seems like it would carry and conceal quite well.

    Now that the 9mm is coming, I hope I'll be able to get a 9mm barrel, bushing, and spring to shoot 9mm from mine.
  10. Wilbert

    Wilbert Well-Known Member

    Did you get one yet Jim?
  11. gatorindy

    gatorindy New Member

    I just received mine

    Put 100 rounds down the pipe at the range where I picked mine up. Nice gun, just like it's older brother, except in 9mm. Had a little more kick than I expected but not bad at all. It's a military based piece, so don't expect glass trigger or a light pull. I like it. It will share company with it's older relatives in 7.62X25. Now I just need to find a couple more magazines......
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013
  12. Wilbert

    Wilbert Well-Known Member

    Pictures or it never happened! ;)
  13. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    Why buy large (ok it is slim) "steel club" with magazine that only holds nine cartridges?
    REAL firearm like second-hand S&W 5906 can sometimes be found for <$100 more.
  14. whetrock

    whetrock Well-Known Member

    I snagged one yesterday from JG sale for 260 $. For that price I couldn't really resist. I've got other 9's that are smaller and of higher capacity (like my S&W M&P9C), but have always been interested in Tokarevs in general after purchasing a Romanian TTC 3 or so years ago. I remember seeing 9 MM Norinco Tokarevs at gun shows in the past and they seemed to ask around 200 or 250. I always respected Norincos and believe they were/are fine pieces, though I like the thought of being able to buy something comparable, brand new for the same price. I'm a bit low on 9MM right now, but will follow up with my opinion of this pistol after I receive it. Not looking to carry it, though I'm sure it's more than serviceable, but rather wanted a fun and interesting plinker. It's interesting that Zastava still manufacturers new Tokarevs as well as M48 Mausers. Stuff that's "outdated" by our standards. 7.62 * 25 isn't the bargain it used to be IMHO and is kinda fiery if you catch my drift. Not abandoning the cartridge, but looking for different offerings in the world of Tokarevs. Still have that TTC and a CZ-52 that I'm still very happy with.
  15. wolverine_173

    wolverine_173 Well-Known Member

    Where can I get mags for the 9mm m70a?
  16. UnitMaster

    UnitMaster Member

    I just got one of these a month ago. My experience has been mixed. When I got the gun, I broke it down and cleaned it, then headed off to the range. The fit and finish seemed adequate for a $239 pistol, although the plastic grips were rough and the ridges were deformed.

    The pistol experienced no failure to feed issues, however it did have 4 problems ranging from severe to annoying.

    1. Terrible hammer bite.
    2. The one of the magazines locked in a position so that it would not drop from the gun. This requires that the gun be disassembled to remove the mag, which is itself a difficult task as the gun wants the mag to drop first before being disassembled.
    3. The slide doesn't stay locked in always in the open position when the magazine is empty.
    4. It ejects spent brass directly rearward so that it continuously hits me in the forehead.
    5. Its a good thing there is both a trigger safety and a hammer block safety as 50% of the time, the hammer will drop while the safety is on when the trigger is pulled!

    I took it back to my shop and went to work.

    1st. I bobbed the hammer on my belt sander and polished with my dremmel, finishing with a little cold blue. Problem solved.
    2nd. I realized one of my magazines had the follower bent at the factory which was preventing the mag release button from deploying. I disassembled the mag and bent back into shape. Problem 2 solved.
    3rd. The slide release seems to either be to short, or there is not enough tension on it to lock the slide back when the mag is empty. Unresolved at this point.
    4th. spent shells still hitting me in the forehead every other round. Still unresolved at this point.

    It is an interesting gun. But there are no aftermarket mags for it anywhere. I guess you get what you pay for.

    Not a perfect gun out of the box, but serviceable. Way to unreliable to consider as a serious carry gun.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2013
  17. Jim NE

    Jim NE Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input everyone. I should mention that I bought the gun and was not pleased with it, so I sold it. Reliability was not good, but I suspect a break in period would've helped. Regardless, the recoil and report was much greater than any other 9mm I've shot. Less pleasant to shoot than my .40's and '45's, in fact. Kind of wish I'd bought it in 7.62x25 instead, but I wasn't looking to get into a new caliber.

    I'd recommend that cartridge to others interested in this gun, though. Gun looked and felt cool, and was inexpensive and quite accurate.
  18. Lj1941

    Lj1941 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering?

    Does anyone know if the M 70A uses the same magazines as the M 57? If they are the same that would simplfy the mag problem. Mags for the M 57 while not cheap are readily available.:evil:
  19. il.bill

    il.bill Well-Known Member

    Different magazine dimensions that make them NOT interchangeable from the way they look. If I remember correctly there is a spacer that is located on the frame in the mag well inside the back strap on a 9x19mm Zastava M70A.
  20. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    Are these newly made guns, or new, old stock surplus pistols?

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