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Any experience with www.usarmorment.com?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by CoRoMo, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    Anyone ever buy from US Armorment?

    I've found exactly two reviews; one perfect, one terrible. How else do you go about finding out if a website is go to buy from?
  2. danprkr

    danprkr Well-Known Member

    Start by buying something small, and seeing what happens. Then let us know so that we may profit from you experience.
  3. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    I don't want to be the guinea pig, but they have prices that are tempting.

    Would you buy from Midwest Hunter's Outlet?
  4. TimTX1

    TimTX1 New Member

    Avoid usarmorment.com, US Armorment at all costs

    I recently saw what I thought was a good deal on a current hot-deals post. I had heard about people receiving the wrong products from certain companies and getting the run-around and since I had never dealt with this company before I thought I’d ask them to confirm what I was purchasing. All communication up to that point was in automated emails. After several attempts to contact them, they responded that they received my emails but didn’t feel the need to respond to my question because they felt that the information on the website was clear enough.

    I would be wary of this company since they seem to avoid their customers and seem not to care about customer service. They spent more time explaining to me how I had no right to ask them a question, than they would have if they had just answered my question to begin with. If you don’t have any problems with your order, you might be okay. But if there are issues, I’d hate to have to fight with them to try to make it right since they don’t seem to care much for their customers to treat them this way.

    Here’s a full account of what I experienced:

    I placed my order and received an automated response with the invoice information. I submitted a reply to that and in it I asked them to confirm the quantity of ammo I was receiving. I had seen this ammo packaged differently with other companies and I just wanted a human to confirm that the order was for the right total quantity before it was shipped (it was a lot of money after all and I had never done business with this company before).

    I stated:

    “Please confirm that this is for 2000 total rounds of ammunition.”

    That is all I said.

    I received an automated response from them that day asking for a copy of my driver’s license (standard for the order of ammunition), which I provided. However, they never confirmed my purchase as I had asked. I sent the license, and in that email I asked again for them to please confirm the purchase.

    I said:

    “Please confirm that this is for 2000 rounds of ammo. The normal case size is smaller, so I wanted to make sure that I'm getting 2000 rounds. Attached is my license.”

    I still received no response from them. So, the next day I sent another email just stating:

    “I did not receive a response to my question. Please respond when you can or call me at…”

    Then that night I received my first response from them directly. This was their response:

    “Dear Sir,

    If you re-read the entire product description you can answer your own question. It states 1,000 rounds. 20 50 round boxes. That is extremely clear and descriptive.

    We are not quite sure why you are asking so we didn't feel it was necessary to answer a question when the answer is in plain text.

    Sue G
    Cs Mgr

    US Armorment”

    Obviously I didn’t care for her response. We went back and forth on this with her explaining to me how I was the first person to ask them a question and their website is clear enough and they have plenty of customers and don’t need my business.

    So, I cancelled my order with them and will never purchase anything from them, I don’t care if they’re giving it away. I simply don’t trust someone that is evasive and then tells me I have no right to ask a simple question. They want my driver’s license, my credit card information, and full disclosure from me, but they are unwilling to answer a simple question. Something is not right about this company.

    I wanted to share this with people here. I’m not sure what’s going on with them, but something just isn’t right and I certainly wouldn’t trust them with my money or my purchases.
  5. LawScholar

    LawScholar Well-Known Member

    Holy cow, Tim, that is all SORTS of unacceptable! I wouldn't let someone talk to me like that if I was getting something for free!

    Thanks for the warning.
  6. remmy70

    remmy70 Member

    I bought a scope and rings there back in December and everything went fine. Talked to DJ and he spent quite a while with me. Actually sold me a better scope (at least in my opinion) for less money than I started out buying. Maybe you just got somebody on a bad day.
  7. eevakk

    eevakk New Member

    Awful customer service, starting to think the whole company is a scam!

    I know this is an older thread, but I was just looking for reviews on usarmorment.com and only came across this. Just in case anybody else is wondering, DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! I was trying to order some stuff with a foreign Visa card (which they told me is fine, and has never been a problem with any other online company), and have it shipped to an address in the U.S. After the transaction repeatedly failed on their order page, I gave up and went with another company. And then realized they had actually charged me 3 times on the credit card! So now I'm dealing with that issue.. After trying to call them multiple times I wrote them a very polite e-mail trying to sort this out, and got back back a VERY impolite reply telling me how they will not process these "fraudulent" orders. Yet they charged 3 times for it... Hmmm...

    You're much better off spending a little extra, and actually getting the stuff you ordered, and not getting charged for things they never sent you.

    Besides, their customer service (seems to be just one angry guy who occasionally answers the phone. You're lucky if you actually get to talk to somebody.) is horrible at best.
  8. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    I can't even remember if I bought something from them or not. That was almost 3 years ago.

    If I did buy something from them, I guess it went smooth because I certainly would have ignited the internet with all kinds of bad reviews.
  9. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

  10. Sidian

    Sidian New Member

  11. primalmu

    primalmu Well-Known Member

    Personally I don't think I would trust a company that misspelled "armament" in their company name. (Unless "armorment" is an actual word, however a Google search yields only links to that company's website and reviews.)
  12. Justonevoice

    Justonevoice New Member

    Beware of US Armorment

    My experience (and another person from our office) was much like timtex1's but even worse. I received the notice that my order was canceled until I sent them a copy of my drivers license. I called them since this was a first for me. I was told that I was flagged as a high risk customer. When I asked what that meant, I was told that when they scanned my computer, I was flagged as high risk. Again, I asked what that meant. I was told that I must have security on my computer and they couldn't get in to my computer so the order was cancelled. BUT, all I needed to do was to place my order from my home computer which wouldn't have the high level of security on it and then they would ship my order. They said they have "all kinds of bad guys from china and other places trying to buy merchandise" so that's why they scan customer's computers for any "red flags". They said they were holding my order until I could place the order from my home computer and that our credit cards had not been charged. I agreed to place the order from the house, but then overnight decided that we didn't need to send our drivers license and/or place an order knowing that they are going to "scan" my computer. That sort of thing is why I got the security on our system in the first place. I emailed the next day stating that I respected their right to "red flag" me so I was sure they would respect my/our decision to take our business elsewhere. I asked that they delete my order and to not charge my credit card. I got a sharp response saying that my request was "redundant" because they had cancelled my order when I was "flagged" and they never ran my credit card. I should have left it alone, but I had to respond saying it was not redundant because they told me they were holding the order and my bank account shows the money as being unavailable due to pre-authorization. (bank said merchant has the ability to reverse the pre-authorization). I then blocked them from my email and came here to VENT! I realize that this is an old thread, but I hope I can save someone from making the same mistake I made. I didn't look for these reviews until after all this took place...my mistake. I am not a computer expert or financial institution wizard so I apologize if I messed up the computer terminology/banking regs. This is a long rant to simply say BUYER BEWARE OF US ARMORMENT!
  13. JustYourCustomer

    JustYourCustomer New Member

    Surreal treatment

    I had a similar experience as TimTX1 and a little of Justonevoice:

    Found some ammo I'd been looking for and ordered, I overlooked the need to change my billing address (had my shipping address twice). After a couple days with no shipping confirmation I logged into my account to learn my order had been cancelled because of the incorrect billing address - apparently they did not feel the need to advise me so I could correct it. The item was now out of stock so I was out of luck.
    I sent an inquiry - no reply, after a while sent a direct message through their website - no reply. Called - got their answering machine - left message and you guessed it - no reply. Called again and they picked up on the second ring, then hung up without answering. Minutes later I had an emailed reply stating my billing address was incorrect so they gave my item to the next person in line. Nice. (I also placed two orders with PSA that night with the same billing oversight, received both orders within a week with no changes).

    A couple days later they had my item again (in the meantime I couldn't find it anywhere else) so I tried again, within a few minutes I received an email stating I needed to send a driver's license copy, which I hesitantly complied with but had to them within ten minutes. I received an automated reply from their "ID email address"
    Due to my former order attempt, I followed up with an email to their "info address" with no reply. Presumably I was going to end up empty handed, again, so I sent a direct message through their website - no reply. After a couple hours from the order time I finally called, got the answering machine. Waited and called again, some older grumpy guy answered and before I could ask my whole question this guy starts complaining how I'd cost him a lot of time opening my driver's license (encrypted with easy non key software) AND they had everything set, if there had been a problem they would have contacted me, they ALWAYS ship and I was basically wasting his time.

    I took that opportunity to inform him they don't always contact folks because my first attempt had failed. We concluded the call and he was still rude as we hung up. Ten minutes later I get an email advising my order had been cancelled. The email made little sense, the reason was, and I quote: "Your order is being canceled not because of supply but because it totally failed internal security. It is possible that whatever unusual security created a suspicious order however this decision is non negotiable." What did they try to say? because it made NO sense. (I use a Virtual Private Network to protect my computer - perhaps it couldn't be "scanned"?)

    So two hours and forty minutes after beginning this 2nd attempt I placed one more order (yeah, I know my bad - but I thought maybe it was a credit card company issue) Comically, my new order number was only ten digits higher than 160 minutes earlier, yeah - they were busy, huh? A few minutes later - cancelled, no reason. This is now hysterical.

    I logged into my credit card account to find two charges and two credits, called my credit card company and they advised me all were completed my the vendor, not the CC company.

    These folks are but a blip on the ammo supplier scene, and they work hard to remain forever stuck in that status.

    I violated a basic principle that I hold, and was reminded - "If I can't get service on the first attempt, it usually doesn't get better" and in this case, it got worse - to the point of being COMEDY! I have to agree with an earlier statement in this thread, this company's practices do not add up.

    If you desire this kind of treatment please contact these folks. If you want professional treatment, look towards many of the known, reputable ammo suppliers out there.
    Best of luck to you, perhaps this will help someone down the road.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2015

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