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Any Kimber Custom Tactical II, or Custom TLE II Owners? Input Please.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by possum, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    I am looking to add another 1911 to the collection in the near future. I have a sa mc operator right now. i want a full size, but without the rail. my budget is around $1000, but if i could go less that would be even better. These are the ones that i am giving a hard look at. If you have one give me some info if you would, performance, recoil with the aluminum frame (tactical custom), accuracy, reliability etc, How many rounds through yours, any issues? it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. WoofersInc

    WoofersInc Well-Known Member

    I'm at around 3000 rounds through my Tactical Custom and no problems with it to date. Recoil has not been an issue for me. Accuaracy is good. The gun shoots to point of aim for me. I had a friend go out and buy a Tactical Custom after he shot mine.
  3. Old Dog

    Old Dog Well-Known Member

    I picked up a new Custom TLE II (black finish, non-railed) from my local Sportsman's Warehouse some months back; at the time it was $799 (plus I got my 5% discount and it was SW's "No Sales Tax Sale").

    I hadn't been in the market for a new full-size 1911, but it was there, and I needed to buy a pistol that day.

    - Excellent front-strap checkering
    - Superb MeproLight 3-dot night-sights (I'm starting to prefer the Mepros over Novak Trijicons)
    - 100%, stone-cold reliable from the box, even with the factory 7-round mag
    - Outstanding accuracy.

    - Front cocking serrations (yuck)
    - Plastic (polymer) MSH
    - Finish wore off immediately on safety, leaving it grey in appearance
    - Kimber pistols ship with only 1 magazine, a 7-rounder of dubious reliability for many new Kimber owners.

    I'm at around 3,000 rounds through this particular Kimber.

    Not once, I repeat, not once, has it ever malfunctioned. I shoot it with Colt's 7-round stainless mags, Springfield Armory 7-round stainless and blued mags, Wilson Combat 47D 8-round mags, Mec-Gar 8-round mags and, of course, the blued 7-rounder the pistol came with.

    Accuracy has been quite good with WWB and Blazer Brass 230-grain FMJs. With Remington Golder Saber 185 and 230 grain JHPs, accuracy is downright impressive. Gold Dot and Federal Hydra-Shok 230-grain JHPs have also given excellent to superb accuracy.

    Having gone through many Colts, SA 1911s and a couple Wilsons, I came late to the Kimber brand (an average Tactical Pro was the first), but I have to say that this TLE, in spite of its grotesque FCS's and flat plastic MSH, has become one of my two go-to 1911s.
  4. sernv99

    sernv99 Well-Known Member

    I bought a Custom TLE II in black, a few months ago. I had to send it back to Kimber for some issues. I was having FTF with the Kimber mag and two Chip McCormick 8 roundmags, the slide stop kept locking back and the spent brass was hitting the point right in back of the ejection port. I used WWB, Remington UMC and Blazer. It took Kimber 5 weeks to return it. They replaced the slide stop, and polished up the barrel throat and tweaked the extractor.

    I have yet to shoot it yet but will put all 400 rounds of 45 ammo I have left through it soon. I probably was suffering from limp-wrist, as I'm a new pistol shooter however I have a CZ-75 in 9mm and havent had any problems with limp wrist with that gun.

    I like front strap checkering but the Kimber's is too agressive. After 150 rounds, my hands are hurting. I may start to use my weight lifting gloves to give me protection aginst the checkering. Recoil is nice and soft. The fit and finish is really nice.
  5. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    thanks guys for all the replies so far.
  6. Snapping Twig

    Snapping Twig Well-Known Member

    I'm shooting a custom CDP II internal extractor, so the differences are minimal.

    I have @ 1500 rounds through mine and break-in was over at @ 350 rounds. Since then no problems. In the beginning I had to clean and oil it @ the 100 round mark or I'd get a failure to fully seat a round. I believe it happened 3 times.

    Mine is flawless and even with the alloy frame, recoil is not worth talking about.

    Mine has no rails obviously and it has a melt job and a less dramatic flaring of the magazine well, but other than that and the color, it's close enough to a tactical to be a twin.

    I'm happy with it and I can confidently advise others to get one.
  7. Sniper X

    Sniper X Well-Known Member

    All I have to say is I have the Tactical Custom II and it is both my go to carry gun, and what I shoot in freindly three gun competitions. Great gun and I probably have 9000 rounds thru mine, still tight as well you know.
  8. Cypress

    Cypress Well-Known Member

    I have a Tactical Custom II with about 1000 rds through it. Shoots a little left for me but I think its me. It also shoots high when I level the top of the sights. Dead on with the tritium inserts. I really like the gun and have only had problems with some XTP's that I had loaded. It had only had about 200 rds through it then and likes them better now that it's broke in and I got some better mags. I wish I could bring myself to carry a 1000 dollar gun though!!!!
  9. bodyarmorguy

    bodyarmorguy Member

    I have a TLE II with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 rounds through it and experienced one stoppage, a failure to extract during a 3 gun match in NC. The stoppage may have been shooter induced as I don't think that my wrist was properly locked. The pistol has proven uber reliable and accurate. I recently switched out the factory sights for a set of XS Systems Big Dot front and Express rear. Haven't had it to the range yet, but have shot the same sights on a Glock. I dropped a 1991A1 at Paul Liebenberg's Pistol Dynamics today to install the same sights on it....but I digress.......the Kimber is great, would carry it as a duty pistol any day of the week knowingling into harms way.

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