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Any know problems with the .338 Win Mag?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by winfried, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. winfried

    winfried Well-Known Member

    Hi all, greetings from Africa.
    I lived on a game farm for some time and gave hunting client a .375 H&H, but I preferred the .338 Win Mag firing a 250gr boat tail. Rifle was a Steyer and we were all happy with the performance of the .338.
    Now some German Hunters tell me, the .338 Win Mag got very bad write ups of poor accuracy and performance. Why should that be so different to what we experienced shooting Kudu 600kg, Eland 1000kg (rarely) Oryx 150kg, Springbok, Gnu and pigs.

    Any ideas and experiences you like to share?


  2. bobnob

    bobnob Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you don't need pinpoint accuracy to shoot something that big!

    Seriously, sounds like someone trying to sell another calibre to be rubbishing the 338 WinMag.
  3. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Well-Known Member

    No complaints from my buddies that have them, works on anything here in North America and I am guessing anything up to the Big 5 in Africa. Factory ammo or good handloads in their rifles (One Ruger M-77, one Ruger No.1 Single Shot, one Remington 700) will shoot inch or better three shot groups at 100 yards.

    Just my .02,
  4. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    I have a friend who has used one to shoot most of our largest game in North America. Moose, Elk and Cariboo mostly. He never has had anything negative to say about it.
  5. a-sheepdog

    a-sheepdog Well-Known Member

    I have a Winchester Model 70 that shoots 3/4" groups all day long with Federal Fusion ammo and some times better with Barnes TSX's. Mine is plenty accurate. It might hold better than that for someone else who is more steady than I am. I really enjoy the 338 Win Mag round, it rates right next to my 9.3x62.
  6. Hizzie

    Hizzie Well-Known Member

    Many people complain that the 338WM kicks too much. In my experince closing your eyes and gritting your teeth right before you pull the trigger adversely affects accuracy. The .338 cal is wonderfully accurate with great SD and BC. Look at the abilities of the .338 Lapua.
  7. browningguy

    browningguy Well-Known Member

    I think the .338 is a wonderful caliber, the one I previously owned was very good in the accuracy department and with 250 gr. bullets I would not feel undergunnd for anything. Elk was the only animal I hunted with mine and they don't really need a .338 though.
  8. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Most find the 338 offers very little gain in performamce over the 300 mags. The 300's shoot pretty much the same bullet weights to pretty much the same velocities as the 338. The extra .03" bullet diameter just isn't that much help. The 300 are more versatile in that they can shoot lighter bullets with very flat trajectory for smaller game and with heavy bullets all but equal the 338 on larger game.

    If you need more performance than the 300 can give you skip right over the 338's and go to the 375's. Nothing wrong with the 338's, they are just not enough better than the 300's and are well below the 375 in performance on larger game.

    On the animals you are hunting either the 300's or 338's should be just fine. The 375 would certainly work, but is more than needed on animals that size. But might be comforting if something bigger that could attack you were encountered.
  9. winfried

    winfried Well-Known Member

    Thanks all, so as I thought there is no problem with the .338Win Mag.


  10. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    Problems with the 338? Aside from Recoil? :)
  11. kcshooter

    kcshooter Well-Known Member

    Poor accuracy, I believe. Poor performance, not so much.

    The only problem I have is having to go pick my shoulder up off the ground afterward.

    When I wanted to go to .33 caliber, I went .338 Federal. I'm way to recoil sensitive for that Win Mag or RUM stuff.
  12. Vlad357

    Vlad357 Well-Known Member


    Mine has always performed as advertised, but does give a solid kick. Slip on recoil pad helps.

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