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Any one handed tactical lights out there?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Wapato, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Wapato

    Wapato Well-Known Member

    I know there are laser sights where a pressure from your middle finger activates the beam and applying less pressure turns it off.

    I was wondering if anybody makes anything like that for tactical lights. The reason being that it occurs to me there is a distinct chance I'd want to be doing something else with the other hand like going for a phone, grabbing a kid, etc.

    I've heard about tac lights where you reach forward with your trigger finger to turn them on or off...however the reason I've heard of that is from a story where a cop ment to shine his gun light on a suspected drug dealer but instead shot him through the neck having pushed the wrong thing in the heat of the moment. So I'd consider that a less than glowing recomendation so I'd prefir some other method.
  2. Ehtereon11B

    Ehtereon11B internet infantryman

    My particular weapon light is a Novatac SPL-120 light in a CAA universal light rail holder. The Army Weapons Light Kit comes with a pressure switch, holder, IR filter, some velcro and alcohol pads to mount everything you need.

    For the most part pressure switches are rather universal. The pressure switch on my SPL-120 broke quiet awhile ago. I found another switch to fit a 1" diameter light and it works
  3. Wapato

    Wapato Well-Known Member

    First, thanks for the reply, this particular board seems relatively lightly traveled for such an active forum.

    Anyway it appears the particular thing you purchased isn't availible to the general public. However as far as I can tell the only part of it that you can't get through Novatech is the infrared lens.

    How does the tapeswitch work? Is it click on and click off or pressure on and release to turn off? Could you realistically mount it for use by the ring finger for one handed use, or does it only really work when operated by the second hand?
  4. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of pressure switches available, often they will fit multiple tactical lights. They replace the back end and just screw on. Midway carries them. It's pressure to turn on, no pressure to turn off. A drawback is if the pad is pressed in storage you'll run out your btty's.

    What you seem to be looking for, if I'm understanding correctly, is something like a crimson trace button integral to the grip? They absolutely do make those for forward grips on the AR and similar platforms, with a trigger switch for your off hand to turn the light on and off.
  5. Aikibiker

    Aikibiker Well-Known Member

    There is the Light Guard from Crimson Trace, but from what I am hearing it is not very well made. It is a shame because the idea is awesome. If they up the quality I will definitely get one for my carry gun.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2012
  6. Ehtereon11B

    Ehtereon11B internet infantryman

    It is available to the public, mostly on ebay is where I found it being sold. If that is not your thing (I hate ebay) there are other companies that make weapon light kits with pressure switches. Brownell makes one for about $150 as well as some others.

    The switch that came with my light had two pressure switches, one at each end. One was a momentary switch, the light was on as long as your finger was on it. The other was a toggle switch, push it once the light comes on. Push it again, goes off. When I had it mounted on my AR, I put the switch right above the line around the bottom of my magazine well and used my index finger on my shooting hand to manipulate the light. When the switch broke I got inventive with a vertical grip.
  7. Wapato

    Wapato Well-Known Member

    That looks to be exactly the sort of thing I'd want if it doesn't mess with the ergonomics.

    Though the "not that well made" bit isn't very encouraging.
  8. Ehtereon11B

    Ehtereon11B internet infantryman

    I never got into Crimson Trace. Their products always seemed overpriced for simple accessories and dim lasers and lights. My HD firearm uses a Viridian C5L which is a green laser and 100 lumen light. Advantage of the CTL is it isn't model specific, if it has a rail it will fit.

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