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Any personal experience with a Taurus PT-25?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Diesle, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Diesle

    Diesle New Member

    Any personal expirience wih a...

    Taurus pt-25? Its a cheap knock off of a Baretta m21... Can it/will it be reliable? Want to have a less expesive gun for personal pocket carry and something my wife can handle.

    Im eyeballing one from my local shop. They let me take it out to the range. I found it to be way more accurate than I would have expected. Fed and extracted all 200 rounds of PMC .25 i gave it.

    Yes, I read the other thread on mouse guns...

  2. sm

    sm member

    IIRC Taurus is DA only
    I had a 21A and personally liked the DA/SA better.
    Have a friend whom loves his Taurus, a plinker when he's on the farm.
  3. lee n. field

    lee n. field New Member

    I have personal experience with the PT-22 (same thing, in 22LR).

    Unreliable. Lotsa failures to feed, fire, and eject. No extractor.

  4. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member

    I've also got a lot of experience with the PT-22 by Taurus.

    Unlike Lee's, mine has been 100% reliable with Winchester Wildcat ammo in over 2,000 rounds.

    Zero failures to fire.

    Zero failures to feed.

    Zero failures to eject.

    CCI Blazer ammo, however, did give some first strike misfires.
  5. Big_R

    Big_R New Member

    I bought a PT-22 for my wife. Reliable, but this thing literally shot 3 feet to the right at 10 yards. Upon closer inspection one could see the front sight was way off center. I don't know how I missed it when I bought it. It shot nice groups, but way off center. A barrel swap probably would have cured the problem. I traded it for a scope.

  6. blades67

    blades67 New Member

    Any personal expirience wih a...Taurus pt-25?

  7. Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Member In Memoriam

    Me neither.

    Not likely to have unless one's used against me. I'm just not a fan of the .25 ACP.
  8. V-fib

    V-fib Member

    had a Pt-22 that literally fell apart after only 2 weeks of use. Sent it back, and after awile it was returned I promptly traded it for a Ruger. Didn't like to count shots when using it either.
  9. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier New Member

    Sounds like the one you are looking at functions well,heck if the price is right buy it .;)
  10. Bottom Gun

    Bottom Gun New Member

    If it shoots and functions well for you and you like it, buy it if the price is right.
  11. instantkarma

    instantkarma New Member

    I have a pt-25 nickeled, DAO, trigger pull isn't that hard, one thing
    I can't do is rack the slide on this gun, it has a coil spring, the way
    I load is flip up barrel and insert mag, very reliable 11 shots, had
    a bunch of reloads that shot in my Berreta 950 great, but that spring in the Taurus was too tight, had all fail to eject, had to put a screw driver on face of slide to dump empties, bought some cheap Winchesters and not one hang up,I wish they would put extractors on these guns, I have 4 extra mags and shooting
    long the chamber starts to grab the case, use to own a Colt .25
    wish I didn't sell it.
  12. ruger357

    ruger357 New Member

    Friend had one and liked it. The only problem he had was pulling the slide back.
  13. Forseti

    Forseti New Member

    I saw your post, and out of curiosity, looked up the PT-25. So, WITHOUT first hand experience (just looking it up on paper, so you should consider this information in this context), here are some observations:

    The gun has a floating firing pin, no block. In my mind, that means you should carry it without a round in the chamber. ('m sure some will say otherwise, but I don't like a firing pin that is unsecured in a pistol that gets bumped around a lot...like in a purse). Since you said this was to be your wife's carry gun, that means she would have to pull it and rack it. That takes time in an emergency, and some people flub it anyway.

    I don't know if you have kids or not, but having one of the newer guns with an integrated lock is a big plus...when the gun is not in your immediate posession (like a purse left in the kitchen...since this is your wifes gun) you can secure the weapon with a key. This is also useful if you leave the weapon in your car unattended, and a ton of other situations. You just have to remember that as soon as you pick up the gun, you unlock it, as soon as you put it down, you lock it. Since a gun should be checked anyway as it enters and leaves your immediate posession, this is no big deal.

    .25 is a weak round. If this gun is truly emergency equipment, you would be better served with a higher caliber. On the low chance that it is actually used by your wife in an emergency, unless she is a crack shot in a crisis, there is a chance she could kill her assailant...but that he would die minutes later. Lots could happen in the intervening minutes between her shooting someone, and that person dropping dead.

    For the most part, revolvers are a better choice for the majority of women who don't have a lot of "gun experience". They are simple to operate and comprehend and relatively inexpensive.

    Snub nose "hammerless" or recessed hammer .38's tend to make a better choice...in my humble opinion. There are a variety out there from Rossi, S&W, Taurus, and others. Hammerless or recessed hammer models tend to be better for purses, as they are less prone to catch on something, and when training with the gun, the trigger pull is consistent for the end user...often at the range, people pull back the hammer while practicing for the lighter trigger pull, to get a better "score" on paper. This is not necessarily good training, considering the true purpose of a snub nose pistol.
  14. cratz2

    cratz2 New Member

    I have a friend that has the PT22 and the Phoenix Arms HP22. Both have been reliable but I can shoot the HP22 MUCH better than the Taurus.

    They're both very economical. If you're wanting something in this catagory, I'd buy one of each and sell the one I liked the least.

    The 25ACP is an interesting cartridge. I don't think I'd carry one, preferring either the 22LR or the 32ACP. Plus the 22LR would obviously be much cheaper to shoot.
  15. Diesle

    Diesle New Member

    Thanks for all your thoughts on this.

    FYI - I went ahead and bought it. It cost only $175 so if it ends up being a lemon, no big loss. So far, in 400 rnds it hasnt skipped a beat.

    I think the biggest reason Im keeping it is because my wife likes the way it looks. That is an important step to getting her involved. Also, shooting .25's is like popping caps off. I can squeeze off 10 rnds in about 4 seconds and she can do it in 5-6.

    The real point for me is to get my wife comfertable with the function of semi-auto handguns. I have many in the house and all are a complete mystery to her. I dont think that a safe place to be.

    Ill keep you posted.

  16. bestseller92

    bestseller92 New Member

    Read Massad Ayoob's story about the elderly man who tried (and eventually succeeded) to kill himself with a .25 ACP. Hopefully then you'll convince your wife to carry at least a .380 or .38 Special.
  17. Lonestar

    Lonestar New Member

    Diesile...I hear 50/50 reviews with taurus in general and with the PT-22 and PT-25. Some people get lemons, while some love them. Take the PT-22 comments with a grain of salt, rimfire .22 semi autos always have hassles with misfeeds. If the PT-25 does not work out look into the Keltec P-32. It a nice .32 apc semi auto, almost the same size as your .25 and maybe $50 more. I have the .380 version and a friend of mine that I shoot with has the P32. The recoil on it is pretty mild, a little more "POP" and stopping power than a .25, but still very managable recoil. Its a DOA with a long trigger pull and the slide in very easy to rack.
  18. jonnyc

    jonnyc Active Member

    I wonder if Diesle's wife is happy with the PT22 she got in 2002!
  19. MartinBrody

    MartinBrody New Member

    I bought one new for $125 some years ago, they cost a bit more now. Very reliable, accurate enough and easy to handle. 25 is probably the least effective round you can carry for defense, but I will say the PT-25 and a NAA minirevolver in 22Mag were the easiest guns I ever carried.
  20. rcellis

    rcellis New Member

    As has been said above, .22 autos sometimes have FTF/FTE problems. I had a Browning Mark II - considered one of the better .22 autos - it would jam about every third magazine. Since it was a target/plinking pistol, that wasn't a problem. But as a defense weapon, that's probably unacceptable.

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