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Any real experience with 30 AR Rem ??

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Float Pilot, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Float Pilot

    Float Pilot Well-Known Member

    Anyone who stops by here have any real experience with the 30 AR ?

    I have been less than thrilled with the 6.8SPC, since it is not really enough cartridge most most things here in Alaska. Since nobody wants to buy it, I was wondering about a re-barrel to 30 AR.
  2. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    It will take more that a rebarrel, more like a reupper.

    The 30rar uses an AR10 sized bolt and barrel extension on a hybridized upper receiver.

    As to the round. Pure vaporware!

    Tapatalk post via IPhone.
  3. Float Pilot

    Float Pilot Well-Known Member

    I've read the magazine articles, but apparently nobody has really shot one much...
  4. G27RR

    G27RR Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen anyone talking about them outside of the magazines yet. Wouldn't an AR-10 7.62/.308 be better for some of the wildlife in Alaska though? Maybe a 16" carbine if you need it small, or an 18-20" if you don't.
  5. Float Pilot

    Float Pilot Well-Known Member

    Oh I really have everything I need already...
    I am not nuts about the AR-10 series due to weight considerations when you go to a full size. I already have an M1A with a 16 inch barrel and that is really too short for the 308/7.62mm cartridge. It looses too much velocity and makes a huge muzzle flash.

    It was more a matter of making this AR-15 size platform more usable. The 6.8spc was interesting to experiment with for awhile, but that was about it.
    If the published data is true, the 30Rem AR might be usable from a 20 to 22 inch barrel. Being somewhat like a 300 Savage.

    I already have another AR in 5.56mm. It is a pencil barrel 16 inch ersatz Israeli style carbine that my bride uses as her homestead rifle.

    Actually I would rather sell the 6.8mm Stag AR and just be done with AR platforms. But selling one here in Alaska is not that easy.

    At my age, I prefer to use accurate bolt guns.
  6. George757

    George757 Well-Known Member

    If you're interested in a 30 cal, take a look at the Olympic Arms Gamestalker upper in 300 OSSM. It'll fit your AR-15 lower, and is ballistically equivalent to a 30-06 (way more horsepower than the 30 Rem).
  7. 68wj

    68wj Well-Known Member

  8. CMC

    CMC Well-Known Member

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