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Any scopes on auto loaders?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by klover, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. klover

    klover Well-Known Member

    Rugers are easy to scope, but I suspect that even Sigs might have been scoped one way or another. Since I am a gizmo junky, I would love to know what has been done along this line of thought.
  2. Ford

    Ford Well-Known Member

    lots of scope mounts for auto loaders.
    I have one but never got around to it.
    Here is a random pic of a racegun that popped up when I did a search

  3. tkendrick

    tkendrick Well-Known Member

    Sometime around 1967-68(?), there was a short run fad of scoping 1911's.

    The left grip panel was replaced by a grip that had an extension that went up and over the slide.

    I don't know what they were doing for a scope.

    If you dig around the old gun mags you should find some pictures. I think Numrich Arms sold the grips, but I wouldn't swear to it.
  4. Crunker1337

    Crunker1337 Well-Known Member

    It would be cool to go OC with a scoped 1911... or... dare I say it... GLOCK. :D
  5. JoeHatley

    JoeHatley Well-Known Member





  6. Sniper X

    Sniper X Well-Known Member

    What did that NPC mount run? I want one!
  7. JoeHatley

    JoeHatley Well-Known Member

    I bought mine from Brownells about 4 years ago for $60. I don't think they are currently in their catalog.

    I think Aim Tech and B-Square currently offer similar (right) grip replacement mounts.

  8. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I searched high and low for that NPC mount and could not find one. I found a similar mount, by NcStar I think, on some obscure webpage which I can't find the link for right now.

    This kind might work if you have a rail

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