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Any XD-M'ers here?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by neal7250, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. neal7250

    neal7250 Well-Known Member

    I went out and picked up the XD-M 40 a couple of weeks ago. It is one of the nicest guns that I had ever seen, and handled. It proved to be very accurate, and reliable.

    I liked it so much, till I went out and purchaced the 9mm version of it. This thing will put 20 rounds of honey dripping goodness down range, as fast as you can pull the trigger. I'm not much of a 9 mm guy, but this thing is just down right bodacious.
  2. Jason M

    Jason M Well-Known Member

    I was all set to buy one, then I saw SA jacked up the price $150 from the previous model. You can buy a used SIG P226 in great condition for less than the cost of a brand new XD-M. I love my XD45, but almost $700 for SA XD-M is outrageous.
  3. shotgun12321

    shotgun12321 Well-Known Member

    So I take it the XDM is out in 9 now?
    Cuz that's pretty darn sweet
  4. neal7250

    neal7250 Well-Known Member

    Yes It is, and they have a two extra mag promotion
  5. schmeky

    schmeky Well-Known Member

    I thought it was just me. I like the XD & M line, but the price for those "M's" has gotten nutty. You can pick up a Colt, Glock, Sig, CZ, etc. for the same or less money and have access to more accessories and after market support to boot.

    If Springfield would have introduced the "improved" XDM for the same or nearly the same cost as the XD, they would have a real winner. Seems like Springfield has gotten "full of themselves".

    Price is keeping me away.
  6. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    When you are selling everything you make as fast as you make it, you can be full of yourselves, and Springfield is.

    IMTHDUKE Well-Known Member

    Think that's what GM said, a few years back.:)
  8. Dickieray

    Dickieray Well-Known Member

    Springfield didn't wait until the market abandoned them to make needed/quality improvements to their product. Match barrel, better ergonomics, increased magazine capacity, better trigger, etc. etc. ....might make them worth a hundred and fifty more. I've owned both and think the "m" is worth the difference. I got mine for $575 and tax.....got a good local dealer:). No one in a 50 mile radius had them at the time either. I'm not sure who may have any better CS than SA too!:scrutiny:
  9. Farnorthdan

    Farnorthdan Well-Known Member

    I only paid $575 OTD for my XD-M 9mm and yes it is one outstanding package. I've only shot it once but from what I can tell, its a real KEEPER..:D

  10. OregonJohnny

    OregonJohnny Well-Known Member

    I paid $600 out-the-door for my XDm-40 bi-tone about 4 months ago. I think I paid about $500 out-the-door for my standard XD-40 sc 3 years ago. So $100 more doesn't seem like too much when you consider the improvements made on the new XDm. Regretfully, in the 4 months I've owned the XDm, I've only put about 250 rounds through it, and that was during 1 session, so with a dirty, heated up barrel, and the hunger shakes, I couldn't get a good idea of the accuracy. It did cycle all but 1 round flawlessly (a failure to feed in the very first mag) so I keep it bedside as my primary home defense handgun. I just need more range time with it before I fall in love with it. The ergonomics are superb, however. Feels almost as good in the hand as a government 1911.
  11. sammy

    sammy Well-Known Member

    I was wondering what you thought of the trigger on the XDM over the standard XD. I shoot Glocks and 1911's but have only tried a friends standard 4" .40 cal XD. The trigger felt very similar to a Glock but the pull was not as long. The main difference is the Glock breaks clean where the XD trigger stops when it hits the sear and has a LOOONG gritty finish if that makes sense. Have they corrected that with the XDM?
  12. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    don't own, one but have shot them, they are neat , accurate, hi cap beyond belief and all that, but it points alot different than my regular ole xd, so i descided that i don't want to learn a whole new gun again so i am gonna stick with my "old school" XD.
  13. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    Luv my XD45-5" and would like to have the XDM9, but only if the price is similar to what I paid for the 45 ($499 out the door).
  14. neal7250

    neal7250 Well-Known Member

    I also have an XD-45, and I love it too. But I also have the XD-M in 40, and 9MM, and find them to be outstanding in every department.
  15. chuckusaret

    chuckusaret member

    I have a XD40 SC as CC and I love it> Also have a S&W M&P 9MM compact and a M&P40. All are good guns but the XD is more reliable, it has never failed, but the S&W's have.
  16. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member


    What's the difference between the XD and the XDM?
  17. Inspector3711

    Inspector3711 Well-Known Member

    The M has a match grade barrel, reduced trigger travel, and three inserts for the backstrap that allow grip size adjustment... Am I missing anything? Oh, the serrations on the slide are redesigned for better grip... And then there is the magazine capacity, 16 in .40 and 19 :what: in 9mm.. I'm going to buy one in .40 next month... I can't wait that long!!!!
  18. FlaChef

    FlaChef Well-Known Member

    Basicly new revision of the XD with a new grip/ergonomics and a few other minor changes (4.5" barell so right betweeen the duty and tactical size).

    Also the first gun i've picked up in 5years that made me go "oooh, now that feels good" and my next gun purchase when finances allow (hopefully by summer).
  19. neal7250

    neal7250 Well-Known Member

    When I was in the army, we used the term (bringing smoke), which means that a great deal of fire power is at hand. I've never had to use that term to describe a handgun, until now. Those XD-Ms bring smoke. Especially that 9MM. That thing can sent them 20 rounds down range, as fast as you can put mags in it, and you can keep it on target. IMOHA, one of the best combo of guns, to come out lately.
  20. caseypj

    caseypj Well-Known Member

    Is the XDM much better than the XD series? My father has an XD9 which IMO just sucks compared to my glock 22. Innacurate, not balanced, and feels cheap now.

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