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Anybody ever shot a Glock or SA XD underwater?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Mulliga, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Mulliga

    Mulliga Well-Known Member

    I've heard that these guns are capable of firing underwater, albeit with obviously limited range. Anyone ever do this? Could be useful when the SHTF (shark hits the fan). :D
  2. tc300mag1

    tc300mag1 Well-Known Member

    never have and dont want to anygun will fire underwater 1911 hk even a revolver but ill pass as the concussion alone can do serious internal damage from what i have read
  3. Quintin Likely

    Quintin Likely Well-Known Member

    I've never tried it, but from what I've read, I think it ranks in the "bad ideas" file. Something along the lines of blowing your gun up and/or seriously injuring yourself. There's a handful of parts you can install in a Glock 17 that'll make it underwater okay, but again, I've never seen or tried doing so myself.
  4. Benjamin

    Benjamin Well-Known Member

    Quintin -- the parts you refer to are glock maritime spring cups. They're two little plastic bits about the size of a grain of rice. Paperwork included with them stated, IIRC, that they're to ensure the proper function of the firing pin underwater for successive shots.

    The story goes that a stock glock 17 will fire underwater without damage, provided it is done properly. 'Properly' in this case means ensuring the barrel is completely full of water, using only FMJ ammo, and probably a few other things that escape my memory.

    However, like everyone else, I have not attempted to fire any glock or any other firearm under water.
  5. DJCharlie

    DJCharlie Well-Known Member

    May I ask why would you need to shoot underwater away. Does SHTF underwater a lot to you or what? :scrutiny:
  6. joab

    joab Well-Known Member

    The old ad for Randall 1911s had a guy wearing snorkleing gear firing one in a swimming pool. I've never tried it with mine, just can't think of a good reason to.
  7. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    1911s go bang repeatedly underwater with no ill effects.

    don't ask me how i know.
  8. arinvolvo

    arinvolvo Well-Known Member

    An underwater 9mm will not travel far, or do much damage...

    Try firing one into a 5 gallon water jug...it wont go far.
  9. zpo

    zpo Well-Known Member

    The reason to fire a gun underwater is the same one that "bump sticks" were invented. Shark protection.
  10. arinvolvo

    arinvolvo Well-Known Member

    if you need a bang stick, get a bang stick...i did..

    Have only used it against a sheepshead fish...and it was plenty effective...mine takes a 223 though.
    The expanding gasses puff it up like a baloon..and it more or less explodes.
  11. TBeck

    TBeck Well-Known Member

    Are bangsticks considered firearams by ATF? I don't think I've ever seen one for sale.
  12. Benjamin

    Benjamin Well-Known Member

    Bangsticks are not firearms.

    This info came from a NAUI cert. SCUBA instructor with 28 years under his belt, who is also a FFL and active shooter.

    Bang sticks work about as well with just blanks, from what he says. It's the gas, not the lead, that does the real work.
  13. arinvolvo

    arinvolvo Well-Known Member

    I can believe the blank thing...When i "tested" mine...it seemed like the little bullet hole was the least of its worries....the fact that it damn near split in half from the gasses was more important.
  14. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Hey I'd rather use a Glock on a shark than let a shark get close enough to use a bangstick. It's probably already too late then. I'll bet a 9mm FMJ has a little bit of energy at close range underwater. Probably at least enough to scare something off.

    Something like an FN Five-Seven might even be the best idea as the water shouldn't have as much drag on it as other rounds.
  15. zpo

    zpo Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, any gun will work underwater if it has fmj rounds and is completely submerged. I don't know if any have a useful range on them, or if it is multiple shot, contact only. Some sticks I've seen were 3-4 foot, so that could be an advantage if its contact only, (seems the case, with the gas comments).
  16. arinvolvo

    arinvolvo Well-Known Member

    a bang stick should be on the end of a pole spear...and i have a few pole spears that are 10 feet or more in length...i think that is farther than a 9mm would be effective for.
  17. No4Mk1*

    No4Mk1* Well-Known Member

    A 40 mm colum of water with a diameter of 9mm has a volume of 2.547mL. Thus it's mass is 2.547 grams, and it would have a weight of 39.4 grains.
    So if you put that in front of a 124 grain bullet you now have an effective weight of 163 grains in front of the same powder charge. Might be overpressure. The effective range would probably be about one foot.
  18. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Argh, so every 40mm's or so of distance would do that..... yea doesn't sound like the range would be very far than. I guess you're probably best off using underwater harpoons or bangsticks.
  19. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    I have shot 1911's with ball in a pool! My head was just out of the water and from 15 feet it dented 3/4 plywood deeply. Blew a hole thru it at 4 feet!. This was in the late 70's when I hung with wild drinking LEO's and was a crazy stunt. Another guy fired a .357 4" model 66 submerged about 3 feet under and it blew water out of the surface and we stopped the experiment. Yes pressure does seem to have an exaggerated effect under water. Bullet mass counts. BTW handgun rounds fired into the water from steep angles would hurt pretty bad up to 6 feet or so. :cool:
  20. spacemanspiff

    spacemanspiff Senior Member

    how loud was the 1911 when shot underwater? with your head out of water, did you need/use hearing protection?

    i should probably get a lanyard before trying any of my own experments out in the open water, huh?

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