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Anybody know anything about Pasadena TX?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by The Real Hawkeye, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. As a shooter, hunter and CCW guy, I like the idea of relocating to Texas. See that a job in my field is available in Pasadena TX, but don't know anything about that area. Anybody know anything about it? Could you fill me in? Thanks.
  2. Smoke

    Smoke Well-Known Member

    Home of Gilley's, The Worlds Largest Honky Tonk (Until Billy Bob's was built....now defunct) of Urban Cowboy fame.

    Near Houston. Hot. Humid.

    Come on down.

  3. mushoot

    mushoot Well-Known Member

    I have driven through the town when I was stationed at FT Polk, LA. I always stopped at Panchos for lunch. It is in east Texas, not too far from Houston. It will be very hot and humid in the summer. Texans are really neat folks you will enjoy it there. I am in New Braunfels, just north of San Antonio. I grew up in New Jersey. Texas is much much better. John
  4. TheEgg

    TheEgg Well-Known Member

    I got food poisoning there one time. Seafood joint.

    :barf: And I mean literally :barf:

    Thought I was going to die.

    I am not impressed with Pasadena.
  5. DigMe

    DigMe Well-Known Member

    My uncle (a senior investigator for the Harris County DA) and aunt have lived there for many years. It's not a bad area. Houston suburb, large schools, not too far from the beach and space center Houston. Wouldn't be my first choice of places to live but I wouldn't be miserable. That's just me.

    brad cook
  6. Is the US Congressman and local government conservative?
  7. Detritus

    Detritus Well-Known Member

    Pasadena, like pretty much every other name on the map in this area is really just another part of the "greater houston area". be aware that there is a reason it has earned the nickname "Stink-adena" as in b/c of the concentration of chemical plants, there are large swaths of town that literally reek.
    if you're thinking of moving to the area as part of a job change/transfer, i'd suggest looking around at not only pasadena but the rest of the surrounding community that is within driving distance of your proposed workplace (keeping in mind that traffic sucks and that "driving distance" in the houston area is probably shorter than you're likely used to, unless you live in another overcrowed, undermass-transit served, locale)

    if you're looking for a place to retire, and therefore have no legit REASON to subject yourself to the truly wretched air quality found around a mass of petro-chem plants, look elsewhere in the houston area.
  8. Dorrin79

    Dorrin79 Well-Known Member

    I grew up in Houston so I'll offer my thoughts...

    Pasadena and South Houston (they are seperate cities, but inextricably intertwined) are pretty bad. Not the worst part of Houston by a long shot, but still unpleasant.

    Very poor, polluted, urban wasteland with a fairly high crime rate.

    However, there are several nicer suburbs within spitting distance, and rural terrain within a reasonable commute.

    Personally, I think Houston is pretty miserable. Hot, humid, filthy.

    But you can live alright in the area if you find a good place.
  9. WT

    WT Well-Known Member

    Wall to wall chemical plants which occasionally blow up. If I remember correctly Harris County has the filthiest air in the country. Took over from Los Angeles.
  10. boofus

    boofus Guest

    Yes, they call the place Stinkadena. The air near the plants is putrid and it isn't that great a neighborhood. The place where I work has a leased warehouse across from a high school with bullet holes in the windows! :what:

    And my ultra liberal kucinich supporting boss still wonders why I have a CHL. :banghead:

    The Pasadena gun range is kind of nice though. You go in and pay $6 for unlimited shooting. As many guns as you want, as long as you want. Full autos for rent there too, no stupid rules against rapid fire either. It's only a 25 yard range, but hell it's the only place I've found where they will let me bump fire my AR.
  11. Dorrin79

    Dorrin79 Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention -

    There is one redeeming factor to Pasadena - it has one of the larger & nicer gun stores in the Houston area within its limits - Carter's Country.

    Very nice place.

    In fact, I make it a point to swing by there and fondle some guns every time we have to visit my mother-in-law, who lives in south houston
  12. yayarx7

    yayarx7 Well-Known Member

    Just remember, that no matter how bad it is, it is still better than anyplace NOT in Texas!:D

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