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Anybody live in Fremont, CA?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Kenshin, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Kenshin

    Kenshin Well-Known Member

    What pistols are issued to the police in that city? I want to become a policeman there someday.

    If no one does, how about Oakland?
  2. 50 Shooter

    50 Shooter member

  3. crazyXgerman

    crazyXgerman Well-Known Member

    i live in fremont. pm or email me for more info.
  4. ScorpioVI

    ScorpioVI Well-Known Member

    Good, maybe you can do something about the level of profesionalism in that PD. All the ones I've encountered are [Art's Gramma Rule applied].
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  5. UberPhLuBB

    UberPhLuBB Well-Known Member

    ^ ^ ^
    That's what everyone says when their visit with the police doesn't end with "Okay, thanks! Bye!"

    Stop breaking laws. ;)
  6. deej

    deej Well-Known Member

    If you can go a day in California without breaking a law (intentionally or not), you must be a very boring person.
  7. UberPhLuBB

    UberPhLuBB Well-Known Member

    The laws in California are the same as any other state, except gun laws.

    There isn's a "No Chewing Bubble-Gum and Skipping After 10:00PM" law.
  8. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Really? Never partied in Vegas, have you? :D
  9. crazyXgerman

    crazyXgerman Well-Known Member

    interesting. i'm somewhat surprised to hear that. i recently had several very positive encounters. could you elaborate on that, please?
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  10. 50 Freak

    50 Freak Well-Known Member

    I have to agree that LE's in the Kali are [Art's gramma rule applied]. But note, it seems that ONLY big city LE's (LA and SF) are this way. Local small town LE's seem to be a lot nicer and gun friendlier. I am basing this on my own personal experience from my 30+ years of living here and not just hearsay.

    Every time I dealt with LE’s in the past has ended with them ordering me around and treating me as the bad guy. I have never been in trouble from the law (other than a couple of speeding tickets in my youth) and have a record so clean it's a little embarrassing. I understand them having to control the situation. But once you run a guy’s DL and he comes up clean, shouldn’t they be a little nicer, at least speak to you with some mutual respect? Why do they make it seem like you are still a criminal and that your lucky that they are letting you go free without doing the Rodney King on your ass.

    Either way, the LE’s here get no love from me. I’ve had bunch of telemarketers calling for donations for the police functions/equipment etc. Before I used to break out the check book, but now I find myself telling the poor smuck calling me that I will not support the LE’s in any way until they really implement some attitude changes and get rid of this “us versus them†mentality.

    I’m sure it’s not all like this in the other parts of the US. Is it? If you guys really believe that all LE’s are infallible and paragons of virtue, be my guest and come over to the Kali. You will change your mind real quick (especially if you are poor or a minority).
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  11. ScorpioVI

    ScorpioVI Well-Known Member

    A.) You don't know me. [Art's Gramma Rule applied]. I'm not a scofflaw, hell, I want to BE a LEO.

    B.) I ride a sportbike. That's even worse than "driving while black". Twice I've been pulled over in Fremont for... riding. One excuse for pulling me over was "your bike sounded loud", gee, cruising at 4000RPMs on a bike that redlines at 15,000 = loud? Bull????. The other was for "speeding". Funny thing is I just pulled out of a mini-mall parking lot 100 feet earlier. More bull????.

    Twice both [Art's Gramma Rule applied] treated me like some dumb kid. Hey, I'm a 26-year-old military veteran, with no arrest record and one speeding ticket in the last 8 years. Both [Art's Gramma Rule applied]were extremely condescending while I was the paragon of polite.

    Both times they "let me go" with no tickets. It's because they have NOTHING to ticket me for. All my papers are in order, all signal markers functioning and in the right place, license plate displayed properly, etc. I got pulled over for... riding a flashy sportbike.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2005
  12. jlwatts3

    jlwatts3 Well-Known Member

    Kenshin, are you basing your decision to work in a particular PD based on the pistol they issue?
  13. 50 Freak

    50 Freak Well-Known Member

    You must be lucky, My friend (who is a Sheriff's dept right now, kinda ironic) used to be pulled over almost on a monthly basis. He never got a speeding ticket, DUI, or was in any gangs. He didn't drive a supped up hotrod but rather a beat up Mitsubishi crap he worked two summers for. Anyways, he spent a good part of his youth sitting on a curbside while the LE's would search his car for "drugs, weapons, etc". Only time he got a ticket from them was for having a dirty license plate. Pretty [Art's gramma rule applied] if you ask me. I think he got pulled over so many times is because he was driving while brown.

    Personally I got pulled over once in Alhambra for smiling and waving hello to police officer. Jeez, I'd had only lived there 20 something years and was trying to show my support for the local PD.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2005
  14. ScorpioVI

    ScorpioVI Well-Known Member

    I'm brown too (Filipino). I doubt if that's the reason Freakmont PD pulled me over because it's hard to tell what color you are when you're wearing a full-face helmet, and both incidents occurred at night. It could be the reason why I got treated like crap after I pulled my helmet off, since there are a lot of Filipino/Mexican/Asian gangs running around in the area, but who knows.
  15. bill2

    bill2 Well-Known Member

    I have lived in Fremont since '98

    and have not had any bad experiences with them. I also ride a motorcycle, as well as a car, and have not been pulled over. My only personal contacts with them have been two incidents, not involving me, in my townhouse complex. both times they were professional and courteous.

    I have heard of gang problems, but haven't seen anything myself. Just how bad is the gang problem here in Fremont?
  16. Kenshin

    Kenshin Well-Known Member

    No, I am not. I just wanna know that if I ever have trouble with an armed person, I wanna know what I have to defend myself with.
  17. thorn726

    thorn726 Well-Known Member

    yeah, go to Oakland. what the heck, Fremont? that would be pretty boring, and then the speed freaks you would have to deal with, but really , in Fremont your main job would be ball buster, or traffic cop.
    go to Oakland, BE HONEST NOT CORRUPT , and help us all out.

    as far as
    Oakland PD= how about the Riders for one? totally out of control cops planting evidence, handing out beatings, extortion.
    then there's the WHOLE dept LOSING lawsuit= shooting wooden blocks, tear gas, and beating totally peaceful protestors=

    honestly my personal experience with Oakland PD has been pretty good, i think their two problems are they dont care eough about "small" crimes, and in the rough neighborhoods, they tend to act no better than the avg gangbanger.

    it would do the world a lot better if police in bad neighborhoods tried to make peace with the people rather than terrorize them
  18. ScorpioVI

    ScorpioVI Well-Known Member

    I was all for that one. Useless freaking hippies keeping everyday Joes from getting to their jobs and blocking the streets. I wouldn't have complained if they used real bullets to mow down the worthless peaceniks. And those "peaceful" protestors were throwing bottles at the cops, which is what provoked them to "suppress" the crowd. Totally deserved.
  19. jlwatts3

    jlwatts3 Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. I wasn't trying to question your judgement and I think it may actually be a good idea to find an agency that uses a gun you are already comfortable with. That said, I wonder how many potential LE's factor this into their decision. My guess: not many.
  20. atek3

    atek3 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry Scorpio, maybe you are a good guy in person but seriously...

    please don't ever, ever be a LEO...

    I'm speechless... I'd say mean things but I don't want to get moderators ticked.
    I really hope you're joking. Hoping that the government murders civilians in cold blood... please don't ever serve in a public capacity again.

    were you there? maybe it's you who should do the **** in this thread. On advice of my friend who is involved in the OPD lawsuit, I can't say anything publically, but needless to say, your facts are all wrong, and if there is justice in the system my friend and the others who were seriously injured will get their due.


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