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Anybody wanna let me shoot their AR (VA)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by halfded, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    I'm seriously considering plunking some green down for an AR variant of some sort, but there's a problem..

    I've never shot an AR15 before! I've always been intrigued with the look and function of these rifles, and it's always nice to have something that might strike a chord with the anti's! I've handled one numerous times, read about how to build them (probably be the route I take) but I've never had a chance to shoot one. I'd hate to spend all that money and then not like my new toy.

    So, any of you kind fellows here take the High Road through Virginia, specifically the Fredericksburg area, and you'd be willing to let me put a few much downrange, I'd be much obliged. Not looking to spend a day at the range or shoot a lot, just shoot a box or 2 and get a feel for the rifle, then go home and order some parts.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    If you're in the Norfolk area in the next week, let me know.
  3. Big44mag

    Big44mag Well-Known Member

    I'll probably be in the Warrenton area Sunday the 8th.
  4. Crash_Test_Dhimmi

    Crash_Test_Dhimmi Well-Known Member

    Im in Arlington, with a Micro Galil :)
  5. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    big44mag, are you familiar with Clark Brothers gun shop/range? Not sure if that's Warrenton or Opal, but if you're gonna be around there, maybe we can meet up.
  6. Babarsac

    Babarsac Well-Known Member

    Maybe save some green and go with the 5.45x39 round? Thats what I did!
  7. Big44mag

    Big44mag Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm familiar with the place.

    I plan on doing some load development Sunday morning and help a friend sight in a rifle so that should work out ok.

    I don't have a standard M4gery though, all of my ARs are Frankenguns but if you buy some ammo you are more than welcome to shoot them.
  8. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    Alright, sounds good. If I can make my way down there I'll keep an eye out for you. Any idea around what time you might be there?
  9. gyvel

    gyvel Well-Known Member

    If you join the army, they'll let you shoot an AR all you want.:D
  10. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    Not even gonna open that can of worms...
  11. Big44mag

    Big44mag Well-Known Member

    I should be there in the mid morning but there is a good chance I'll be there for several hours.

    Like I said, I don't have any standard ARs, they are all scoped and have aftermarket triggers but you can get a feel for a couple of different calibers and configurations etc if that is ok.

    PM me if you get a chance.
  12. Rshooter

    Rshooter Well-Known Member

    That's High Road.

    Jeff Ward
  13. RP88

    RP88 Well-Known Member

    if you can remove the last damn screw on my AR's YHM rails so I can put my new DD rail on then the first box of ammo is on me
  14. Foxtrot427

    Foxtrot427 Well-Known Member

    Im in Stafford quite often but I live in Norfolk. Ill have to be in touch when Im up there. Ive been wanting to hit the range for a while.
  15. Big44mag

    Big44mag Well-Known Member

    I can try, do you care if the rail gets a scratch?
  16. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    Never ask a metal worker to remove a stuck screw for you...I WILL get it out! The usefulness of whatever the screw comes out of may come into question, but the screw would be the least of your concerns!

    big44mag, pm sent, thanks.
  17. scythefwd

    scythefwd Well-Known Member

    you could always drill out that screw and rethread :)
  18. chevyforlife21

    chevyforlife21 Well-Known Member

    i would also love to shoot an ar here in ny. anyone wanna help me? lol
  19. n00bish

    n00bish Member

    I'm in Fairfax County if you're ever in this area. The NRA Range is close.

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