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Anyone Besides Me Like Snubs?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by rfo1, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. rfo1

    rfo1 Member

    ;) Here are a few for you snub collectors to look at- can you name all four? It shouldn't be too hard if you know your S&Ws.

  2. eyz

    eyz Well-Known Member

    absolutely, i've been shooting a lot snubs for about 12years of all brands. ran into my first malfunction the other day, had a burr where the plunger goes in and out. gunsmith fixed her up quick. They fit my hand better than autos, are generally more reliable, and generally more accurate. My current carry a Taurus 905 9mm snubby with gold dot 124+P. Put 100 rounds through it yesterday. Guns I've tried to replace snubs with, Glock 26,27(like carrying a block of cheese), Kahr pm9 (nice but unreliable), keltec p3at (yuk). I like 357 snubs but haven't found one stout enough at a reasonable price. Nothing like the feel and flash of a 357 out of a snub. It slaps back in your hand and the smell of gun powder. can't do that with an auto. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  3. christophera

    christophera Well-Known Member

    I've done the same thing with Sig 226, HK USP, and Springfield 1911. Always come back to a 2 1/2 inch 686. Best revolver for my tastes. Of course I am thinking about getting another 1911. Gotta have one of each right? :cool:
  4. BigG

    BigG Well-Known Member

    The only one I feel confident of is the one at top right. A mod 27 357 Magnum. What do I win? :D
  5. Atticus

    Atticus Well-Known Member

    Yes. Model 19 top left.
  6. rbert0005

    rbert0005 Well-Known Member

    You guys are all wet. The top left is a LH Mod 24 the next is a 624 the lower right is the Mod 19 and I don't know what the one with the partridge sight is.

  7. PI Rob

    PI Rob Well-Known Member

    I'll take a guess. Clockwise from top left:a 29, a 624, a 686, and a 19.
    If I'm right do I get to keep one? :D
  8. Jason Demond

    Jason Demond Well-Known Member

    TR Model 19, TL Model 29, BR Model 686, BL Model 15
  9. Black Snowman

    Black Snowman Well-Known Member

    Not another snub post!

    Every time one of these starts I think of how much fun I have shooting Kamicosmos' SP-101 and start looking at snubs again. I thought maybe getting my 646 would cure me but I keep seeing the Taurus 445 Total Titanium in KY Imports catalog for $310 and thinking how much fun it looks. Then I see one in Cabela's and go "They match advertised pricing." And then I remember I still need to pay for the Jeep, motorcycle, and various guns I already have . . .

    Oh the humanity! Plus these darn handguns keep cutting into my rifle projects! :cuss: :evil:
  10. Trisha

    Trisha Well-Known Member

  11. rfo1

    rfo1 Member

    S&W Snubs

    PI Rob is the closest- you have the M19 -lower right and M686 lower left reversed, but I think you knew that.-- where do I send them to ? ;)

  12. PI Rob

    PI Rob Well-Known Member

    You don't have to send all of them to me. I'm not a greedy man. :rolleyes: Just send me the .357's ;)
  13. rfo1

    rfo1 Member


    PI Rob,
    What ? You don't want the Lew Horton M29 ? It's one of 200.
  14. ezypikns

    ezypikns Well-Known Member

    Another Dumb Question

    One of the first handguns I bought was a Taurus 605 2" .357. It hurt like hell to shoot .357's in it and .38's weren't much better. I stayed away from revolvers, UNTIL NOW.
    I just bought the best weapon I think I've ever had the privilege to shoot, a 6" .357 Ruger GP100. Outstanding and fun to shoot, both .357 and .38 spl.
    Now for my dumb question: Should I go back and try another snub? Is a Smith snub easier or more forgiving (recoil wise)?
  15. PI Rob

    PI Rob Well-Known Member

    Hey rfo1, stop tempting me. I'm a .357 man. If you gave me the 29 I'd have to buy tons of ammo, a bunch of holsters, lots of accessories, take pictures, create a shrine for it,and gaze at it lovingly all day. I have to go to work sometime. Plus I'd have to shoot it and my .357 would get jealous. Not to mention my checkbook would have a coronary. :rolleyes: I'll stick with .357's. :D

    Hi ezypikns,
    Yes, get a Smith! They're awesome!

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2004
  16. Magnum88C

    Magnum88C Well-Known Member

    I get outstanding service from my SP-101. It has a smaller version of the Gp-100 grips on it, and it's wider grip profile, plus its weight make it one of the more pleasant 5-shooters out there. But, if you trigger off a magnum in it, it'll let you know it. That's just the way with snubbies. There's also a short-frame 3" GP-100 that I've been eyeing, might want to look into one of those.
  17. rfo1

    rfo1 Member


    PI Rob,
    Great looking gun ! M19 2.5 in nickle? It's pretty hard to beat a M19 K frame- I've got a 4 inch one that I like too.
    Good shooting--
  18. stans

    stans Well-Known Member

    I have only one snub, S&W 640-1, 2-1/8 inch barrel, 357 magnum, my daily carry piece.
  19. PI Rob

    PI Rob Well-Known Member

    Actually mine's the stainless cousin of the M19. The M66. Yep, you gotta love those K frames! :D
  20. warddc

    warddc Well-Known Member

    Luv my snub

    I have a S&W mod 60 that I bought used. I down-load .357's a little to tame the recoil and I can shoot all I can make. It fits my hand great and I love the trigger. If I ever wear this one out, I'm gonna by another one new.


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