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anyone carry full size 1911?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by chucker85, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. chucker85

    chucker85 New Member

    I really love how my 1911 shoots and thinking hard about carrying it now. Anyone else carry a 1911 and have advice for me? Thanks
  2. longknife12

    longknife12 Well-Known Member

  3. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    Yup. Full-size, all-steel. Year-round. Including 100+ degree summers. Get a good belt and a good holster. (Crossbreed Supertuck works for me.)
  4. John828

    John828 Well-Known Member

  5. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    Commander, close enough?

    A good belt/holster combo goes a loooooong way. Carries really nice, though. The slimness makes it not feel like a brick to me.

    If you don't currently carry something with exterior safeties, practice until its second nature.
  6. ms6852

    ms6852 Well-Known Member

    +1, I use the supertuck, very comfortable for full size 1911. If your pants keep dropping consider using suspenders and a belt, works for me.
  7. chucker85

    chucker85 New Member

    I do carry a 45 right now - Taurus PT145 - bulky but it works - have a great belt and a great IWB holster. Summer time in shorts is a bit different, but it works. I do like the slim-ness of the 1911.
  8. Ky Larry

    Ky Larry Well-Known Member

    I carried a full size Kimber Custom Defender II in .45 ACP for years. Lately I've been carrying my CZ PCR 9mm more and more. I still love Ol' Slabside but sometimes it's just too big.
  9. BobTheTomato

    BobTheTomato Well-Known Member

    Yes......be fat.....it makes it easier
  10. GE-Mini-Gun

    GE-Mini-Gun Well-Known Member

    Sig C3...year round
  11. rswartsell

    rswartsell Well-Known Member

    Yep, Kimber Custom II Target on occasion. Thanks to Bob the Tomato, very seldom I hear of any advantage to my being a "man of (excess) substance".
  12. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    I do- mostly appendix carry. You never forget its there. Make sure you get a full length sweat shield, or the hammer will eat you up.
  13. rswartsell

    rswartsell Well-Known Member

  14. AFDavis11

    AFDavis11 Well-Known Member

    1911s are child's play to carry. I prefer a light weight Commander size, but a good holster and belt are both mandatory for the steel versions. It is really concealable in an IWB holster though.

    Try carrying an N frame revolver and then we can discuss a challenge. A 1911 is a very thin weapon.

    I carry at 4 o'clock with a Versamax II. A very effective holster.
  15. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    Occasionally, but I'd rather carry a Commander or a CCO. The slightly shorter barrel makes it more comfortable carrying IWB.

    It ain't that hard really, makes me wonder why people whine about the weight of a steel 1911... Do they not own belts or something?
  16. Skylerbone

    Skylerbone Well-Known Member

    My biggest problem with carrying a Government Model IWB is the limited space it leaves between the muzzle and my back pocket. Makes pulling my wallet out a bit more difficult.

    I carry in a Summer Special style holster with a real gun belt and the weight is not a problem. For OWB I'd recommend either the highest riding holster you can find that isn't floppy or a Commander length. I would suggest deciding on which condition you will carry in (Condition 1 for me) and I would suggest not using a thumb break style holster. Sort that out and you'll be fine.

    A good place to start: http://www.5shotleather.com/
  17. DC3-CVN-72

    DC3-CVN-72 Well-Known Member

    Not yet, but I will some time after 6-9-13 !! :D
  18. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    I've carried nothing but a full size 1911 for years. The hard part of concealing a handgun is the width and the grip frame length. The 1911 is thinner than most and no longer in the grip frame than any other decently sized handgun. I did try to carry a Kel-Tek P3AT as a BUG for a while, but actually found it much more uncomfortable, it kept poking me in the side.

    Step one is to make the decision to carry a decent sized pistol. Accept that you won't be able to pocket carry, most "tuckable" holsters will make you look like a cossack dancer and people who carry mouseguns will tell you you're needlessly torturing yourself. Remember what you're gaining. A larger pistol that is easier to operate, has a longer sight radius, less recoil, chambered in something far larger than .32 or .380 and you happen to shoot it well. If you haven't made up your mind to really do it, you'll wind up leaving it at home. It can be a pain in the tuckus until you get it worked out for yourself. Decide to do it and persevere. It will become second nature.

    Step two is a good gunbelt. A nice, thick leather belt isn't necesarily a gunbelt. A gunbelt is purpose made and will cost you anywhere between forty bucks for a Wilderness (my personal favorite, regardless of cost) to hundreds if you go in for custom work with all the fancy engraving and exotic materials. A good holster is worthless is held up by a crappy belt.

    Step three is the holster. Decide if you want to go IWB or OWB. I find IWB gives me a bit more leeway in clothing, but OWB is a bit more comfortable. I carry OWB when I can, IWB when I need to. Expect to buy more than one holster. Expect to buy more than three or four holsters. Every maker has certain angles and features that differentiate them from everyone else. It will take some experimenting. You don't have to go broke, though. Research your first purchase as well as you can, then compare your experience to what else is available. Make due with the first while you save and research the next. And so on. One day, you'll find "it". And it will be different than my "it" because we are shaped differently, move differently and have different levels of required retention and concealment. We also probably have differing levels of acceptance for discomfort or inconvenience. All these figure into holster choice. Off the rack, Galco and El Paso Saddlery make good stuff. If you are willing to wait a bit, there are custom makers that will provide leather just as good, in a lot of cases better, for the same money. Custom stuff I like includes the Crossbreed Supertuck, Sparks Versa-Max, Sparks Summer Special, Bromeland Max-Con (I think he's out of business, though) and one whose name escapes me. I can't go look, my wife's asleep in the bedroom. Waking her up looking at holsters is a recipe for disaster. I personally don't like shoulder holsters and can't tell you a thing about them. Some people like them, though. You may wind up being one of those unfortunate souls, ahem, I mean lucky individuals.

    Step four is magazines. If you carry ANY type of autoloader, you need at least one reload. Tossing lead downrange has nothing to do with it. The most common source of malfunctions in an autoloading pistol is magazine failure. I find that especially carrying OWB, two reloads simply balances out the weight better. IWB it doesn't seem to matter as much since the waistband of my pants, as well as the belt, are supporting the pistol. If you go this route, remember that two single carriers take up less real estate on the belt than a double carrier. Unless they're paddle style. Then they are massive space hogs.

    Step five is to realize that ninety nine percent of the people around you are positively clueless. One percent will spot a little lump in your clothing, and ninety nine percent of those will assume it's a cell phone, blackberry, etc. When in doubt, do the mirror or spouse check. If I question the "hang" of a certain shirt or jacket, I simply ask my wife. Sometimes I ask her when I'm not carrying, just to keep her honest!
  19. kyletx1911

    kyletx1911 Well-Known Member

    Ria all day every day
  20. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    1911 guy gives great advice. I carry my Colt XSE LW Commander OWB in a cheap Tagua thumbreak belt holster and it just disappears under a medium size T-shirt, very comfortable.

    +1 on getting a good belt, the one I have now isn't very good, I'm always readjusting it when I'm carrying.

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