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Anyone Else Have a Positive Suggestion?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by CAPTAIN MIKE, Feb 14, 2005.


    CAPTAIN MIKE Active Member

    Nov 10, 2003
    Home of the Brave
    This is a call for CCW 'Justitification' statements supporting initial permit applications in "May-Issue" states such as California & others. All good ideas are welcome & encouraged.

    The issuing authorities in those jurisdiction want the applicant to convince them that (1) there is a 'need' and (2) they are trustworthy well-grounded persons. Some first-time applicants over-simplify the CCW permit Jusitification such that the issuing authority isn't convince. For example, a generalized statement like 'self-defense' as a one-liner just won't do. You need to be more specific.

    Here are a few suggestions: "(1) I often work late at night at the office by myself and have negotiable instruments in my possession; (2) I travel to unfamiliar neighborhoods at night to interview persons in connection with business activities; (3) My customers/clients in the course of business dealings give me temporary custody of checks, bearer bonds, jewelry and valuable property that I am responsible for safekeeping; (4) I am a competitive shooter in IDPA, IPSC and NRA sanctioned events and must transport different firearms and ammunition to competitions throughout the state; (5) I am involved in the XXXX business and must often travel to neighborhoods and parts of the County far beyond my home alone and sometimes at night to collect rents, transfer funds, and conduct meetings."

    In other words, you should 'paint a picture' of your need beyond just a one-liner of 'self defense'. You might add commentary showing why you can be 'trusted' as a responsible firearm owner. Comments such as the following may be helpful. For example:

    "I am an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer and Instructor in XYZ. A criminal background check will reveal no convictions, no restraining orders, no history of domestic violence. I am a law-abiding, mature responsible member of the community and participate in several community organizations such as the Parent-Teachers Ass'n, the San Diego County Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Boy Scouts of America."

    Remember also your application can also be strengthened if you include two or more Letters of Recommendation from obviously trustworthy members of the community, such as a local deptuy sheriff, FBI Agent or police officer. In addition, letters from others with positions of trust and respect in the business or education fields will be well-received. Each such letter should state that the signer has known you for X years, that you are a respected, mature person of good judgment and character, that you have received the proper training in firearm safety and use, and that they recommend you for approval.

    In order words, you need to build a documentary case that shows the Applicant is a Good Guy who can be Trusted not to be some Macho Madman with a Gun. While these ideas are certainly no guarantee the permit will be issued, I believe they go a long way towards helping to support an initial CCW permit application.

    Anyone else have any other positive suggestions?
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2005
  2. DragonFire

    DragonFire Active Member

    May 26, 2004
    At the time I put my application is, here in western NTS, the local gun store owner advised me not to use local police offiers as references. She said it could give the impression that I was trying to be a "wanna be" police officer, which wouldn't sit right with the judges who granted authority.

    She also advised that the references be from people who really knew me. It's great to get a reference from a local politician or well known businessman, but if that reference is called and they can't remember you, or the checking deputy gets a feeling like the reference really doesn't know you, it can hurt your chances more than they help.

    She also said to put down "informal" target practice as a reason. A restricted permit could be granted which would allow me to take my gun to a formal range, but I'd need an unrestricted one if I was to use/carry it to the woods behind a friend's house (for example).

    Bottom line, is that you want to appear as if you're merely stating facts, and have an honest need for a CCW permit, and not just writing up the application with whatever you think will get it approved, even if that's exactly what you're doing. A little "exaggeration" on the application will appear like a great big lie, and ruin you credibility if it's discovered.

    The advice must have been good. I received my CCW in 1 week over 3 months, when I know others who have taken 6 months or more.
  3. jlwatts3

    jlwatts3 Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    Baghdad by the Bay
    One thing that helps in CA: Donate $ to your Sheriff's re-election campaign.
  4. Obiwan

    Obiwan Participating Member

    Mar 18, 2003
    1. I want to be able to defend myself when the space aliens come back for me

    2. I am a US senator for crying out loud!!!

    Alright...Alright.......I got nuthin :eek:

    CAPTAIN MIKE Active Member

    Nov 10, 2003
    Home of the Brave
    Great Suggestions from Dennis Kennedy (now in Iraq)

    CCW Permit Good Cause Statements – by Dennis Kennedy of SOG Inc

    The following are only examples of good cause statements . You should write your good cause or justification statements to suit your own individual case and circumstance.

    Retraining Order/Threat. Recently, my life was threatened by xxxx. I have attached copies of the police reports and court orders. I have no realistic means of self-defense. I am afraid that this person(s) will continue to stalk me until he/she is successful in murdering me. I travel alone, often at night, to and from work. I live in a remote area (if that is the case) where there is little law enforcement support. I realize that the police are not required to protect me 24 hours per day. For these reasons, I am applying for a concealed weapons permit to protect my life and comply with the law.

    Medical Doctor (or any that can prescribe drugs). I am a Medical Doctor, practicing xxx medicine. As an everyday part of my practice, I must carry highly controlled substances. A copy of my DEA permit is attached. I also carry at all times blank prescription forms, which are highly prized for theft by the criminal element. I also make cash deposits for my practice. I travel late at night, alone, in and through high crime areas in order to respond to medical emergencies. I realize that these high-risk activities make me a likely target by the criminal element for the purpose of illegally obtaining the controlled substances I carry. As a result, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured. I have no other viable means of self-protection. For these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for my own protection. (Special note by Jim March: this can be adapted for retired doctors as well: the prescription stuff may not apply, but a moral doctor will stop for auto accidents or other types of situations in remote areas, even if it's just a suspicion that there's a situation in progress. Roadside attacks under such physically isolated circumstances are common, see also the murder of Bill Crosby's son.)

    Firearms Industry (dealers, Instructors, competitors). I am an (title). As part of my normal duties, I carry and transport quantities of firearms and ammunition throughout (area). I travel late at night and often in and through remote areas where there is little law enforcement support. My greatest fear is that without any realistic means of self-protection, these firearms may easily be taken from me by the criminal element and then used against the public at large. This would be a horrific tragedy for everyone involved. Because of this, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured. For all of these reasons, I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.

    Jewelers I own a jewelry business called xxxx. I sell gold, diamonds, gems, and finished jewelry. I personally transport this merchandise to sales venues throughout the state as part of my business. I carry the jewelry to and from trade shows and exhibitions. In addition to the high value jewelry, I carry and make the cash deposits from the days sales, often late at night by ATM. I travel in and through remote and high crime areas to reach my appointments. Here in CA, a group of armed, professional criminals known as the South American Theft Group (SATG), frequently HUNTS jewelers like me to attack and rob. It is a well-known and documented fact that these criminals use violence, firearms and even vehicle crashes to assault jewelers. It is only a matter of time until I am targeted. I am deathly afraid that I will be killed or injured in the event of a personal attack. I am not concerned about the merchandise. I have no other means of self-protection. For these reasons, I feel that my life is in jeopardy and require the concealed weapons permit to comply with the law and protect my life.

    High Value Business (any cash business or valuable product)
    I operate a business called xxx. We sell xxx to xxx. I personally carry and transport xxx amounting to $$$. Due to the high value nature of these products, they are a likely target for theft and robbery by the criminal element. In the course of my business, I also make the deposits for the store, sometimes late at night due to our long hours. I feel that carrying cash and valuable products such as xxx make me at risk for death or injury in the event of a personal attack. For all these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for my own protection.

    Attorney. I am an attorney, practicing (family/corporate/civil) law. I often work late at night, alone in the office. I make the cash deposits for the firm. I travel in and through high crime areas, often late at night to locate parties and witnesses involved in the cases I handle as well as take statements and depositions. I am afraid that I will be killed or injured as a result of these high-risk activities. For these reasons, I am requesting that I be granted a ccw permit for my own protection.

    Private Investigator . I am a state licensed Private Investigator. In the course and scope of my lawful business I often work late at night, alone, in high crime areas conducting interviews, locating witnesses and conducting legal surveillance. I must perform these duties without any realistic means of self-protection. This places my life and safety at risk. I am afraid that I will be killed or injured as a result of these high-risk activities. For these reasons, I am applying for a concealed weapons permit for my own protection.

    Bail Enforcement/Bounty Hunter . Use the Investigator example. Refrain from referring to your work as bail enforcement. Just use Investigator.

    Executive Protection Agent (bodyguard). My duties require me to provide close personal protection for (client or types of clients). He/she has had threats against them in the past. Copies of police reports are attached. This risk continues. This is an extremely dangerous job. I am required to be on call, to report for duty at any hour. To do this I must drive in and through high crime areas, alone, late at night. Currently, I am not armed while at work. I have no viable means of self-protection. I am afraid that I will be killed or maimed as a result of an attack. For these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for my protection.
  6. TimRB

    TimRB Active Member

    Jan 27, 2004
    My impression is that cities and counties in California are of two types:

    1) Any reason is good enough

    2) No reason is good enough

  7. CentralTexas

    CentralTexas Participating Member

    Jun 2, 2004
    Austin Texas
    Would this work?

    Print out the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Highlit the Second, staple it to the app and send it in?
  8. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Dec 24, 2002
    Idahohoho, the jolliest state
    Where does it say all that in the Second Amendment?
  9. carp killer

    carp killer Member

    Jan 26, 2003
    I'm a United States Citizen who is exercising my Constitutional Rights. If you denign my Constitutional Rights, you are saying I'm not a United States Citizen. :what:

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