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Anyone have a Remington 870 Express Turkey Gun?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Shear_stress, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress Well-Known Member

    Over the past few months, I've been tracking the price a new 870 Express Turkey Gun (three-inch chamber) at a local sporting goods store. The gun has a couple of minor handling marks and has had a little trouble leaving the store as a result. The price falls every time I visit it. Today, the women behind the counter made me an offer that, together with the rebate Remington is offering on Express shotguns, brought the price smack into used gun territory.

    I am looking for a cheap, "do-it-all" shotgun for clays, home defense, etc. Seems like the 21" barrel is a good compramise in that department--not too long, not too short. Plus, the two-bead sight set-up is nice. Anyone with an 870 Turkey Gun care to set me straight? Would I be better off with a standard 28" Express and an extra 18" barrel?

  2. Omaha-BeenGlockin

    Omaha-BeenGlockin Well-Known Member

  3. RCL

    RCL Well-Known Member

    Jump all over that with both feet before someone else does...............:what:
    I like mine, and you can always buy an extra 28" barrel if you're so inclined. These are great, light, compact guns, especially if you spend a lot of time hiking while you are hunting..............;)
  4. The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter Well-Known Member


    How much?
  5. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the encouragement. Glad to know to hear from fans of the Turkey Gun. The price was making me wonder if there is some critical flaw to this model that I wasn't aware of.

    Let's put it this way:

    $CLXXXII after the rebate.

    I originally wanted a used Wingmaster, but couldn't walk away from a new 870 at that price, even an Express.
  6. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    Buy it!!! Any 870 under $CC is a great buy. The Turkey variant comes parlous close to being a do all goto....

    All it needs is a couple more choke tubes,easily found for $XV tp XXV.
  7. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus

    And you haven't bought it yet? Wattaya want, Santa to bring it to you?

    The 21" Turkey gun with a VR barrel and twin beads, is dang near a perfect all-around gun with no real need for an extra barrel, unless you plan to take up pass- shooting at longer range. I bought one used several years ago for about $165 IIRC, with a Mod choke it does great with buckshot, is manageable with slugs and is not too long to be unwieldy in the HD role. For a while it was my only long gun, while my living arrangements were a little unsettled due to the exegencies of life. You won't be sorry you got it, I have seen just the barrels sell for more on eBay than I paid for the gun.

  8. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress Well-Known Member

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your input. I was briefly tormented by some Express vs. Wingmaster quality jitters, but a quick search of prior THR posts on the subject cleared things up for me.
  9. 115grfmj

    115grfmj Well-Known Member

    I bought the 21" express turkey barrel for my....

    1992 vintage express magnum. Sold all my other barrels, take my word for
    it this it a do it all gun. I've got the original Extended turkey choke, full, mod,
    imp. cylinder, and rifled. That covers everything from big game to dove, and clays. You wont be sorry.:D

  10. Superpsy

    Superpsy Well-Known Member

    great gun all round. versatile and no probs with mine so far...
  11. SOG/MACV

    SOG/MACV Active Member

    870 Remmy

    Interesting and timely discussion because I'm considering a new 870 with synthetic furniture and a soft case for $195. It's got the 28" barrel... Might be a good buy on my part
  12. hossdaniels

    hossdaniels Well-Known Member

    i got that one with camo stock for $200 a year ago when a local shop went under. excellent shotgun for the money, shoots good patterns too.
  13. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress Well-Known Member

    Brought it home

    Brought home the Turkey Gun and an extra IC choke tube today, though it looked a little touch and go there for a minute. Apparently, the store employee misplaced the key to the trigger lock. I wound up twisting the damn thing off with a pair of pliers while he helped another customer.

    Interestingly, it turns out the gun had been in the store since 2002. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was neither mean-looking enough for the tactical crowd nor long-enough for the clay shooters. I hope that's not a bad sign.

    As per the great information in the stickies, I took the gun down, wiped out the fossilized assembly oil from the inside, and gave everything a light coat of Mobil One. Despite my (mostly internet rumor-derived) fears about Remington Express quality, the inner bits and pieces were nicely finished.

    I put the gun back together and wiped down the exterior, which turned out to be covered in a thin patina of dust and dried oil. No wonder the thing looked a little tired in the store. Amazing what a rag and a little bit of CLP can do for a gun's appearance.

    Anyway, the gun is nothing special, just one of several million 870s out there. In other words, a good, solid shotgun for the long haul. Thanks to everything on the THR for their helpful advice.
  14. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    Great! Now BA/UU/R....

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