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Anyone have info on DHS/ICE Sig P239

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Zen21Tao, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Zen21Tao

    Zen21Tao Well-Known Member

    A few weeks ago I found a Sig Certified factory reconditioned P239 with Bar Coding on the side. The P239 is in SA/DA .40 S&W. All that I know in regards to the DHS/ICE contract is that they were supposed to be for DAO models in P239. My friend thinks that it may have been one from the Testing and Evaluation portion of the contract. Any info about this DHS/ICE contract, particularly the number of models tested and contracted, would be greatly appreciated. (I do know that this isn't one of their new HSP models offered on the retail markets.)

    Picture of my Sig:
  2. Fly320s

    Fly320s Well-Known Member

    I have no idea about your gun, but I am surprised that it has a bar code on it. Never seen that before.

    I'm interested also, so I'll give you a bump. :)
  3. Zen21Tao

    Zen21Tao Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the bump. All I know is that Department of Homeland Security contracted with Sig for DAO models of the P239. Only the DHS guns have these bar codes which are used for internal inventory control. As you can see the model I have is a DA/SA model but it still has the bar code. Also sig is offering a limited run of commerative Homeland Security Pistols (HSP model) but these have an american flad on the top of the slide and the number of the pistol under the bar code. This also isn't reflective of my pistol.
  4. strambo

    strambo Well-Known Member

    Sweet lookin' pistol. If you strike out here, try http://sigforum.com lots of knowledgeable Sig nerds there.:p
  5. boing

    boing Well-Known Member

    Does the bar code incorporate the serial number? I'm guessing it does. Would it then be a violation of ATF regs to remove or alter the bar code? Not that I would if I had one, it's part of the kitch, just thinking out loud...
  6. Zen21Tao

    Zen21Tao Well-Known Member

    It's my understanding that the bar code had no relationship to the serial number it is used exclusively for departmental inventory control. I don't think that it would violate any law to remove the barcode but it would destroy any collectible value it may have.

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