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Anyone in Northern Oregon??

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 1904, May 8, 2011.

  1. 1904

    1904 Member

    In the next few years, I will be looking to relocate from from northern nevada to northern oregon/southern washington. Im already looking at real estate, Im thinkin minimum 15 acres, where i can finally expand my bulldog breeding program, as well as do some farming that could help support the familys high end pastry business. Just looking to get outta the rat race and simplify. Any advice or input on this region? Hows the gun climate up there, ccw easy to get? Im going to take a week off from work next month and go exploring. Thanks in advance
  2. 9MMare

    9MMare Well-Known Member

    It's a pretty nice area. Both WA and OR sides.

    Canby, Clackamas County....nice areas but becoming suburbanized. Still has the rural flavor, not sure how much longer. Gresham....already gone. Boring and Sandy....pretty nice.

    Battleground, Vancouver, Camas, WA...also nice, also about the same as above.

    Both states have different gun laws and do not recognize each others. Or at least OR doesnt recognize WA, I forget the other way.
  3. 1904

    1904 Member

    thanks for the info any other advice is welcome
  4. Black Butte

    Black Butte Well-Known Member

    Oregon is a great state! Lived there for six years. If you like the outdoors, you'll love Oregon.
  5. david58

    david58 Well-Known Member

    Moved to OR 22 years ago, have seen a bunch of change....

    TODAY Oregon is firearm friendly - we can carry in bars, schools, churches, the airport. That can change quickly with the legislature we have, particularly now that they meet every year instead of every other year. VERY politically liberal. Multnomah County dictates the state's politics. You can find conservative areas, in fact the majority of the area of the state is conservative, but the numbers in Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Medford/Ashland drive the politics of the state.

    We are going broke. Taxes will rise, as we have a governor that is unwilling to cut any more (his words). More and more centralized government - for example, all schools are basically funded by the state, local control is illusory.

    Frankly, I would think long and hard before moving to Oregon. Very business unfriendly, land use controls are insanely strict (good luck finding 15 acres you can live on unless it already has a house on it...), and the rules can change after you purchase the property.

    I don't know much about Washington, but Oregon takes a lot of pride in being "different." Personally, the only reason I am here is that I can't find a job in Idaho or Montana.
  6. 1904

    1904 Member

    thanks for the input, lots of good info to take into consideration. keep it coming!
  7. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    Moved to Oregon a few years ago from NH.

    My old friend from the USAF told me exactly this:
    "The rent is a third of what you're paying, school is a third of what you're paying and the chicks are awesome!"
    Two days later I was on the way.

    And I have never looked back. I like Oregon for several reasons, but here's the shooting related ones:
    a) The temperature is stable enough that even on a really bad day on Mary's Peak shooting is never any worse than an adventure.
    b) Getting a CCW license is easy as hell. So when I'm at my hippie coffee shop talking guns I know for a fact there's people carrying in their hipster pants pockets.
    c) No wait time! So the dirty lefties can arm themselves faster with lots of pretty, pretty Berettas.
    d) lots of publi- communist radical land that people can shoot on that's maintained by the nanny state.

    All kidding aside though for a state whose politics are run by Academiaville, Portland and Hippieville the gun politics here are as "reasonable" as they come and firearms are not exactly the big scary things I see people describing here at times. I can't picture myself ever being frisked by a cop simply for carrying.
    We have the occasional super panic, when a "suspect looking man is sitting in front of the public library, playing with his gun" but frankly I blame that on political paranoia and not anti gun sentiments.

    Oregon is all in all surprisingly gun friendly, especially outside of Portland.
  8. hermannr

    hermannr Well-Known Member

    Oregon and WA are too piglets out of the same litter. Oregon being a bit more liberal/communist. Any property along I 5 is 10X as expensive and 100X more liberal than anywhere else in the state (except maybe beach front)

    Oregon has no sales tax, but has a high income tax. WA has no income tax, but a high sales tax.

    I have never done business in Oregon, so I do not know their state business tax structure. In WA something like a bakery would have a B&O tax rate of 1% of the gross. If you had a consulting business the B&O rate is 2% of the gross. The basic dividing line is: "Are you "manufacturing" something or are you selling items manufactured by someone else...(1%) or not (2%)

    To be more specific, you will have to see whether you need to be close to a metro area, or if you are flexable and can live quite a distance from I 5.

    Where I used to live on the west side (wet side) of the Cascade Mountains (2 miles for I 5) land was about 100K an acre. (we sold 2.5 acres for $250,000 6 years ago) If you backed away from the Freeway a 50 miles or so you could find land for $10,000 an acre.

    If you get over here to the dry side there is land available from $250 an acre and up. 15 or 20 acres with water (no buildings) start about $50,000. A really nice 80 acre piece (with water) went for $113,000 recently. As you already probably know from living in Nevada, water is everything over here. If you have no water, that is where your really cheap land is.

    However, the population concentration is on the wet side for your bakery business. Or maybe Spokane, Wenatchee, Yakama, the tri-Cities, or Pullman. East of the Cascades (the dry side) is less expensive, dryer and more concerned with water, hotter in summer, and colder in winter. West of the Cascades (the wet side) is more expensive, more concerned with drainage, and has a milder but wetter climate.

    These same conditions continue down into Oregon. A larger town in Eastern Oregon that might be big enough for a high end bakery would be Bend. I have lived in both states, on the coast, in the I 5 corridor, and now we live on the dry side in North Central WA. (follow US 97 down from Canada, you will pass within 5 miles of where we live). I like it here.
  9. 1904

    1904 Member

    Thanks guys, i just put in a vacation request to take a week off and head up there to poke around,,, Im trying to stay within a couple hours from portland. Im being drawn to columbia county, land seems reasonable.
  10. KingMedicine

    KingMedicine Well-Known Member

    I prefer Idaho, but out of those two, i have always been more of a fan of Washington. Oregon is just kinda blah to me.
  11. 1904

    1904 Member

    im looking forward to checking out the whole area, we are in nevada an hour from reno, I would like a change of scenery, some pine trees and more green
  12. chrisnoel27

    chrisnoel27 Well-Known Member

    Looking for the small town feel? How about small town but still within a half hour from Portland? Google Banks Oregon. Good people, good school district. We have a major sub development chocked full of families. Lot's of farmland and timber around with very little crime, we have a oval dirt track that is part owned by Greg Biffle that is pretty cool on Saturday nights in the summer. There's a town with a post office and some shops with a library and supermarket. I've been here for 3 years and will try my hardest to stay.
  13. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    Banks is nice. Also check out Yamhill county. It's a 45min-1hr drive to downtown portland but it's a rural area that is full of shooters that have ranges on their own property. The sherriff is NFA friendly if you are into NFA toys.
    I'd avoid Multnomah County (Portland) and Lane Co (Eugene) if you aren't a liberal. They are the severely blue areas and aren't gun friendly at all. Washington Co. (Beaverton/Hillsboro) isn't much better and Beaverton has a ban on open carry IIRC.
  14. 1904

    1904 Member

    yamhill and banks both look great, im googleing for real estate in those areas, im starting to get excited!
  15. killchain

    killchain Well-Known Member

    I live in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.

    Washington is an open carry state, for one. Oregon is kind of one, but their cities can ban it if they want to. Washington's cities and counties are held by a firearms preemption clause in the WA Constitution that says that their local laws pertaining to firearms can't be more strict than state law.

    Getting your WA CPL is easy. Walk into any police department or Sheriff's department and ask for a concealed pistol license application. Pay your fee, they take fingerprints, and you should get it in the mail within 30 days if you pass background.

    If you're looking for a "gun-friendly" place in Washington, stay on the east side of the mountains. The west side is run by a bunch of CANT's... meaning "Canadians, Californians, and Cantwell."

    Also, for the Tri-Cities area, we got the Rattlesnake Shooting Facility. Some of the pictures are dated, but it's a nice range. Even has a 1000yd shooting range now.

    Last edited: May 15, 2011

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