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Anyone know how to get a CCW license in PA?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Alan Fud, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Alan Fud

    Alan Fud Well-Known Member

    I'm going to be moving from FL to PA shortly. While in PA, I stopped off at the Lehigh County Sheriff's office to pick up an application. Reading the instructions, it says that two character references are required who are residents of Lehigh County.

    I asked the Deputy for clarafication since I'm going to be new to the area and don't know anyone there inquiring if I could put references from FL where I presently live.

    He said 'no'. I asked how someone new to the area was suppose to obtain a CCW license and his reply was that if I can not fulfill their requirements, then I will not be issued a permit to carry.

    I was under the impression that PA was a 'shall-issue' state. Does anyone have any comments / suggestions?
  2. Steve in PA

    Steve in PA Well-Known Member

    Why not get a non-resident permit (for PA) before you move?

    It is a stupid problem......one they should fix......but won't.

    RAY WOODROW 3RD Well-Known Member

    Look up Centerton County in PA. They will issue non-resident permits without you ever having to show up. I will be doing this soon since my York County permit will be running out in September of this year. I don't have a link at this time (I did) but you can download the app off of their website.

    Welcome back Closer to home!
    (New Jersey and you, perfect together!)
  4. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    I got my non-res PA permit from McKean County. Called for the application. Sent along a nice letter and copies of my WA permit for the last 15 years (both res and non-res) since OH does not issue any permit. Took less than 2 weeks.
  5. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Well-Known Member

    There ISN'T a "Centerton" County in Pennsylvania.

    There's a Centre County, which is the geographic center of the Commonwealth. Most people know where it is, or have a vague idea, because State College (Penn State Football) is located in Centre County.

    There has to be at least one member of this board from Lehigh County.

    Also, check out packing.org and see what they have to say.

    I don't recall whether Mifflin County required references or not, but it wouldn't have mattered, as I've know the sheriff for going on 20 years.
  6. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    That can't be true.

    Geoff Ross (aka K80Geoff) just got his CCW in PA last week. He lives in the NEPA and I live in SEPA. He moved from Long Island to PA and I was one of his character references.

    All you need is two PA residents to put in a word for you.

    That's not too hard is it?
  7. Poodleshooter

    Poodleshooter Well-Known Member

    Use your home state license in PA.
    If FL resident licenses aren't accepted there, get a non-resident license from PA.
    Don't change your DL (IOW keep your FL one), and use the non-res license for a year till you have to change.
    In the meantime, make some friends in your new home county and use them as references.
    Also, go to www.packing.org for data on concealed carry laws in the 50 states.
  8. dinosaur

    dinosaur Well-Known Member

    Too bad. I just ran into 2 Lehigh County Deputies at the gun & hardware emporium. They still carry Model 66`s.

    Some counties require local references. I first lived in a county that didn`t require it and I didn`t have to apply in my new county until the old one expired. I was living here a couple of years before I had to renew.

    I didn`t know Geoff moved. Where`s he hiding his carcass now?
  9. Dave Bean

    Dave Bean Well-Known Member

    Here's a PA question along the same lines. Do any of the above listed counties offer an "unrestricted" conceal carry permit for non-residents ???

    I'm planning on attending some GSSF and IDPA matchs in PA. I want to conceal carry since I'm not familiar with all parts of PA.

    Dave Bean
  10. Steve in PA

    Steve in PA Well-Known Member

    Theres no such thing as a restricted......or unrestricted CCW in PA.

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