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Anyone load 9mm Berry's + Blue Dot?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by MrOldLude, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. MrOldLude

    MrOldLude Well-Known Member

    I've got a strange desire to load some loud flashy rounds with the Berry's 115gr RNDS 9mm bullets I have on hand. Plan is to run them through my G19C. I Normally use a standard non-ported barrel for target shooting, but to get the full effect of the flash, I'll be reinstalling it.

    • My Lyman 49th manual has a range of powder loads from 6.8 gr to 7.6 gr. This is a 115gr jacketed HP round. I can't remember the COAL, but I think it's around 1.100" Also if memory serves, 7.6gr is a compressed load. Mid-range load calculates to 7.2 gr
    • On the Alliant load data page, they list a max charge of 8.5 gr. That is for Gold Dot HP rounds. Min OAL of 1.125. As per their directions, pulling back 10% would create a starting load of 7.65 gr. The mid-range for this data is a little less than 8.1 gr
    The research I've conducted lets me know it's a dirty powder when loaded less than top-end. Also I'm aware it's on the slow end for pistol burn-rates. If no one has any pet-loads or tips they can offer up, I'll likely begin working from the bottom with a OAL of 1.135", which my Glock seems to like. Probably with a powder load near 7.0 gr, and then gradually working up to 8.0 max. This sits within Alliant's safe OAL and load range and should leave me within safe pressure limits Also I should be within the plated speed-limit to prevent the rounds from going wild.

    Then I'll adopt the load that gives me the most flash, and acceptable accuracy. So if anyone has any favorites, or tips, I'd be glad to hear them before buying powder and starting.
  2. Galil5.56

    Galil5.56 Well-Known Member

    Here is a pet load from the late Stephen Camp using plated bullets and Blue Dot:


    To give a bit of relative context, I used 8.2 grains of Blue Dot, and a WW 124 grain FMJ RN in my Beretta M9, and avg velocity was 1213 fps. Even used it in 9mm Makarov 93 grain cast loads, and was surprised how well it worked... 7.2 grains of it pushed these cast bullets to an avg 1027 fps, but the spread was a bit wider than I like. FWIW, I would not push your plated bullets with much more than 7 grains of Blue Dot, if my results are any guide, and still wanting to stay under Berry's max velocity recommendation of 1200 fps max. I'm sure others push them plenty faster than this, but I have never used plated bullets, and can't comment how true this speed limit holds up to.

    Most surprising was the lack of heavy powder fouling, I mean almost none, even in the Makarov. In my experience when using ball propellants that apply pressure at a similar rate, at similar pressures, (HS-7), the resulting gritty powder fouling is awful, even when driven to "normal" 9x19 service pressures... Same to a slightly lesser degree for me even using HS-6, and change in priming as I recall did nothing to change this. Personally, I only use Blue Dot in handguns to "use it up"; as I originally bought it many years ago to load magnum lead shotshells. If given a choice for full service power 9mm ammo, I really like Unique and Power Pistol.
  3. FROGO207

    FROGO207 Well-Known Member

    I was using Blue Dot and 115 grain Ranier RN bullets. IIRC 7.8 grains and the same OAL as WWB factory. They shot OK but were dirty. I have since gone to 124 grain lead SmallBall MB bullets and BullsEye due to range restrictions of lead only bullets to be used.
  4. MrOldLude

    MrOldLude Well-Known Member

    Good to know. Thank you. Also, through some research, it appears WWB OAL will be around 1.15" to 1.16"

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