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Anyone see Montel Williams show yesterday?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by waynesan, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. waynesan

    waynesan New Member

    Mar 16, 2004
    Yesterday morning I was watching the news when during a commercial break a promo for the Montel Williams show came on. The subject of the show was to be about women who used guns to defend themselves from violent attacks.
    Well this sounded interesting so I made a point to watch the show. To say the least, I was pleasently surprised at how this show came off. To summerize:

    1st woman--Single mom at home alone. Awakened in middle of night with attacker on top of her attempting to rape her and threatening to kill her. He had a gun in his hand. She decided it was better to fight than to submit. During the struggle he dropped his gun, she got it, and pumped three into his torso before running next door and calling police. He died, She lived.

    2nd woman--Off duty security officer carrying concealed while walking through her neighborhood ( I presume for exercise ). Confronted by a man (crazy) who was concealing a rifle down his pants leg. He pulled out the rifle and threatened to kill her. Her first instinct was to run; she did; became trapped at a fence; BG caught up to her and she, having no choice, used her gun and shot him down.

    3rd woman--Woman whose grown daughter was in a several year relationship with drug using, drug selling thug who was an angel 95% of the time. He had ONLY beat her up three times in the last two years during the 5% of the time when he was not so angelic. During his LAST unangelic rage he broke into the house where his girlfriend and their baby and the girlfriends' mother were staying and told them he was going to kill himself and all of them. Mom pulled out a pistol and guaranteed that he would be the only one carried out of the house that day.

    Montel could not have been more supportive of these women using the necessary force to protect their lives. During the last part of the show it kind of drifted away from what I would have liked to have seen, by going into the psychological difficulties that may or may not manifest after something like this happens, rather than more 2nd amendment issues that could have been discussed. However, given the usual way subjects like this are presented it was a very different and refreshing major media presentation.
  2. jsalcedo

    jsalcedo Senior Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Compard to the schlock that is normally presented on those shows that one sounds pretty good.
  3. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Consider the audience. They don't want to be made to think about rights and stuff. They want to feel.

    For all the dreck that Montel puts on the air, I hear he is a really good guy and is fairly libertarian.
  4. Ransom

    Ransom Member

    Dec 18, 2003
    Montel was a marine was he not? I think he was in some form of service.
  5. Yowza

    Yowza Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Lexington, SC
    I saw him on FOX News a while back -- maybe O'Reilly's show -- advocating legalizing marijuana. I realize he has his own somewhat selfish motivations for doing so, but that did make him seem to be pretty libertarian to me. If he's actively supporting women defending themselves, then he has my admiration. Maybe he can counter at least .01% of the BS that Oprah spews.

  6. Rabid Rabbit

    Rabid Rabbit Member

    Aug 19, 2004
    He was a SEAL and served in the original Gulf War, seems to me he was an officer as well.
  7. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    Jan 4, 2003
    Northern VA
    Both. He started as a Marine, and then was a Naval Officer.


    Interessting tidbit
    In 1975 he was selected as the first Black Marine to be selected to the Naval Academy Prep School. He received a Presidential appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and was graduated with a degree in General Engineering and a minor in International Security Affairs. Honorable decorated. Montel has received numerous distinctions throughout his military career. He has been awarded the Armed Forces Expiditionary Medal, two Navy Expiditionary Medals, two Humanitarian Service Awards, a Navy Achievement Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, and two Meritorious Service awards-an award that is rarely awarded more than once.
  8. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Dec 24, 2002
    Home Of The First Capitol Of The Confederate State
    Close But No Cigar!

    Montel was both, a U.S. Marine and a U.S. Navy veteran~ :cool:

    But, I don't know 'bout the Navy Seal part! :uhoh:

    BTW, waynesan forgot to mention that the victim of the first
    scenario later became a police officer. :D
  9. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    Jan 4, 2003
    Northern VA
    I don't think he was a Seal. the only things I turned up on him on the 'net were as a Naval Intelligence officer. I did see somewhere he played a SEAL on the TV series 'JAG'.

    Montel Williams
    Talk show host,
    motivational speaker

    Born in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 3, 1956, Williams enlisted in the U.S. Marines upon graduating high school in 1974. He took basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina, where he was promoted to platoon guide. After basic training, he was sent to the Desert Warfare Training Center at Twenty-nine Palms, near Palm Springs, California.

    While at Twenty-nine Palms, his superiors became impressed with his leadership skills, and he was recommended for, and accepted to, the Naval Academy Preparatory school at Newport, Rhode Island. He completed the one-year course, and was accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

    When he arrived at Annapolis on July 6, 1976, he was honorably discharged as a corporal from the marines, and enlisted into the navy as a midshipman. While at Annapolis, Williams studied Mandarin Chinese and graduated with a degree in general engineering and a minor in International Security Affairs. It was at Annapolis that Williams first began to shave his head. Upon his graduation in 1980, he became the first black enlisted marine to complete and graduate both the Academy Prep School and Annapolis.

    Commissioned an ensign, he spent the next one and a half years in Guam as a cryptologic officer for naval intelligence, where he served at sea and ashore. In 1982 he was transferred to Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, where he studied the Russian language for one year. In 1983 he was transferred to Ft. Meade in Maryland, where he worked with the National Security Agency. What Williams did there is vague, due to the sensitive nature of intelligence work, but he performed various intelligence missions. He was offshore aboard ship during the invasion of Grenada.

    After three years aboard submarines, Williams, now a full lieutenant, was made supervising cryptologic officer with the Naval Security Fleet Support Division at Ft. Meade. It was while counseling his crew that he discovered a gift for public speaking. In 1988, he began conducting informal counseling for the wives and families of the servicemen in his command. He was later asked to speak to a local group of kids in Kansas City, MO about the importance of leadership and how to overcome obstacles on the road to success -- thus beginning a three-year career in motivational speaking.

    Williams traveled the country talking to more than three million teenagers nationwide and gave up his naval commission to pursue speaking full-time. He left the navy with the rank of lieutenant, and received the Navy Achievement Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal. In addition, he reached out to thousands of parents, educators and business leaders, encouraging them to work together to address youth issues, trends and to inspire youngsters to reach their highest potential. These efforts to reach out to the community eventually lead to the Montel Williams Show on television

    Apparantely some sensitive Intelligence work, but nothing about being a SEAL. And, If you do the Math, he was a Motivational Speaker for the NAVY when Gulf War I was in full swing.
  10. entropy

    entropy Senior Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    G_d's Country, WI
    I've always liked Montel's show. He is very to the point, and tries to accent the positive on his show. His Marine and Navy training have served him well. I watch a bio of him on E or some such channel I rarely visit, and everyone interviewed had nothing but praise for him, from former commanders and and his best friend, to his show staff and guests on the show. His pro 2A stance is clearly eveident on the show, and the offers to help people above and beyond the show, after the taping ends, shows he seems to care about the guests and improving thier situations. :) (Plus, if they ever do a biopic of Louis Gossett, Jr. , he's a shoo-in. ;) )
  11. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Mentor

    Jan 6, 2003
    Good job Montel.
    I did not see the show, but he has no obligation to do RKBA stuff. The show was about self defense with firearms, and the emotional consequences, at least that is what it sounds like to me. I would have liked to view it. It's a crying shame that more of these justified uses of fireams don't make the news. Montel is making contact with the exact audience who needs to hear about it.
  12. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey member

    Jul 10, 2004
    West Palm Beach, FL
    Cool. I didn't know this about him.

    What we need now is to get that anti-gun, "do-anything-to-fight-off-your-attacker-except-arm-yourself-with-a-gun" John Walsh off the air,
    replace him with JOHN STOSSEL!!!!!!! :D


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