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Anyone shooting an EAA Witness?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by dgray64, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. dgray64

    dgray64 Well-Known Member

    I was in the local pawn shop yesterday and they had a Witness compact in .45 that looked like it hadn't been fired. I talked them down pretty well and carried it home. It was pretty dry inside, but no cracks or evidence of hard use. I lubed it up and took it out for some fun. I ran 50 rounds through it. I used three different kinds of commercial rounds and some reloads. It put the rounds where I pointed and was fun to shoot. Like most CZs, it threw the brass a long way. I think I will put a stiffer recoil spring on it (the existing one seems weak) and I think it will control the recoil and brass scattering a lot. All in all, I liked it a lot.

    Dave :neener:
  2. TonyT

    TonyT Well-Known Member

    They are solid CZ clones.
  3. Casefull

    Casefull Well-Known Member

    I have the 10mm full size and I love it. Very well put together gun. I have had a 10mm compact like yours ordered from Impact for 18 months. Pretty pathetic. After that long you start wondering if you still want the gun.
  4. The Tomcat

    The Tomcat Well-Known Member

    I bought a Witness-P .45 in '98. Good shooter until you put about 100rds through it then it has to be cleaned. I gave it to my son as his first pistol last year for his 15th Birthday. He loves it at the range.
  5. bluestringer

    bluestringer Member

    I've been shooting the Witness pistols since the early 90's. IMO, they are the best bang for the buck out there. I just bought this Witness Elite Match 45 about a week ago. Excellent pistol.

  6. natman

    natman Well-Known Member

    I have a Witness full size 45 in WonderFinish. It shoots Federal Hydra-Shocks into tight little groups right at point of aim.

    I like it.
  7. veyec

    veyec Active Member

    I have 2 Tanfoglio's, a 9mm and a 10mm. Love them both! After you replace the spring, if it still is slinging brass into the next county, you may want to file down the ejector a little. I had to do that on my 10mm cause 10mm brass is worth more than gold!
  8. Arkady

    Arkady Well-Known Member

    I have an Elite Match in 10mm that I love.

    I've put around 300-400 rounds through it so far, and it has run flawlessly. My only concern is that the firing pin seems to be dragging a bit (rough, elongated strike on the primers).

    I watched my gunsmith shoot a roughly 6 inch group with it at 50 yards--everytime I think I'm getting better, someone comes along and upstages me :eek:

    ...on the flip side, my brother has an identical gun, and the frame cracked after less than 500 rounds, leading EAA to replace the gun.
  9. Walter Duryea

    Walter Duryea New Member

    I have a new Witness Elite Match which is a first rate pistol right out of the box. A little dialing in and I was grouping shots at 2.5 inches (@ 25 yards). I couldn't be more pleased with the weapon. The fit and finish are that of a much more expensive gun.

    Mine is not a two tone which seems to be the norm, it is all stainless and has an accessory rail and I would like to find a Kydex holster, or similar, for it and have had no luck. The one available from EAA will not work with the rail. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Walter Duryea

    Walter Duryea New Member

    Well, with a little more searching, I have answered my own question. Blade Tech at http://www.blade-tech.com/home.php will custom mold holsters for any weapon at a reasonable price.
  11. Haifisch

    Haifisch member

  12. FruitCake

    FruitCake Well-Known Member

    I've had a EAA Witness 9mm for 6 years and love it. Never had a problem with it. For the price I couldn't go wrong. And please people stick to the question, it seems that too many readers always gotta talk crap If its a gun they don't like or prefer. With enough research I can find problems with any gun that are out there, yes! Any gun.
  13. mm6mm6

    mm6mm6 Well-Known Member

    Here's a review of the Witness: http://www.hendonpub.com/resources/articlearchive/details.aspx?ID=799

    I found my Witness to be 100% reliable and very accurate. I bought it in .38 Super initially and then I bought .22, 9mm, and .40 conversion uppers from www.reedsammo.com

    I did sell my Witness to finance a Witness Match. I bought the newest Match in .40 with the tactical rail. It is an even more amazing pistol. I found I never used the standard Witness' double action trigger and that I carried the gun cocked and locked. I decided that a Match version with a single action trigger was what I really needed. I also wanted a rail to mount a light.

    My conversion kits still fit the Match and this gun is by far one of the best deals around.

    More info on the Witness here: http://www.czforumsite.info/index.php?board=27.0

    and here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showforum=159

    Including Henning's Blade Tech holsters and other accessories here: http://www.henningshootsguns.com/




    Birdseye maple grips by Sam at www.czgrips.us
  14. JLaScala

    JLaScala Well-Known Member

    I have a witness 9mm and it jams constantly, had to send it back today, and now I'm waiting. If its a mag problem, you think a decent company would have it fixed by now.
  15. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    I had the first Witness 40 to enter the US, a fine pistol. We have a great Clone Club over at czforum.com, drop by sometime. :)
  16. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    I like the EAA Witness pistols, especially the Elite Match and Limited guns, but I've had mag issues with everything but .45ACP -- I've got 9mm, .40S&W, 10mm & .45ACP.
  17. CHEVELLE427

    CHEVELLE427 Well-Known Member

    not any longer had a 10mm great gun but someone wanted it worse then i did so i let it go, would i get another YES
  18. ak-kev

    ak-kev Well-Known Member

    I've had an Elite Match 10mm for about 11 months now. I have about 1000rds through it. Its been absolutely flawless! I mean not even a FTF or FTE. Ive done my self defense load testing with it and have run 200gr Hornady XTP's up to 1119fps, Winchester 185gr Silvertips up to 1330fps and have had O issues. I love this gun!! I bought another mag from Hennings and its flawless to. Great gun!!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2010
  19. sprink268

    sprink268 Member

    I bought your exact pistol sight unseen after I read an article/review in one of the gun magazines. The author of the article stated that it was the most accurate .45 he had ever shot right out of the box. I don't have a lot of rounds through it, and have often thought of selling it, but then I shoot it and it's just gnat's ass on target. Still don't know if I need a .45 though...
  20. JLaScala

    JLaScala Well-Known Member

    Update. I took the gun to the range later that day and attempted to feed another 100 rounds through it. It persisted with the same jamming problems. When I called EAA they were very rude to me and lied saying that each gun before it is sent back is tested with 3 full mags of ammo. I couldn't get more than 10 shots off without a jam in over 200 rounds with 4 different manufacturers. The LARGE FRAME 9mm's are GARBAGE do NOT buys these guns. EAA does not care about their customers, and as soon as they have your money they could care less what you or anyone else thinks about thier product. Save your money and get a REAL CZ. Thats what I ended up doing after this fiasco and I am now very pleased. These people can't even put their mag springs in the right way! If something that simple cant even be done right, that speaks volumes about their quality control.

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