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Anyone try the Remington 504 bolt action 22LR rifle?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by JoseM, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. JoseM

    JoseM Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about getting this rifle as a "birth" gun for my second son (he's 8 days old now). There's a few models, but the one I was looking at was the 504-T (the more expensive one since this will be with him forever...hopefully).

    This will be for teaching both my sons how to shoot (even the it's the younger son's) and maybe for squirrel shooting.

    I saw it in the American Rifleman and decided to check it out....but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it. Thanks..

    Remington 504T 22LR Rifle
  2. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I have a 541-S which is one of the predecessors to the Model 504. I love the 541-S and it is a tack driver. I want to get a 504, just haven't yet. Here is a link to a long discussion about the merits of the Remington 504, good and bad. It is from the RimfireCentral forum. IF you want to talk about rimfires, this is the place to go. Enjoy.

  3. JoseM

    JoseM Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link:D
  4. JoseM

    JoseM Well-Known Member

    Wow...seems people love or hate this rifle...not much middle ground (at least in the first 3 pages of the thread!)
  5. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I gather that the early production rifles had some problems and the bugs were worked out by Remington. For my part, I would love to own one. The action is very nice and I would expect the accuracy to be very good to excellent. Prior to the introduction of the 504, Remington had the 541-S Custom and the 541-T. The 541-S had a very high gloss stock (typical of other rifles of the time), a "rosewood fore end tip" on the stock, scroll engraving on the receiver, adjustable trigger, and no front sights. The 541-T (introduced later) was a similar rifle with a non-glare walnut stock. It was essentially a cheaper version of the 541-S. I believe the trigger was adjustable on it as well, but it didn't have the other touches. I love the 541-S and recommend it highly. When it was made, it was not a big seller for Remington. Hence, it was discontinued after a few years of production.

    A lot of the negative comments relate to early production. I would not hesitate to buy one now if you liked it.

    By the way, the 504T was introduced later and I would guess that many of the original problems have been solved.
  6. 220_Swift

    220_Swift Well-Known Member

    My only concern would be the weight. With scope you are looking at 9 1/2 pounds of rifle. If you will not be teaching them how to hunt, it is a moot point. Good looking rifle though. I would expect a deluxe grade walnut stock for that price, but still looks good.
  7. xring44

    xring44 Well-Known Member

    Once was enough for me, never, ever again, a POS if I ever met one!:mad:
  8. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    Okay, somebody explain to me why they're still making it with a 1-in-14.5" twist barrel instead of a more reasonable 1-in-16" or 1-in-17"? Or heck, even 1-in-19" like some of the Suhl rifles that shoot so well.

    I just don't know about Remington some days.


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