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Anything happenning in the Northern VA area? How about the DC area?

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by Roc_Kor, May 14, 2004.

  1. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    Is there anything goin on around here? If it is, how far is it from NoVA? I can't go far because I don't know if my Father will drive me that far.:scrutiny:
  2. dghboy315

    dghboy315 Well-Known Member

    i'm interested as well. i just finished finals and i want to SHOOT!!!
  3. SapperLeader

    SapperLeader Well-Known Member

    I dont know of any highroad gettogethers, thuugh we could certainly set one up. There is a gun show in Bealton this weekend, the 15 and 16. I too just finished up school finals, so if anyone in nova wants to get together, Im up for it.
  4. dghboy315

    dghboy315 Well-Known Member

    a gun show might be fun. where's bealton? any more info about the gun show?

    but, what i really want to do is shoot.

    congrads on the finals. what school are you in? i just got done with my second year at UMD law.
  5. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    A friend and I will be at Bealton tomorrow around 11:30am. I'm 5'11", 210lbs, and short black hair.

    Also, we get groups together during the summer to shoot a little trap or wobble trap at Bull Run park in Centreville. Often, it's me, Mal H, Mike Irwin, and others from this board. If we're fortunate, maybe we can get Dave McCracken to come down and teach us a bit. :)

  6. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    OOOooohhh, Wobble......

    And a chance to see you guys again. Saturdays right now are my best chance, whaddya say?

    Chris, picked out a shotgun for that baby yet?
  7. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    The next two saturdays are out for me, but after that, I should be clear for the most of the summer.

    No, no shotgun yet. I've been trying to get her to decide on a rifle/handgun combo. ;)

  8. dghboy315

    dghboy315 Well-Known Member

    i can't make this sat. next sat is still up in the air. it seems like i'm busier now than during school :confused:
  9. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    Ok, let's hold off a couple weeks and see what happens....
  10. SapperLeader

    SapperLeader Well-Known Member

    I would love to go, but need a little more than a week in advance notice, so I can ask off work. I usually work saturday and sunday. If Im off though Id love to attend.

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