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Anything Really Innovative This Year?

Discussion in 'SHOT Show Coverage' started by InkEd, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    Anyone stumble across anything really innovative this year? Everything seems like "new paint on an old car" for the most part. KelTec's 22WMR pistol and bullpup shotgun are pretty different but nothing else really seems to have much "WOW" factor to it. The 1911s are cool but it IS a 100yr old design. Where's all the NEW stuff? Anyone?
  2. shotgunjoel

    shotgunjoel Well-Known Member

  3. RM

    RM Well-Known Member

    Yes, I saw that too and wondered if it is a real breakthrough product.
  4. Jon Coppenbarger

    Jon Coppenbarger Well-Known Member

    what is your opinion of the surefire 60 and 100 round ar15 mags? they might be a old deal but it was the first time I had one in my hand. wonder when production will begin?
  5. Big Boy

    Big Boy Well-Known Member

    What would the advantage of a polymer casing be? It wouldn't be cheaper than brass would it?
  6. Unistat

    Unistat Well-Known Member

    It could be, but that is not a given. Comparing new round (polymer) vs. new round (brass) it might be cheaper, but I'll bet brass wins out because of the savings with reloading. Now if you don't reload it might be cheaper.

    Another possible benefit is in weight. It may weigh less by a mere fraction, but if you had to carry hundreds of rounds it might add up. Of course the military would probably just make soldiers carry more ammo, not that I ever heard anyone complain about having too much ammo.
  7. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    Jon, I haven't handled one yet, just looked at the one under glass in the New Product area. Looks neat. I'd be curious to know what the internals look like.

    Anyone else see the .50 BMG bullpup rifle Sabre had on the table?
  8. Sheepdog1968

    Sheepdog1968 Well-Known Member

    Interesting idea. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to ammo. I would likely stick to brass ammo. I know it works well in my firearms. I'm fairly certain that is what most manufactures are likely using at this point as they test and develop the firearms.
  9. Jon Coppenbarger

    Jon Coppenbarger Well-Known Member

    they do look weird and they do have them both on display at the surefire booth which you could handle. interesting design and I agree I would love to look at the internals.
  10. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

    I wonder, if polymer casings catch on big time, if they would color code them to different calibers. sort of like shotgun shells. if they're reloadable, that would make it easier to pick of range...plastic. Tell your kid, "pick up all the blue ones"
  11. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

    I heard somebody was going to start offering an all-steel pistol with attractive wooden grips.
    High end version to include a correctly-fitted leather holster with configurable retention options.

    Probably just a pipedream.
  12. lobo9er

    lobo9er Well-Known Member

  13. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    The polymer casings are interesting for sure.
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