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AOW importation to US

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by AussieMike, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. AussieMike

    AussieMike Member

    I have come across an Ithaca Auto & Burglar, the first one I have seen in Australia. It is a Type A made, according to my reference in the second year of manufacture (1922).

    Can a US citizen import this gun into the US? Does the fact that is, I think, C&R make a difference.

    Any opinions on whether I should have it restocked? The wood is poor but the metal is quite good, 100% admittedly dull blue. Possibly reblued but markings still clear and I'm not sure how deep the original would have been. The name appears hand engraved confirming it is an earlybgun.

  2. PTK

    PTK Well-Known Member

    I very much doubt it can come into the USA - simply, it's really hard to import NFA items if you also wish them to ever be freely transferable within the country.
  3. CleverNickname

    CleverNickname Well-Known Member

    It could be imported, but only as a dealer sample, which means only LE agencies and dealers could ever legally possess it, not the general public.

    It might be possible to add a barrel extension to bring it up to title I length, import it as a title I gun, then file a form 1 to make it into an AOW after importation, but it would almost certainly be easier to buy an Auto Burglar that's already in the country.
  4. Slamfire

    Slamfire Well-Known Member

    The State Department regulates the imporation of all arms, under the Arms Export Act, and they manage the ITAR.

    You can look at section 121 and see the categories they manage.


    What I don't know who has the list of firearms that are allowed to imported. It may be on a case by case basis.
  5. PTK

    PTK Well-Known Member

    The problem is, as stated, it will never be legal as it currently is to import for the average Joe in the USA. :(
  6. Slamfire

    Slamfire Well-Known Member

    Been doing some research on this and found this web site.


    While who does what is confusing:

    The forms for imporatation of firearms can be found at this URL.

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