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Appendix Carry

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by mountain_man, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. mountain_man

    mountain_man Well-Known Member

    I am a skinny guy and I have been tossing around the idea of trying appendix carry since I have read that it conceals easier for slim people. However I am a little worried about having the firearm pointing at certain areas and major arteries. This got me thinking, if I do a cross draw appendix carry canted a little bit will the muzzle be more away from any important areas?
  2. Alberforth

    Alberforth Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you might be pointing more at your femoral artery that way, but the only way to get this figured out is to try it with your gun empty, safety-checked, and no ammo in the room. Short of a true cross-draw position, (which doesn't conceal as well for me anyway, and has other liabilities) I don't think you can avoid the dangerous aspect of any variant of AIWB. On the other hand with the right holster (long enough, perhaps with some kind of pad added at the muzzle end) you may be able to avoid sweeping yourself most of the time.

    AIWB does require great care in training and extra cautions in holstering. A lot of people change guns so they have a hammer to control for added safety. There is a must-read, huge thread on AIWB at the pistol-forum. The first few pages are a very good discussion of the basics, much of the later pages are about holster choices. There are techniques for minimizing the danger in drawing and holstering.

    If you can train up to a 100% consistent and safe presentation and re-holstering of your gun then AIWB is worth a look.
  3. GJSchulze

    GJSchulze Well-Known Member

    Before you commit to this, make sure you have a place that will allow you to practice. My club does not allow any kind of cross draw. I'm pretty sure the local personal defense trainer won't either.

    I'm no longer skinny, but I am small; 5' 3". I carry a 9mm subcompact with an IWB holster at 4 o'clock, canted muzzle back just enough so the grip fits under my ribs.

    If you can't practice the way you carry, then don't carry that way.
  4. mountain_man

    mountain_man Well-Known Member

    Alberforth: Thanks info. I think that I may not be ready for it yet.
  5. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    Moutain man...Just what do you plan to carry appendix? With the proper holster and firearm it's quit safe.

    I, quite often, carry a S&W mod 19 with 2 1/2" barrel appendix style on my right front for a right hand draw. If you pick the right firearm for this purpose you will not shoot yourself unless you are a complete klutz. Or you plan to carry one of the semi-autos with a trigger safety similar to a glock.
  6. Tomac

    Tomac Well-Known Member

    I appendix carry, been doing so for years. However, I do so only w/pistols that have either a manual safety (S&W M&P9c) or are DAO (SIG P250 hybrid or SIG P290RS). Of the two, I prefer DAO as it allows me to place my thumb on the back of the hammer when holstering.
  7. 340PD

    340PD Well-Known Member

    I appendix carry my Shield or Kahr PM9 all the time in a standard PJ's holster. It is a very effective way to put your gun into service if needed. Especially while seated in your car.


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