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ar-15 zero

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by colt.45, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. colt.45

    colt.45 Well-Known Member

    dad has a question, how should my dad zero his plain-jane ar-15 for 100, 200 and 300 yard shooting without having to change his sights? should he go with the 300 yard battle zero?
  2. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    what kind of sights does he have?
  3. wrc

    wrc Well-Known Member

    A2? -- USAR 25/300M sighting

    TM9-1005-319-10+, Pages 48-61

    Let me know if you'd like a PDF (2.9MB).

  4. FPrice

    FPrice Well-Known Member

  5. blackhawk2000

    blackhawk2000 member

    Go for the IBZ posted by FPrice.
  6. BozemanMT

    BozemanMT Well-Known Member

    I like to set mine 3" high at 100 yards.
    This is pretty much dead on at 200 yards and about 3" inch low at 300.
    Close enough for me
    I can now hit anything (if I do my part) from 0 to 300 yards no bigger than 10 inches.
    I never touch it after that.
    Somebody with much more knowledge than me will tell you how to get it exactly right.
  7. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    like we do in the army at 25meters. there are 25 meter zero targets out there. just gotta look it looks like the target is at three hundred and it has the page gridded off so you no what to adjust and how much. and
    and that would be very helpful as well in doing what i stated the above is a military "technical manual" for the ones that don't know the lingo!

    here's a link to what they look like!

    now go below the target and there will be other helpful links. I love that website it is getting me ready for the board!
  8. colt.45

    colt.45 Well-Known Member

    i would zero it at 25 yards but i can't. they say the 25 yard range is for pistols only, even when we went to the range before it opens they wouldnt even let up do a quick 10 rounds. it seems like all those ar-15 zero targets that i got at the NRA gunshow were for nothing.
  9. blackhawk2000

    blackhawk2000 member

    Read the IBZ. The .mil method of zeroing at 300 meters or 25 yds, is pointless for 99% of the shooting anyone does. If you zero @ 50 per the IBZ you are +/- 2" from 0-250 meters. The toughest part is loosening the allen screw, and moving the rear sight to -2 clicks. Sight it in with the small aperature @ 50. Click it up 2, and flip to the large ap, for close in quick shots. Flip to the small ap, and click down 2 and you are good from 0-250 meters. Leave on the small ap, and click up to 8/3 on the dial, and you are good for 300 meters. Click again to 4 for 400 meters, and so on.

  10. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    don't give up so quick dude. isn't there any where else you might could go. If you don't mind where are you located?
  11. Detritus

    Detritus Well-Known Member

    couple questions then....

    1. is this a club you are a member of or a place you "pay by the (day/firearm/person/etc)"? if you are a member the rest of the questions apply, if you're using a "pay per" place none of this is likely to be allowed/helpful. and you should consider other options etc.

    2. are you allowed to use your own target stand as long as the materials used do not pose a risk of ricochet etc? or must you use the provided target backers/stands??

    if you are allowed to use your own stand and place it at an intermeadiate distance, simply build a stand out of wood with a cardboard backer (scrap 2x4 and 1x2 plus pieces of packing boxes), and just set teh dern thing at 25 for a few minutes, and get to enjoying the rifle.

    well anyway that's my thoughts on that.
  12. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    Shoot, I thought this was going to be another AR bashing thread.

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