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AR magazines - old/new option

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 68wj, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. 68wj

    68wj Well-Known Member

    If anyone has noticed the lack of C Products magazines on the shelves, it is because C Products hasn't existed for a while now. I am not affiliated with them so any attempt by me to tell the story would only be hearsay. I have been trying to follow their activities since they made good AR mags at good prices (5.56 and several variant cartridges).

    Now they have relocated, retooled, and rebranded to C Products Defense. I am told magazines are currently in production and will be available from several sources.

    Their site just came on line: http://www.cproductsdefense.com/default.html
  2. DoubleMag

    DoubleMag Well-Known Member

    I just tried an old link I had bookmarked its not active so maybe there's something to this.
    How, why the move, legal issues, etc......?
  3. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Sounds and looks good, but no pricing, no testing. Unless they are 100% and can undersell Magpul, what's the point? Magpuls are 100% reliable and are currently selling in the $14 each range. Tough competition. And they come in different colors. And they have a cap to keep the ammo in and the dirt out when not in use.
  4. plateshooter

    plateshooter Well-Known Member

    Glad to see them coming back. They made a good AR mag in 762X39 which I could use a couple of now.
  5. Geneseo1911

    Geneseo1911 Well-Known Member

    I bought 3 c-products SS AR mags in 5.56 about 3 years ago. I managed to load two, but the third would spit the rounds out as soon as I moved my thumb. I then smacked the loaded mags with my palm, and the rounds sprayed out all over the room. I would have laughed if I hadn't been so mad.

    Thankfully, Widener's was very good about refunding my money, so I was only out shipping, but I swore I would never buy anything from them again. I'm not surprised they went out of business.
  6. 68wj

    68wj Well-Known Member

    MagPuls are not 100%, but they are VERY good. I use them, and will continue to do so, but the poly/alum/steel mag debate is something that will probably never be resolved. As for the different colors, I guess some find that helpful when they a carrying a different purse. :neener: One disadvantage to polymer is many of the AR variant cartridges (6.5G, 6.8 SPC, 7.62x39, etc) will not stack and the manufacturers haven't found a way to engineer it.

    I haven't had any issues with mine, but from my understanding they were good about changing them out if someone did, regardless of where it was purchased. They seemed to have an interestingly loyal following on an AR15 forum.

    The fact that they have relocated and retooled indicates the potential for these being different than the originals. That could be a good or bad thing that will only be vetted once they hit the market.

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