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AR Optics-What is yours and why?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Tomcat47, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    I looked at a couple other threads regarding optics for AR's ....

    A couple were even locked ..... :confused:

    I wanted some input on optics for the platform. Rather than opinion, just our purpose for what we chose! So lets see what we have and why we have it!

    Compare notes and rate products hopefully!

    I recently put a NcSTAR (Model STM3942G) on my recently purchased DPMS Sportical!

    I chose it for the following reasons: I put a few fixed and red dot on it for like quick acquisition, such as home defense scenario, but then when at the range it was boring (prob should be I suppose) and was lacking out in the field...anyway went shopping and this scope seem to offer everything I was looking for:

    It was priced Decent
    It does give a degree of quick acquisition
    It gives variable power for hunting varmints
    It had adjustable illumination ( although I feel even Lo it is a little bright in the night time ) giving a small halo effect ... Might just be my old eyes?
    It Has QR Camlock mount which allows me to go to Magpul Flip Sites if needed

    Thats What I have for this discussion.

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  2. ol' scratch

    ol' scratch Well-Known Member

    I have an Eotech holographic and magnifier on my rifle. It fits the purpose and theme of the rifle. It is very quick and the sight picture is the best I have seen. When I want to see a little more, I slap the magnifier over. It is one of the best all around sight packages I have used.
  3. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    olscratch ... Eotech - Interesting! I just looked at those online. Which Model do you have?
  4. PlaneJain

    PlaneJain Well-Known Member

    For small game hunting I have a 3x9x40 Vortex scope with a LaRue QD mount.

    And for playing around with the guys target shooting, and self defense, I use an Aimpoint PRO red dot sight, with a Dominator 2 MBUS rear sight.
  5. MK75

    MK75 Well-Known Member

    I have 3 Aimpoint M2s and the EO Tech. I would like to get the AGOC to stretch it out to the weapons max effective range.
  6. MK75

    MK75 Well-Known Member

    ...Sorry, I have them because that is what the military uses, or used to use, and if it's good enough for them...
  7. bigdaa

    bigdaa member

    I use an ELCAN Canadian battle optics (Non IR) in my flat top.

    I worked for Raytheon a while back and got it at cost.

    It is slick with the 5.56 NATO BDC incorporated.The image is crystal clear at fixed 3.4 power.
  8. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    My favorite, thus far, has been the Bushnell TRS-25.

    Light, durable, very good quality and affordable.

    I don't like relying on optics solely, for a rifle that may save my life. I'm good with my red dots, I'm great with my irons.

    For distance work, Nikon 4x16x40.
  9. bri

    bri Well-Known Member

    PA M4 clone. Why? I went for value over absolute reliability.
  10. browningguy

    browningguy Well-Known Member

    I use a Burris 332 on my 3 gun AR, and honestly it gets shot the most even just as a range toy and short range varmint shooting. It works about as well as a 1x red dot at short range and the 3x gives me enough range to easily shoot 6x9 steel plates out to 400 yards.


    For my dedicated pig/varmint upper I have a 4-12 scope for the precision extended range capabilities.

  11. daveit

    daveit Well-Known Member

    Bushnell TRS-25 because I am cheap and it was less than $100--including the separately purchased UTG mount. I did not need some tactical military grade optic...just something for target shooting.
  12. Risky buisness

    Risky buisness Well-Known Member

    Never thought I would want some battery operated item on my 'house rifle. Always thought irons were best, I have thought differently lately. I decided to try a holographic sight, not wanting to spend the 400 odd $ on an eotech or an Aimpoint that I wasn't sure I would like , I chose an Aimshot, it's US made and very functional as well. got about 250 $ in it, the mount jumps on and off my M4 just fine and it adjusts perfectly, still a little hesitant about the whole battery thing but it preforms very well and I have a spare battery in a pistol grip holder made just for that purpose. to back that up I have put a Bob Jones diopter lens in the rear to sharpen up that front sight post,Yankee Hill flip up co witnesses perfectly. so that's what I use for optics on my AR
  13. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    Mine is mainly a range toy also, but I have a Burris MTAC 1.5-6x40 on my Colt M4/LE6920. I like the additional power, and objective width over the typical 1-4 power optics. I think it is a lot of scope for the money too, and with the Burris QD mount, I can take it off in a second and use the irons without losing zero when I put it back on. I may get a red dot for it, also with a quick release mount.
  14. UnderTheGun

    UnderTheGun Active Member

    I picked an Aimpoint CompM4s. Using a AA battery makes it nice because they are easy to find and should still be in any scenario where supply shortage or ordering becomes an issue. It is heavy but I'm willing to deal with that to have the convenience of AA. I do want to add a magnifier though.

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  15. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    Aimpoint micro t1 on my sbr hd gun
    Swaro z6i 1-6 on my 3gun AR
    ACOG 4x RCO model on my old recce
    USO 1-8x on my new SPR

    And Misc others
  16. Welding Rod

    Welding Rod Well-Known Member

    Aim Point M4S.

    Edit: Why? I am unaware of a higher quality red dot on the market.

    I have owned both, and prefer the lower battery position of the M4S over the M4. Both have good optical quality, good battery life, and good mounting systems. They have a reputation for toughness. My shooting has convinced me of the superiority do a RDS for fast hits if magnification isn't needed.

    When magnification is needed I use a Trijicon 3-9 scope with fibre optic red triangle on a post.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2013
  17. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck Well-Known Member

    Nikon 6x24x50 and Nikon 5x20x44's on my p-dog AR's
  18. thump_rrr

    thump_rrr Well-Known Member

    The optic should be selected for the purpose of the rifle.

    To be perfectly honest I own the exact same optic as you have.
    It was the optic I purchased with my first AR.

    Once I decided to dedicate each rifle for a purpose I chose an EOTech XPS-2 for my Noveske CQB rifle.

    I'm now saving for a high quality 1-6x24 or 1-7x24 for my Stag Arms 3G 3 gun rig.
  19. SpentCasing

    SpentCasing Well-Known Member

    Eotech XPS2 on a Larue QD mount

    Reticle- i pick it up faster than just a dot and can do crude range finding with it. Also have a 7yd zero with bottom of 65 MOA circle

    1MOA dot for precision
    Doesnt drain batteries when off like the older models
    Transverse battery mount fixes battery box issues seen on older models
    Takes CR123 batteries. Same as my light (WML) so I keep them in my stock storage anyways.
    Big TV screen like window. Aimpoints feel like Im looking through a toilet paper tube.
    Rugged. Yep I said it. Internet commandos be damned. The new XPS line works.
    Im much faster at snap shooting with it vs. irons.
    USA made.
  20. -v-

    -v- Well-Known Member

    CompC3 on my rifle. Wanted something that is durable and where battery life is a non-issue. Rifle does double duty as my HD gun and also my 3-Gun rifle. So far very happy with it. 0-200 yards is no problem with it. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot it beyond 200.

    I should add that my SGL21 has a TRS25 dot on it. Surprisingly durable dot sight and the 3,000 hour battery life is not a bad feature either. I find the TRS25 to be a way more optic versus its competition in the same under $100 price bracket. Haven't had a chance to compare it to the mid-level $200-range dots, but I wouldn't be surprised if it stacks up very well versus them.

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