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AR upper price??

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gunsrfun, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. gunsrfun

    gunsrfun New Member

    I found tha Stag upper for sale. Seems like a good price but wanted to see what you guys think. It has the following:

    price includes bolt carrier group and charging handle
    price includes ARMS#40 BUIS!
    A3 upper with T-marks
    16" threaded barrel with removable A2 flash hider
    twist rate of 1 in 9"
    chrome lined chamber and bore
    M4 profiled barrel (light under the handgaurds)
    F marked front sight (proper geometry for the flat top!)
    M4 handgaurds
    side mounted sling swivel
    $485 shipped.
  2. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    Why buy a Stag when you can get RRA, Bushie, or DPMS for just about that price.....check out their websites and also their distributors.
  3. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    Stag is as good as a RRA or Bushy - don't be concerned about that.

    If the configuration is what you want, I suggest getting it. You can't bolt one togther yourself for that price.
  4. BBstacker

    BBstacker Well-Known Member

    I just bought a Tony's custom upper at the valley forge gun show today. It is a flat top with a 16" HB 1/9 twist. A floating four rail hngard.Front A-frame sight. Charging handle & complete bolt carrier for $600.00.He built it for me right there. I put it on my RRA lower. Witch has a NM 2 stage trigger.To this a added abadger ordnance gen 2 tactical latch,buffer pad,flip up rear sight,and a EoTech sight.I hope to get to the range tomarrow to try it out.
  5. P0832177

    P0832177 member

    The costs of uppers have gone up, and so the Stag with the BUIS included is a deal. The problem with RRA is uppers are not all chrome lined bbls. Bushy are chrome lined, but they run a tad more. The other issue is that RRA has quite the lag time from order to delivery. If you want a RRA contact ADCO Firearms out of Ohio. I say you are doing good with Stag upper!

    Stag has a good reputation! Buy it!
  6. Gary G23

    Gary G23 Well-Known Member

    Stag is Good
  7. sgist

    sgist Well-Known Member

    I just bought a Rock River with national match trigger, Wilson barrel standard upper from Eagle Arms for $429.00. Everything included. Shipping was, I think $18. They had them in stock. Also Lone Star Wholesale is a good source with competitive prices.
  8. ..

    .. Well-Known Member

    Stag is of better quality than RRA or DPMS. Don't hesitate, it's a good deal. Only thing I would add is to get a midlength instead, smoother recoil impulse and not so harsh on parts or extraction. CMMG, Sabre, Armalite or RRA make them. Also Bravo Company and Denny's guns on ARFCOM sell them as well. Middys are starting to come into their own, and rightly so. Superior to the carbine IMO.
  9. nvshooter

    nvshooter member

    I'm lefthanded. The Stag Arms LH models are a godsend to guys like me. I have an email in to them to ask if I can just buy the upper and configure it to my liking with stuff they don't offer. I'll bet they tell me where to stick it...

    In time, my thought is that they'll offer them loose from any other parts. Too many guys are going to want this barrel or that handguard or this flash-hider or that rail system and covering all those requests will become a nightmare. Simpler to just offer the upper bare or with sight parts and sell an upper versus losing a sale entirely. That's my conservative, free-market idea, anyway.
  10. Zip06

    Zip06 Well-Known Member

    Stag is made by Continental Machine & Tool (CMT) which is a major government supplier and makes a lot of the components for domestic AR assemblers/manufacturers. Its very good quality and the price is good.
  11. Don't Tread On Me

    Don't Tread On Me Well-Known Member

    Jump on that deal! Very good price (if brand new).

    Bushmaster uppers run $425 without Bolt/Carrier or charging handle. RRA doesn't have chrome-lining, so forget that.

    Bravo uppers might be a tad better, but they are $399 without Bolt/Carrier, Handguards/ charging handle

    Figure, A Bolt/Carrier is going to run you $130. Charging handle $20. ARMS is going to be $85ish maybe more. M4 handguards run a good $20 more than the CAR ones RRA uses or Bushmaster uses.

    If it is new, this is a steal. If it is slightly used, still a pretty good deal.
  12. sgist

    sgist Well-Known Member

    The Rock Rivers do too have chrome lining, you just have to pay $45. What do you mean, forget that? They are very high quality, include bolt and carrier, charging handle which some others do not, and don't forget the included RR national match trigger which is universally acclaimed. Prices are competitive with anything out there. They just don't make a left handed model if that is what you want.

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