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AR15 uppers

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by LopezEL, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. LopezEL

    LopezEL Member

    Where can I find a decent 16" barrel upper for my Bushmaster lower? Ive searched on several sites but noone seems to have them in stock. Does anyone know of any company that has them in stock. I dont want to buy a whole new rifle but I want an upper with iron sights and small barrel.
  2. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

  3. redneckbuckeye

    redneckbuckeye New Member

  4. punkndisorderly

    punkndisorderly New Member

    Your best bet if you want it now is to check local shops. You can check the gun shows but, depending on your location, they may be gouging like crazy.

    I ordered two uppers from Rock River in January since no one locally had exactly what I was looking for (all were either standard A2's or Flat Tops and I wanted a Match Upper and CAR style upper). The closest estimate they would give me last week was 3 to 12 months for delivery.

    You might want to check Midway USA. They're totally out of stock but have a "remind me" button and will email you when they open a particular item up for ordering.
  5. Texpatriate

    Texpatriate New Member

    I ordered a mid-length upper from Rock River back in October before the election. The quoted me a delivery date of "mid-January at the latest".

    Still waiting.

    Needless to say, if I see a mid-length flat top at a decent price before mine arrives, it will go home with me. I don't want to learn the hard way the truth of "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

    Seriously though, there are still decent prices to be had out there, not everybody is jacking up prices. I was in a shop Friday with a hand-written sign up behind the counter that said "A shipment of CMMG AR-15's will be here March 24: $1,549, $400 deposit". :what: That's high. That's freak out prices. But somebody WILL buy them at that price, I have no doubt. I could have bought a CMMG M4gery for $850 six months ago. They couldn't even tell me what they were supposed to be getting in when I asked- barrel length, configuration, stock type, nothing. Just a price. I WILL remember that when all of this is over, and I WILL NOT spend another dime there.:cuss:

    Then I was in Cabela's on Sunday afternoon and they had 2 Sig 556's just sitting there marked $1,349, which I believe was the same as their price on them 6 months ago. I couldn't believe it. Thank you Cabela's for having some integrity.

    Keep looking.
  6. MCMXI

    MCMXI Active Member

  7. MCMXI

    MCMXI Active Member

  8. 1832

    1832 New Member

    Have you tried Model 1 Sales? I have three of their uppers and they're all great.
  9. Moose458

    Moose458 New Member

    Go to AR15.com and check out Equipment Exchange. People are always selling uppers on there. I just bought a Sabre Defense upper, the whole transaction worked out great.
  10. 10-Ring

    10-Ring New Member

    Try CMMG, DPMS, RRA or even Bushmaster -- and be prepare to wait & pay for that opportunity
  11. helz_mcfugly

    helz_mcfugly New Member

  12. Zach S

    Zach S Active Member

    I waited six months on a stripped lower, dealer was told 4-6 weeks originally. Got tired of waiting, so I got a BM lower. Finally got the RRA lower and had no real use for it till I built my .22. Now I hearing some folks say they were told a 12-18 month wait.

    RRA really needs to expand. Their delivery times sucked long before the panic buying started. They used to be a good buy, but in the time between building my 5.56 AR and my 9mm AR their prices went up so they're "just another" AR manufacturer IMO.

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