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Are lever action carbines really just for fun?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Balrog, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Balrog

    Balrog Well-Known Member

    I have a Marlin 44mag and a 45-70, and enjoy shooting both at the range but dont have much use for them except as plinkers... does anyone really use these for hunting, and if so, what?
  2. Sheepdog1968

    Sheepdog1968 Well-Known Member

    The Hornday LeverEvolution ammo has breathed some new popularity into lever guns. I'd say the flat nosed ammo still had enough reach for many hunting. I've got a 30-30 lever action for hunting deer.
  3. adobewalls

    adobewalls Well-Known Member

    Winchester '94 Trapper model from the '80's in 30-30. Accurate with irons out to 130yds; lethal a bit further.
  4. Hatterasguy

    Hatterasguy Well-Known Member

    All my guns are for fun. Lever action's are like a slice of the old west to me.:cool:
  5. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    This deserves a quote.
  6. skiking

    skiking Well-Known Member

    I have a Win 94 30-30 I have used for deer and elk. A Win 94 in .307 Win and one in 32 Special along with with a Marlin 1895 45-70 are in my future, all three of those are used for deer and the 307 and 45-70 are used for elk. Leverguns make great hunting rifles as long as they aren't fitted with a scope on top, that is just a mean thing to do to a levergun.
  7. Sheepdog1968

    Sheepdog1968 Well-Known Member

    Every time I bring out my lever gun, I am smiling from ear to ear. It's tough in today's world to find things that do that as an adult.
  8. Al LaVodka

    Al LaVodka member

    In my neck of the woods the average deer is taken within 30 yards. Men lamented the demise of the first Ruger 44 Carbine and women cried. I have a few but a long Browning 44 is complimented by a very handy, useful, FUN Win. Trapper in 44 Mag too. You ask an odd question as far as I'm concerned...
  9. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

    I've used my 45-70 for quite a few black bears and also a few deer...its hard to beat a lever gun in thick cover.

    I don't subscribe to the belief that it is "only good for 100 yards and less"...300 yards is my limit with the sights I have.
  10. wvshootist

    wvshootist Well-Known Member

    Lever actions are pretty serious medicine. They are excellent for hunting and are just fun to shoot. I have considered returning to deer hunting this fall after having not been for nearly 20 years. Back then I carried a Rem M700 .270 Classic. I will be carrying either my 45-70 Marlin GG or my Win M94 44 mag. I feel well equipted with either.
  11. Zack

    Zack member

    I picked up a Marlin 30-30 Thanks to the guys of this forum for helping me pick it out. I really want a SxS, then a six shooter. I like western guns :D
  12. oldfool

    oldfool Well-Known Member

    this being THR, that surely can not be a troll post
    guessing you just really just don't know

    lever action carbines come in a pretty impressive range of calibers, with no shortage of what can kill any game animal on the North American continent, and during that time between "then and now" some few folks have actually hunted with some of those caibers
    (but it's only been thataway for a century or more now, friend, a long long time before some people started sticking pointy plastic in the end of bullets)

    30-30 out of 18" barrel kills oversized goats today same it used to way back when
    357 mag at ~2000 fps out of a carbine can do things that 357 out of a 6" Colt Python or S&W 27 cannot really do

    some guys have even been known to hunt sizable game with even them wussie old cartridges like 45 colt, 44 mag, 454 casull in just them obsolete old revolvers... go figger... mebbe they thunk it was just for fun (because it was ;))
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2010
  13. dmazur

    dmazur Well-Known Member

    Your reference to .44 Mag and .45-70 spans quite a bit of capability.

    I've read of several hunters who successfully use lever-actions chambered in .44 Mag to take deer. I don't remember reading about any .45-70 hunts, but I assume that cartridge has its "hunter enthusiasts" as well.

    I admit to having a lever-action .30-06 that I haven't used to take a deer, yet. It has peep sights, and I would have to choose it deliberately over a scoped rifle.

    I might use it for a "brush gun", as it is almost as fast on follow-up shots as a semi-auto.

    If I get better at snap shots at cans at 50 yds, I'll consider using it... :)
  14. benzy2

    benzy2 Well-Known Member

    I have a 336 in .30-30 and use it for groundhogs and plan on going black bear hunting with a levergun in .45-70. One heck of a smack with one handy rifle.
  15. velojym

    velojym Well-Known Member

    Wow. Even just the lowly .30-30... if you laid all the deer taken with that caliber alone... you'd have... let's see... crunch the numbers... carry the three...

    ...A heckuva lot of deer.
  16. chicharrones

    chicharrones Well-Known Member

    I always thought that the .357 and .44 mag leverguns would make excellent home defense carbines.
  17. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    The .45-70 has a very long history as a hunting round. In fact it's been vastly more successful in that role than it ever was during its brief life in the service of the government. There's a book called "45 years with the .45-70" that covers the range of game the author has hunted with his various rifles in that chambering. Works great with everything from small game roundball to massive bear killers. Lots of people use them for bear defense around here. After the 12 ga I'd say it was probably the most common bear defense and inland fishing rifle. Esp. the Marlin 1895G. It can certainly be used for hunting as well but lacks the flat trajectory of the .338 WM. I'm sure it could be used a lot more if folks weren't so fixated on scopes.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2010
  18. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    I have over a dozen lever guns, more than any other type. I love them. They are still perfectly capable of doing the job they were designed for over 100 years ago. But honesty forces me to say that anything a lever gun can do a bolt rifle can do better.

    Other than just enjoying using something that is purely American they offer no advantages. But that is not a bad thing. I know people who have sold all their guns and have chosen to hunt strictly with a long bow. They just get more enjoyment that way and I can respect the guy who chooses a lever gun for the same reasons.
  19. Oregun89

    Oregun89 Well-Known Member

    I bought an 1895XLR on my 18th B-Day, it was my first purchase, and is still my favorite gun. It's the prettiest gun in Elk camp, and has taken three Elk in three years. I mounted a Nikon 3-9x40mm Team Primos scope with their BDC reticle. I would take it anywhere to kill anything. I also don't hesitate to take a rested shot out to 300-400yrds, I understand the ballistics of the round and will use it to its full potential. The rifle will also shoot <1/2 MOA consistently with appropriate ammunition.
  20. ndh87

    ndh87 Well-Known Member

    I have a 44 mag lever action marlin, I absolutely love it. It drops deer on the spot inside 100 yards.

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