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Are # of guns REALLY so hard to believe?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by twoblink, May 27, 2004.

  1. twoblink

    twoblink Well-Known Member

    So I tell my students "I have 10 guns." They gasp. They think, why on God's green earth, do you need so many..

    They think 10 is 10 too many :rolleyes: :scrutiny:

    I'm waiting to tell my students about people like Tamara...

    twoblink: "I know a woman named Tamara..."
    students: "Does she have 10 guns also?"
    twoblink: "She has more than 10 in just revolvers alone."
    students :what: :what: :what:

    come on.. is 10 really that scary of a number?

    Let's hear your numbers...
  2. BigBlueEyedDevil

    BigBlueEyedDevil Well-Known Member

    I have 11. But i'm a college student. It's great being at a liberal school and telling people that i'm into guns. They ask home many and when I say 11 they just politely nod and then never talk to me ever again. :evil:
  3. ExtremeDooty

    ExtremeDooty Well-Known Member

    10-11 guns sounds just about right to me. That is of course until I actually own that many. Then 15-16 will sound about right.
  4. Parker Dean

    Parker Dean Well-Known Member

    People like that most likely don't understand the mechanical world in general, and firearms in particular. While they wouldn't be shocked about it like they are with guns they wouldn't understand the desire to own multiple cars either. If you said you owned ten cars, they'd be like why do you need ten cars? Never understanding that each one is different, even within the same model.
  5. dukeofurl

    dukeofurl Well-Known Member

    I bought 11 Glock 22's at one time almost a year ago.

    I told my FFL to go ahead and sign the comittment papers if I do something that insane again.
  6. BigBlueEyedDevil

    BigBlueEyedDevil Well-Known Member

    Were you preparing to take over Canada???
  7. dukeofurl

    dukeofurl Well-Known Member

    Close, Massacusetts.
  8. Iron Mike

    Iron Mike Well-Known Member

    How many?

    I have 45 guns of various kinds,not enough shotguns (only two) And no Maks ,CZs or Moisens (sp?). So as you can see I do need ay least three more
  9. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    For some reason, people can collect anything and have hundreds of items, but they think your nuts if you have a bunch of guns. Besides, I'm hoping my collection rolls into three digits in the near future.
  10. Night Guy

    Night Guy Well-Known Member

    No kidding. My mother collects nick knacky little figurines of snowmen and turtles and I think she's certifiably insane. And even though she is gun neutral, she would probably think that my having four pistols is far too many.
  11. rms/pa

    rms/pa Well-Known Member

    it's like golf clubs.

    got your duck gun,the upland game gun, the dense brush gun, the montana elk gun, the second growth timber deer rifle , the target rifle
    and the piss em off gun. thats just the long guns.

    then there is your james bond gun,the snake gun, the alligator gun, the court gun , the BBQ gun,the work gun , the target gun, the legacy gun, and the cute gun(awww ain't that cute).

    feel free to add more if i forgot one.

  12. dukeofurl

    dukeofurl Well-Known Member

    Dont forget your "pruning that damn branch that is dangling a little too close to the power lines" gun.
  13. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    And you forgot the ever popular shooting the goblin who breaks into your house gun.

    I've got 21...I think. And technically, 2 of those belong to my wife.

    Best gun shirt I saw at the Charlotte gunshow in early April: "If you know how many guns you have, you don't have enough."
  14. Treylis

    Treylis Well-Known Member

    I just got into a conversation with somebody about this--they just couldn't understand why I needed more than one gun.

    After laughing maniacally for a few moments, I attempted to set them straight. ;-)
  15. GSB

    GSB Well-Known Member

    Ten guns? Well, you need at least ten handguns:

    1) Target

    2) Morning casual

    3) Late morning semi-causal

    4) Noon formal

    5) Business casual

    6) Business fomal

    7) Afternoon relaxed

    8) Evening hemi-demi-semi formal

    9) Evening formal

    10) Nightstand
  16. twoblink

    twoblink Well-Known Member

    Then, there's owning guns, by make..then there's owning them by model..then there's owning them by the same make and model, but different caliber..

    And of course, I have friends that have the same gun in SA/DA, and DAO.. So what, trigger types make a difference?

    And then, there's owning the same gun but in different calibers.. And then there's the "I have a left kidney and a right kidney, so I bought a left kidney holster, and a right kidney holster...so I needed two of each gun.."

    I catagorize by logistics of course...

    Newbie logistics
    Rifle logistics
    Semi-auto handgun logistics
    Revolver logistics
    Cowboy logistics
    Urban Tactical logistics
    Sniper logistics
    shotgun logistics
    James Bond logistics
    Skunk compatibility logistics
    John Woo logistics
    Poser logistics
    BOB logistics
    SHTF logistics
    woodland logistics
    desert logistics
    guerilla warfare logistics
    hunting logistics
    hunting dangerous game logistics...

    So all together, I find that I'm 24 guns short of filling my required logistics setup...

    34 guns.. that's not too bad right?? :uhoh:
  17. dukeofurl

    dukeofurl Well-Known Member

    GSB, I need to modify your list some and to show what I have that is suitable for such.

    1) Target - Check. Glock 34

    2) Morning casual - Check. Glock 34

    3) Late morning semi-causal - Check. Glock 34

    4) Noon formal - Check. Para P14

    5) Business casual - Check. Kahr P40

    6) Business fomal - Check. Dual Para P14's

    7) Afternoon relaxed - Check. Glock 34

    8) Evening hemi-demi-semi formal - Check. Glock 34 and Glock 19

    9) Evening formal - Check. Glock 32

    10) Nightstand - Check. Glock 19.

    11) Hunting - Check. Remington 1100/742

    12) Plinking - - Check. Glock 34.

    13) Competition (One gun for each discipline division ought to do it) - Check. You dont want to know.

    14) BBQ (The one you show off to friends at a BBQ - Check. Again, dont ask.

    15) Desk conversation peice/paperweight (pardon the pun) - Check. S&W K frame

    16) Rack grade, wall mounted conversation peice - Check. Remington 742

    17) Terrorist Hunter/Homeland Security Rifle (Optional) - Dont have one specifically yet, but my Benelli fits the bill.

    18) Next to front door in case of missionaries - Check. Benelli M1
  18. RED-DOG 40

    RED-DOG 40 Well-Known Member

    Guns are just like tools. I have thousands of tools. Each one has a purpose and I'm always needing a different one for a task. Guns/auto tools are used in a profession as LEO and mechanic and they are used for a hobbie, (ex: shooting/restoring vehicles).....:cool:
  19. Zach S

    Zach S Well-Known Member

    I only have nine:(
  20. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Duke, ol' buddy, you'd better pray that your THR honorary chaplain - namely, me - doesn't come to your door! I'll be the first missionary to outgun you... :D

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