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Are You A Lautenberg Victim? Know One? Repeal Laut?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by GLN Admin, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. GLN Admin

    GLN Admin Member

    Two things:

    First, would you support repeal of the Lautenberg Amendment? We are running a poll over at Gun Law News.

    Second, we are looking for Lautenberg Victims. If you are or know someone prevented from owning firearms by Lautenberg, we would like to hear your story.

    Come on over and let us know what you think.
  2. ingram

    ingram Well-Known Member

    Welcome to THR, planning to stay here?
  3. GLN Admin

    GLN Admin Member

    Stick Around

    I have been a reader for a number of years, but not a big poster.

    My time is pretty much consumed by Gun Law News and will probably be increasingly so as the 2006 election approaches.

    That being said, my site is very focused and come to others like this for more general information.
  4. fourays2

    fourays2 Well-Known Member

    Who in their right mind is NOT going to support repealing that un-constitutional POS law?
  5. GLN Admin

    GLN Admin Member

    You might be surprised to learn that 3% of respondents are against repeal. Of course, these are probably the Violence Policy Center folks that occassionally hit the site.

    We need many examples of people denied their rights and their freedom to start a movement to motivate politicians.
  6. rero360

    rero360 Well-Known Member

    what is this law? I don't think I've ever heard of it.
  7. buzz_knox

    buzz_knox Well-Known Member

    It's an amendment to the federal Violence Against Woman Act. If you have been convicted of a domestic violence charge, or are under a restraining order, you are banned from possessing a firearm.
  8. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    YES. Quite often is used as a weapon by ex wives/girlfriends.

  9. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    In due time, you'll be prohibited from exercising your Second Amendment civil rights if you've ever had a parking ticket.
  10. GLN Admin

    GLN Admin Member

    Laut Stories

    Please be aware that we are collecting first person stories on Lautenberg in the Forum. Please inform anybody that may be able to contribute.
  11. flatdog

    flatdog Well-Known Member

    The Lautenberg Amendment makes it a FELONY for a person convicted of a domestic violence MISDEMEANOR to be in possession of or own a firearm.
  12. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Yes repeal it NOW.
  13. Blue Jays

    Blue Jays Well-Known Member

    Hi All-

    I don't pray for misfortune...so in Senator Fossil Lautenberg's case I'm almost willing to make an exception.

    ~ Blue Jays ~
  14. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    Did you know this applies to soldiers in the line of duty as well? :fire:

    I was plugged into this while I lived in Massachusetts, but not since, so I can only comment on the way it is in the Commonwealth. There, even an emergency Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is enough to send the cops to come get your firearms (which they know about because they're registered). A TRO can be issued immediately and without any fact-finding or a hearing. So if you break up with your girlfriend all she has to do is go crying to the cops and she can turn your life into a world of poop. If you're a cop, security guard, or solider, you can forget about going back to work in the morning! And good luck getting your firearms back if your name is later cleared.
  15. XLMiguel

    XLMiguel Well-Known Member

    Welcome GLN, I've added your link to my RKBA bookmarks.

    Yes repeal it, it makes little sense. TRO's don't work and are easily abused, too many divorce lawyers use them tactically even when there's no evidence of a threat.:barf:
  16. GLN Admin

    GLN Admin Member

    Need Stories

    I appreciate all of you who have responded to the poll. We have some respondents who indicate that they are Lautenberg Victims. If you are one, please consider relaying your story in the Lautenberg Forum. No names needed.....Thanks.
  17. CAnnoneer

    CAnnoneer Well-Known Member

    I know at least one person that was put under a restraining order plus an year of anger management for shouting at the guy that he caught boning his girlfriend.

    Taking into account how easy it is to get a restraining order, Laut as presented is absolutely ridiculous.

    Standing Wolf may very well be right.
  18. Moondoggie

    Moondoggie Well-Known Member

    Just before I retired from the Marines, we were preparing to comply with the Lautenburg Amendment.

    Every servicemember was supposed to complete and sign a form certifying if they had or had not ever been convicted of midemeanor domestic violence.

    Answering in the affirmative, or refusing to answer would result in the servicemember being barred from being issued a weapon under any circumstances. Can you spell "Career Ender"?

    I have never understood how this isn't an Ex Post Facto law, which is prohibited in the Constitution. It applies even to those who were convicted of domestic violence PRIOR to the Lautenburg Amendment taking effect.

    I also have never understood how this slipped under the NRA's radar.
  19. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    The whole state of NJ is under the NRA's radar . . . . including the Fossil.


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