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Are you happy with your Ruger LCR .38 +P?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by stinger 327, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    If so which model do you have out of the 3 of them?
    The plain open sights
    The night sights
    The Crimson Trace Gripps.

    What do you like about the sight you have on LCR?

    If you are unhappy with LCR .38 gun in general (whole gun) what are the reasons?

    This gun fullfills it's purpose in close quarters personal protection.
    Chances are if you use as intended you will not be using sights regardless but end up point shooting.

    If you shoot this on the range you will be using the sight on LCR
  2. JLM3rd

    JLM3rd Member

    I've had mine for 10 months now, and I'm pleased with it. I've got 800 rounds through it so far and have been to two all-day training classes with it. I got the boot grip and XS sight combination, but put Crimson Trace grips on it the same day. I love the point-shooting ability of the CTC grips, but after 100 +p rounds, they do a number on the inside of my right thumb. Now, when I know I'm going to shoot it a bunch, I put a band-aid around that spot and it's all good.

    Somewhere, there's a review done for a magazine where a large number (5K or 10K) rounds were put through it and it was still within spec. I doubt I'll wear it out, and if I do and Ruger won't cover it, I'm out less than the ammo it cost to wear it out. I don't think of it as an heirloom to be passed down throught generations. It is what it is.

    Mine rides very comfortably in a CrossBreed Qwikclip and I'm pleased with it.
  3. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    What kind of sight is that XS sight?
    In addition you can put laser onto the above LCR and then have two sights and get the best of both worlds for aiming. If you use the gun for what it was intended for you probably not use any sights but point instead.
    Now will the sight adjustment go out from the recoil of gun even though it's in the gripps?
  4. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Love my LCR!
    I have the plain version with the plain sights. The sights provide a particularly good sight picture for a gun this small.
    I prefer the Golden Saber 125+P round for carry. It's the most accurate I've tried. For range work I reload.
    It's now my EDC gun and I use an Uncle Mike's #3 pocket holster. I carry in the right front pants pocket. It's small and light enough to live in that pocket unobtrusively with casual pants, jeans or even shorts.
  5. Bush Pilot

    Bush Pilot Well-Known Member

    The LCR is my favorite .38. I added a CT a few months, it makes the gun even more versatile.
  6. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    The XS is a larger dot type sight with a Tritium insert, so yes, it is a night sight. I have been casually looking at these and I would probably opt for the XS sight.

    TYFOOON Well-Known Member

    I have the +P .38 version, sandard sights, with the Hogue tamer. I love it.

    My friend has the same gun and we actually have distance comps between us with them for who buys lunch. What you can do at 30 yards or even more with a accurate snubbie is pretty cool against IDPA sillouettes.

    Plus when carrying discretely, even from my wife, it can't be beat.

  8. thebaldguy

    thebaldguy Well-Known Member

    My wife has the plain model with open sights. It's a great revolver. It's very light and accurate for a small revolver. It fits great in a purse, pocket, or buttpack.
  9. JLM3rd

    JLM3rd Member

    It's the XS standard dot. I've shot the XS Big Dot on my son's Glock 19 and S&W 638 and I prefer the standard dot size.

    The point of aim does not change on the grips through shooting. I routinely take them off when I clean the gun and when I put the grips back on, it shoots to the same spot.
  10. grant1265

    grant1265 Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite guns i have. It was an impulse buy and in my opinion is better than j-frames. I have the standard sights.
  11. camper

    camper Well-Known Member

    I have the LCR with the XS night sight and ordered a set of tamer grips for the piece. My favorite revolver for carry.
  12. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    Just picked up one last Thursday! :D

    XS Big Dot sight with the "boot grips." I was a little worried about the grips but figured I could change them if needed. But they're fine to me!

    I'm a big Night Sight fan, but I think it'll take a little practice to get used to using it. I was used to the "pumpkin on a fence post" sight picture, and shot low quite a bit during my first session.

    This could be a whole 'nother thread, but what are some good ammo choices for the gun? I picked up a box of Hornady Critical Defense +Ps when I got the gun, but have heard some less-than-glowing opinions of the round...

    ETA: I thought back when I first saw the gun in magazines that it was incredibly UGLY...but something that ugly must have some serious upsides to justify the looks. Quoth Solo, "She may not look like much but she's got it where it counts!"
  13. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    I will get the LCR .38 the XS night sight. Then I will probably change the grip and put on a Crimson Laser grip. Have the best of both worlds or just more options even though in most gun fights the sights are not used but pointed. So if this is the case what kind of sight you get for this gun it really doesn't make a difference per stats but I figure I will be up at the range with LCR using the sights and I will have the best of both worlds and I have already shot an LCR .38 and do not find the recoil difficult.
    As far as ammo goes I didn't get the LCR yet but I have purchased Hornady CD, Buffalo Bore, Gold Dot for short barrels, Corbon Powerball, Fiocchi and a few other brands.
  14. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    It is light great for carry but it also has a great trigger pull.
  15. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    +1 on the trigger pull. Though I've not shot enough revolvers...heck, enough ANYTHING...to really comment on it with a seasoned opinion. I know I like it though.
  16. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    I like the LCR alot better than the S & W Bodyguard which already comes with a laser sight on top of gun with Plastic?cyclinder release on top-strange and the S & W costs alot less for some reason. Usually S & W costs the most against its competition.
  17. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    Do they actually use +P in the name of the gun? That's a hoot.
  18. redbullitt

    redbullitt Well-Known Member

    Love mine. Rides in my coat pocket really well.

    Still got the same hogue grips that came on it, but I put a green front sight on it.

    Maybe 300 rounds through it; runs great.
  19. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    I think it is either Cheaper than dirt or Nanchez Shooters sells a pocket holster for the .38 LCR
  20. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    When I get mine I will try out the +P's and see.

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