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Ariz. Senate: Gun shows safe, wholesome

Discussion in 'Legal' started by AZTOY, May 8, 2003.

  1. AZTOY

    AZTOY New Member

    Ariz. Senate: Gun shows safe, wholesome

    The Associated Press
    May 6, 2003
    PHOENIX - The Arizona Senate is on record opposing regulation of firearms purchases at gun shows.

    The Senate passed a resolution yesterday recognizing that gun shows "provide a safe, historical, valuable and indispensable community service for those citizens who choose to exercise their constitutional rights."

    The resolution added that the shows "should be protected from those who would further regulate, encumber or eliminate them through a campaign of misinformation."

    Also, gun shows are "wholesome family events that generate substantial positive economic and commercial impact on the state and its political subdivisions," the resolution said.

    Todd Rathner, a Tucsonan who sits on the National Rifle Association's national board, said the resolution sends a message to federal legislators.

    "I think that the resolution will not have a practical effect on gun shows, but I think it has a symbolic impact," Rathner said. "It tells Congress that gun shows are a legitimate and wholesome activity and that they should not be regulated out of existence."

    Arizona is the first state to pass such a resolution, he said.
    Gerry Anderson, a Phoenix resident and executive director of Arizonans for Gun Safety, testified against the resolution.
    "I think that it's a real shame that the state Legislature would take the position that they support an unregulated secondary market," he said.

    "I think they're being absolutely ridiculous."
    Regulating gun shows would not affect the industry, and Arizona is among the top 10 states exporting guns used in crimes, Anderson said.

    "We know that background checks stop criminals from purchasing guns," she said.

    Sean Hammond, a board member for Citizens of Arizona to Prevent Gun Violence, and Tucson City Councilman José Ibarra, who last year argued in favor of background checks for gun dealers at shows in city facilities, did not return calls for comment last night.

    Elliot Glicksman, president of Citizens of Arizona to Prevent Gun Violence, declined to comment.

    Tucson Citizen reporter Eric Sagara contributed to this story.

    http://www.tucsoncitizen.com/local/5_6_03gun_shows.html:D :D :D
  2. Dave T

    Dave T New Member

    Until it is signed into law by the Governor (remember she was a Clinton appointee) it means nothing.

    We shall see...
  3. AZTOY

    AZTOY New Member



    I also looked at http://www.azleg.state.az.us/default.asp and it a new law .:D :neener:
  4. Dave T

    Dave T New Member

    I had heard she was not going to sign it. Didn't know about her "allowing" it to pass into law. Thanks for the update and info.

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