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Arkansas Gov has CCW and supports extending the "castle doctrine"

Discussion in 'Legal' started by hillbilly, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member


    Huckabee supports 'castle doctrine' law
    Thursday, Jan 5, 2006

    By Rob Moritz
    Arkansas News Bureau
    LITTLE ROCK - Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday that he would support legislation in Arkansas for a law like one passed in Florida last year to protect citizens who use deadly force in self-defense against criminal prosecution and civil liability.

    Huckabee told a caller to his monthly radio show that he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and believes "there is an absolute right that people have to protect themselves and even their property."

    Huckabee spokesman Jim Harris said the governor has had a concealed carry permit for more than three years but that the governor preferred not do discuss whether he actually carries a gun.

    A spokesman for the National Rifle Association in Washington, D.C., said the organization would push legislation similar to the Florida law in Arkansas during the 2007 regular legislative session.

    Huckabee also fielded several questions about education during his hour-long statewide call-in show on the Arkansas Radio Network, and said he had met with legislative leaders Tuesday to begin developing a plan address school reforms in a special session.

    The governor also told callers that he was beginning the show's last year on the air. He is prevented by term limits from seeking re-election and will leave office when his term ends in early 2007.

    "We're in the home stretch," he said.

    During the show, a caller from Cabot asked the governor what he thought of Florida's so-called "Castle Doctrine." Passed last year, the law states that any person has the right to "stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm."

    The name of the law is drawn from the adage that a man's home is his castle.

    "Personally, I think it's the way it ought to be," Huckabee said. "We ought to have the right to protect ourselves. If that were introduced in Arkansas, I would certainly be supportive."

    The NRA lobbied heavily for the Florida legislation and after its approval, Wayne LaPierre, the organization's executive vice president, said he hoped to see it passed in other states over the next few years.

    "We'll be pushing it in Arkansas and a number of other states," NRA Public Affairs Director Andrew Arulanandam said Wednesday.

    On public education, a favorite topic among callers to his show Wednesday, Huckabee said he still has no idea when a special session would be held and won't know until lawmakers address key issues. He said any special session must include measures to improve school accountability, transparency and efficiency.

    "There has to be definite goals for a session," the governor said.

    Last month, the state Supreme Court ruled that the Legislature failed to make education spending its top priority in the 2005 legislative session and said lawmakers "grossly underfunded" school building repairs and construction.

    The high court set a Dec. 1 deadline for lawmakers to address what Justice Robert Brown called "a constitutional infirmity which must be corrected immediately."

    The governor said it is crucial to make sure school funds are being spent efficiently.

    "We can't just keep throwing money at schools without knowing where it's going and how it's being spent," he said.

    He reiterated is desire for the Legislature to develop a pay plan or pay scale for school administrators, based on workload and size of the district. Some superintendents are paid too much for the work they do while others aren't paid enough, he said.

    Huckabee also said he is in the process of selecting a committee of award-winning teachers to meet with him privately to recommend education reforms.

    "It seems like we listen to a lot of different people talk about education, but we don't let teachers have a voice," he said. "We need to hear form the folks out there on the front lines."
  2. Trip20

    Trip20 Well-Known Member

    Wish WI had a fella like Huckabee in office.

    Go Arkansas. :)
  3. Old NFO

    Old NFO Well-Known Member

    Mike Huckabee is also a Baptist Preacher...:D
  4. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    What the heckydurn? What are they talking about??? Since when has AR been a duty to retreat in your domicile state???

    Is this just the media confusing the Castle Doctrine with Florida's modifications?:confused:
  5. Beren

    Beren Moderator Emeritus

    Get Huckabee to run for a U.S. Senate seat! If he can make a Presidential run someday, he could make up for that Clinton person Arkansas foisted on us.
  6. Old NFO

    Old NFO Well-Known Member

    Nah, HuckyBucky can't keep his mouth closed... He says some "really" stupid things at the most inopportune times...
  7. sm

    sm member

    Yeah we are supposed to run, and retreat behind a stoopid white trash trailer posing as a presidental library...or swim the river to hide on a submarine named after a whale...or somesuch.

    "Stop! Or I will throw Hillary's book at you..."

    Not a big fan of Huck, better than what could have been here. Central part of State just a bunch of thugs at least sometimes they actually attend Legislature...sometimes even sober...while in session and one knows where they are.

    Truth is The First Lady - Janet - is a better fisherperson, outdoor person, Conceal Carries and can outshoot Huck.
    She keeps the Arkansas State Police "escorts" safe. :p Did I mention she can really shoot?

    As a kid I used to look for coins and coke bottles to turn in after Tent Revivals and Political "Stumping" done in tents.

    LOTs of whiskey bottles - rarely any coins, Preachers and Politicians done gots all the money.

    Arkansas - Land of Opportunity ...

    Crooks know this...they meet up in the Capitol bldg...sometimes.

    Huck is grooming for something, AR is just a mirror...smoke and mirrors.

    Castle Doctrine we need, truth is the ASP is dropping the ball and continues to with CCW in AR. You want to get yelled at and hear excuses, call ASP and ask about non-resident Florida Conceal Carry...just hold the phone away from your ear.

    I done been yelled at in person and on the phone...

    "ASP, what if I just got the Florida one and not a Resident AR CCW". I dare you...
    They really like this question...:evil:

    Vern Humphrey - we really really need you elected.

    Run for Guv. Too bad Rockefeller is not able to due to illness...

    Humphrey for Guv...
  8. carebear

    carebear Well-Known Member

    El T,

    I don't think AR is. Remember, the FL "stand your ground" law moved that "no retreat clause" out into public places, outside of your home. The home was already sacrosanct there as well.

    But I guess, once again, I'm wrong. :)
  9. yucaipa

    yucaipa Well-Known Member

    I lived here for over a year with Florida CCW, Thinking I was OK, I read the law before moving here, Now that I'm a resident I have been told my Florida permit is no good.

    Asked every one I could find "were does it say that" No one can find it in the law but, that's the law:confused: OK

    So, wanting to be a good guy fill out paperwork to "transfer" my license ($79.00) call to confirm I have to "physically surrender" my Florida license to "transfer", WHY? I can't send a copy ?....Was told No thats how we do it here:confused: OK

    So, (on same day) sent off for AR license $79.00 sent to Florida for replacement license $15.00, It's been 24 days.

    I wonder which one I will get 1st.

    No one at ASP yelled at me, they were polite but firm, it's their way or no way
  10. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member

    I've got an Arkansas State Police story myself.............

    When I got my CCW instructor's certification, I had to drive all they way to Little Rock from Fort Smith just take their little exam.

    The exam has to be taken there.

    And, I also had to bring a copy of my NRA Instructor's credentials with me.

    So I did. I brought the nifty little pocket card the NRA sends out that shows all an instructor's ratings.

    I took their test. I gave them everything they needed copies of, including my credentials, and my fingerprint card, etc. etc.

    After I had submitted every thing and was about to go, I was told by the secretary that Sgt. So-and-so wanted to speak with me in his office.

    I went in, figuring I was going to get some sort of bit of advice about making sure I taught gun safety, or something like that.

    Nope, not that at all.

    Sgt. So-and-so sternly looked at me and snarled "I thought we TOLD you to bring your NRA instructor stuff with you!!"

    I said yes sir, you did, and I did.

    "No you didn't" Sgt. So-and-so snarled again.

    I said yes sir, I did, and it's right here, pointing at my card on his desk.

    "This isn't it," Sgt. So-and-so said.

    Basically, Sgt. so-and-so was angy that I didn't bring the big, framed 8X11 certificate.

    He actually told me the NRA-issued card was "no good" because "anybody with a computer printer could make one of these."

    I really, really, really wanted to say that anyone with a computer printer could also make one of the big NRA-issued, framable certificates, too, but I didn't.

  11. sm

    sm member

    AR CCW was "supposed" to be modeled from FL.

    Winthrop Paul Rockefeller was going to run for Gov., then became ill. I wish him all the best and his family as well.

    Rockefeller is a great guy. He spent HIS own monies to make sure AR State Police got the equipment they needed and not only that, he made sure the BETTER equipment was obtained and extended this to other LEO agencies.

    AR Legislature did not vote enough monies, might cut into one of the graft funds for highway improvements, paying lawyers still making monies off Public School and that whole mess.

    Rockefeller has done a LOT for this state, and did so before he became Lt.Gov.

    Clinton Screwed the pooch going all the way back when he was AG and the Hillary was at Rose Law Firm. Lt. Gov Tucker, "assisted".

    Frank White beat Clinton in one Gov Race, White wanted back then a Florida type CCW. Only served one term and beaten by Clinton. CCW FL style was trash-canned.

    Huckabee, is better than any Dem that would or could have been Elected. He started with good intentions, had to overcome and still does the Clinton-ites.

    Huckabee is out for Huckabee. He is grooming himself for - something. He had not so much done "for" the State - just, goofed up big time in his own way. State Computers for instance...

    Col Goodwin of State Police (now passed on) was a great guy, he too wanted and agreed with FL CCW...Clinton said no.

    I was in the ASP old office on Natural Resources Drive when -one could feel the lines of division. Folks for FL and those whom did not want CCW without a bunch of hoops, or if at all.

    The new ASP place, formerly Southwest City Mall,...I was in the wrong place and the wrong time. Two CCW intructors called in regard as to how AR CCW is written, it is LEGAL for a AR Resident to use a FL and NOT have to have a AR. I was "near" when the call was rec'd.

    One "person" said it was legal, I mean he was reading from the AG and the Stats. Only took about 15 min, before this information was wrong and all hell broke out.

    I do not know his rank, but one of the 3 main persons in regard to CCW at ASP actually viewed a FL Non-Res License...he had not seen one before . He was for Castle, and AR CCW being more like FL. More Recipricosity. Not me, but another person showed theirs.
    I was there.

    Basically AR blew it. Pride ego and Clinto-ites still have influence. AR CCW is expensive, Recipricosity is not with many places. AR is good in FL, it is NOT b/t AR and FL. Does one a lot of good that travels on business or vacation to FL.

    This is what pissed off ASP. Why pay $200+ for AR CCW and not be legal b/t AR and FL - when one can get a Non-Res FL and be legal - and Recip with more states as well. This is what this really boils down to.

    I used to attend some pretty heated CCW matters. Such as North Little Rock, and posting NO CCW in parks, and the big hassle with NO Firearms in Alltel Arena...including off duty LEO.

    I recognized some folks - I paid attention as to whom was against and whom was for. I may have distanced myself from some areas of my life from earlier times...I still know folks.

    I was advised to be lower profile and be less spoken in some matters. So some of us did. We had a opportunity when some private concerns closed, to ease out of the spotlight.

    Now my AR CCW is due this year for renewal. Honest, two folks have not re-newed theirs and will not. Truth is, they felt it would be flagged. They are using non-Res FL. I have someone looking for someone to re-new mine. Best - if I renew - to do so from another area.

    Guilty by association I am. I fought for CCW, Castle , and all sorts of stuff here. May have to do with breakfast at Bards, Clinton, Tucker, Hale, others seated over "there" and me with "my" kind of opposing views seated in "our" political "spot". I know some folks that left that used to work for some of these movers and shakers, I mean out of town, state, and changed names.

    AR looks "good" on paper. Some areas are. Do not be fooled.

    If a politican opens his mouth and and utterance is heard - 'tis a lie.

    I heard too many at ASP, Bards, AR Legislature...we won't even get into Media, or Jocelyn Elders.

    hillbilly- I may need a wee bit of help with a renewal. :)
  12. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member

    Okay, sm, I can help you out with a renewal, if you can get up to just north of Fort Smith.

    PM me.

    One question though.......based on my reading of the Arkansas CCW law, it is "legal" for an Arkansas resident to carry in Arkansas on a Florida non-resident permit.

    I say this because the Arkansas law says that Arkansas will honor "any" permit from a state that recognizes Arkansas' permits.

    That being written in the law, a Fla "non-resident" definitely qualifies as an "any permit."

    But my question is this.....Is it legal for an Ark resident to carry inside the state only on a Fla non-resident permit?

    The answer I have in mind is this....it is legal, but the ASP will give you all kinds of hell about it because they want their money for the Arkansas permit.

  13. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member

    And sm is right on................there is still a lot of Klinton scum floating around in this state.

    They are losing power all the time, but still a lot of Klinton scum floating around.

  14. yucaipa

    yucaipa Well-Known Member

    I have had people say it is not but, no one can show me were it says that?

    I had people say it was the "intent" of the legislature that Ar Residents need Ar permit..Ok but were does it say that?

    Hillbilly, Florida doesn't have "non resident" permits, everyone gets the same license, you have to look at the address on the license to know if they live in Florida or not.;)
  15. sm

    sm member

    This is the problem.

    Now I do not have my copies of Act 419 [AR Statues] or Non-Res FL - or the other paperwork- handy. Which incidentally I need copies of btw...

    It was "said" and "interpreted by AG YES if one has a Non-Res FL one was legal to CCW with that one only and NOT required to have AR Res.

    A person as mentioned before said 'yes'. Then other higher ups, "perhaps or not" Clinton-ites said NO.

    It became really heated when - AR Stats state one must advise LEO and produce CCW permit.
    It does NOT require one with a Non-Res FL (and some other states CCWs) to produce one. Hornets Nest!!

    Lines of division, some do not want folks to carry at all - mostly Clinton-ites.

    I mean in the old days before AR said you had to have a pc of permission paper, I had Judges ( plural) advise me carry a weapon, they did, strongly advised I do so, call them if ever a problem.

    This sentiment was echoed by a LOT of LEO of various agencies. I mean I personally have gone out and given lessons, assisted with LEO going out to someone's place and them "getting a gun" and "be sure you carry it everywhere".

    These were not relatives of LEO either. I mean community folks the LEO felt should carry, like nurses doing night shifts, widows, elderly driving to big city for doctor appointments...no gun permits even here...still "carry a damn gun and keep one handy while at home and on property".

    Col. Goodwin was good people. I did not know his replacement or know the current one. I went ...I basically disappeared. I mean all hell broke loose one day at APS about CCW and I actually had parked the vehicle I drove in the back - finished my business, walked out the door, got my CCW ( since I can't carry in ASP ) and went to a resturarnt and called someone to get me. I was in their wife's vehicle...we went back after midnight to get it.

    New breed does not seen to like us Rebel minded folks for some reason. Might have something to do with me and not sitting with "them" and Clinton, Pryor, Hale, Tucker...
    "Hey son are you not...?"
    "NO sir, could not have been me, there is a fellow with simliar name, I got his dry cleaning by mistake once".
    Dry cleaning part is correct - that other part...well....

    Last I read, and heard. The State stats 'say' one is good to go with non-res Fl only and does not have to announce to LEO at a stop.

    All they[ASP] have to do is accept there is money to be made if going / model more like Florida. More Recipricosity, advertise the darn thing, make it easier to become an instructor, to obtain, to renew.

    Well since I do not believe the ASP helicopter has money for gas...

    I was the one that suggested and voiced strongly for Castle, more Recip and hell froze when I suggested Active/ Retired/ Veterans Military and familes ( especially deployed should get one ASAP) at a reduced discount. Retired LEOs and families as well as I was pretty sure some criminal held a grudge, this included Correction Facilites folks and similar. I also suggested folks at LRAB, and similar / families , and why don't we announce these ideas to other states and invite our neighboring states to get a AR CCW. Why not special senior citizens and disabled persons...discount. We need CCW in hosptials churches...

    Rut Roh. Hell froze right then and there.

    Then being on a roll I suggested Domestic Abuse folks and such get a speeded up deal and since many Departments have training areas why not allow the courtesy to allow say for instance a Illinois retired LEO get a ...

    "You mean you want AR to have Non-Res CCW!"
    "Yes sir!"

    Ice blue glacier right there in ASP and I was underneath it.

    Jeff White. I hope you don't mind me using you sir?

    What is wrong if Mr. White for example wanted a Non-Res AR CCW to use in AR or travel thru to TX, or wherever? Nothing in my opinion.

    I have assisted many LEO in many "things" in the old days and they me. I really really fought hard to - against this -"Us vs Them".

    I get yelled at , ice blue glacier, and 'best to distance yourself son'. And I am the guy...put it this way, darn good thing I had a BUG and had big enough gonads to do what I did or one ASP person may not have made it out of situation one night.

    What is wrong with honoring a Purple Heart recipient a discount rate and such on CCW permit...? I was giving great arguments, quoting stats, hand over heart , Patriotic the whole bit...

    Police States hate folks like me. I hate them back with a vengence.

    Sorry, but this AR politics , Castle, CCW and Political machine is that serious.

    I may send a PM, IIRC you have my email. Either way - thank you sir.

    I'm not thru ranting.:p

    Here is the deal, I personally watched this, I cannot say how, but I did.

    Surveillance cameras are being touted as making citizens safe, just like in the UK and elsewhere. So instead of using monies for LEO, vehicles, equipment, training...buy cameras.
    I watched this real time and recorded mind you. Camera in a bird house in a elderly ladies yard - across the street from a park. Camera in a Billboard overseeing a parking lot...etc.

    Something looks interesting, and "that person got out at the fillin' station lot near the air hose and got something out of the trunk" 4 units decend. No this person was not whom they 'thought'. Easier and less monies to have cameras , and sit back , and send units if "appropriate".

    "Is this not cool, we can keep tabs on folks and with a database of cars, cell-phones, we can just show up. Be great when we get RFID , and On-Star type stuff mandatory on all vehicles...".

    I had to leave,go outside and fumed! I commented:
    All animals are created equal - some more equal than others.

    Only 3 of us were pissed. Only 3 of us even understood what the heck I was referencing. WE were "wrong" all this stuff is for our safety, and when folks are no longer allowed to have guns in AR...eventually even toy guns...AR will be safer.

    :fire: :fire:

    This is truly what the Clinton-ites and others really really want in AR.

    Explains why I am not well liked, stay low profile [okay so I hide in plain site, been working so far] and had to stop running in certain circles. That is why I fought for other states CCW rights. In my own...had to pull back the reins.
  16. MuzzleBlast

    MuzzleBlast Well-Known Member

    These are from, with emphasis added.

    Translation: Someone breaks into your house while you are there, shoot them. You have no duty to retreat.
    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, though I used to be a cop. My legal advice is worth exactly what you paid me for it.

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