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Armed while in the shower?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by 6Gunslinger, May 4, 2007.

  1. 6Gunslinger

    6Gunslinger Well-Known Member

    Obviously you're not going to keep your revolver in the shower :what: , but what about having it at arms reach while in the bathroom? :confused: I live alone and feel a little apprehensive sometimes when I don't have a gun close by. I'm just wondering if its smart to have it in the b/r while the shower is going (humidity, condensation, etc....) I live in the desert so its pretty dry out here I just don't want to have to swab out my revolver after everytime I have it in the b/r with me.... but I guess if thats what I have to do I'll have to deal with it. Just wondering what you guys think. Thanks
  2. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    A Blue revolver might not like the shower but I doubt a Stainless revolver would mind much...
  3. rkh

    rkh member

    I think you've been watching too many B-grade horror flicks. :rolleyes:

    Regularly clean and oil your guns and no amount of humidity will cause them to corrode.
  4. sm

    sm member

    For umpteen years traveling sales persons, totally aware of security, have taken prudent steps to be secure.
    This includes having a gun in the bathroom.
    Most guns back in the day were in fact blue, be they Revolvers, or Semis.

    For umpteen years folks have used pass keys, posed as "room service" , pretended to be drunk, at the wrong room, used all sorts of ploys to get to a Rep.

    It is a firearm. Inspect and maintain as need.

    Paranoid? Nope.
    Taking prudent steps? Yep.

    Sales Rep with a live line of $300,000 of Jlry, and "room service" was not.
    Lady Drug Rep, caught the attention of a young stud down at the bar when she checked in. His girlfriend worked at the motel.
    Even a regular married guy, overweight, attending a required meeting will get suckered when "is that your car I accidentally backed into?"

    *shrug* Inspect, Maintain firearms and self.

  5. Stainz

    Stainz Well-Known Member

    I think seeing me naked in the shower would be enough protection... perhaps even 'cruel and unusual' punishment to some.

    Yeah, I had a neighbor who had a holstered small semi taped behind the WCs in his bathrooms - that, to me, was too much.

  6. The Amigo

    The Amigo Well-Known Member

    Stainless steel

    Stainless Steel does rust too, its called crevice corrosion. Moisture is bad for any metal.
  7. chipp

    chipp Well-Known Member

    Put a folded up towel over it. I only worry about the ammo.
  8. Joe Demko

    Joe Demko Well-Known Member

    Until I had a child to consider, I kept a bathroom gun. Kept it in a little box in the medicine cabinet with a couple silica gel packets. Never had a problem with rust.
  9. sean m

    sean m Well-Known Member

    John Taffin used to keep a stainless charter 44 in his bathroom IRRC.
  10. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    Where exactly do you live...the Middle East? :what: What you need is a "converted" back-scrubber chambered in 9mm or the ol' .38 special fake cake of soap which is sold throughout Europe...France being the only exception. Bullet proof sliding glass shower stalls have been in vogue for years. You know, there are people that weld spoons on their revolvers so that they can eat with them at the table...and hey, I wear those glasses that have mirrors inside wherein you can see behind you...they come in handy when I am haning up picture frames on the walls.:neener: Ok...ok...if I was in a Hotel...and if I was a Salesman that had six digit materai value with me..., well, I'd probably use the appropriate security measures. Still...I think this is a very funny thread...
  11. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a parked Mossberg 500 sitting outside the shower door. I feel safe.
  12. sm

    sm member

    I personally do not find the thread funny.
    Perhaps it is me, and how I was raised, and the work I am familiar with.

    I do not do fantasy threads, I do not concern myself with zombies.

    1. Attractive lady, dressed in a business suit, was having her car washed.
    Employee took note of her being a business type and just made duplicates of her keys, since they were in the ignition, using the key making machine in the office/waiting area.

    She comes home from work, undresses and about to take a shower when she was confronted.
    Her address, like most folks, is in the glove box on License and Registration, and Proof of Insurance.

    2. Apartment, Condo complexes often give out Master Keys to Maintenance persons. Just a whole lot easier than having to meet the Exterminator, or Plumber,or HVAC, or - whomever.

    These folks are "supposed" to leave a note they have been in your Apt/ Condo, perhaps they do, perhaps not.

    a. Attractive young lady, works 11p-7a or 7p -7a sleeps during the day.
    Door unlocked by someone that took note of how attractive she was.
    She screamed, in the shower, and I was her neighbor that heard the screams.
    Duplicate key had been ,made and given to another.
    Explained some "mysterious" disappearances in some apts/condo as well.

    b. Restraining order filed against an abusive boyfriend. Locks had been changed.
    He had messed with one window, unknowing to the lady.
    Just wait until her normal time to take a shower, not difficult seeing the light come on, slipped into window on a side of house , hidden by shrubs.

    c. Vacation, wife, kids, and the brain is on having fun times.
    Not uncommon for dad to take kids down the way, and let mom have a some time to tidy up room, get the kids stuff all sorted out again, even get a shower without kids driving her nuts, being excited.
    Room next door is vacant, easy to tell lady has the shower running, call that boyfriend and see what credit cards and all that room has.

    d. Grandma lives alone. Carpet cleaners noticed Gun cabinet, with guns of late husband, Silver chest, China, Jewelry box ...
    The cane and a walker when "days are not so good".
    Handicapped set up in bathroom noticed too...
    Styrofoam used to elevate furniture, fits into a back door inset, to prevent locking up - "I never use the back door, the steps are too difficult for me".
    Easy to come in a Grandma, wait in garage, wait until she take a bath, it takes a bit, with "risks for falls" and one can simply load stuff up in the garage, in a van with "plumbing" on the side.

    No Zombies were present in these real life events.
  13. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    Jackal: But of course...I understand. You, after all, live in King County...home of those ol' saber toothed DemoRats and the homeless ilk they spawn surrounding Seattle and suburbia; I, on the other hand, live in God's country: Thurston County! :neener: No...really...do you really prop a shotty outside your shower glass door? You, like me, are probably a UW Dawg fan, but hey, if I lived with that fear mentality, I'd consider moving to Eastern Washington and live with the Cougs...they are predictable. :p
  14. Carl N. Brown

    Carl N. Brown Well-Known Member

    For a shower room gun, I always though one of those stainless steel
    Snake Charmer .410 shotguns (comes with a plastic stock and
    designed to be carried/kept around water/boats as snake protection)
    would be perfect. I always thought plastic cased shotgun ammo
    was pretty much waterproof anyway.

    One could joke about getting paranoid after watching a re-run of
    Psycho on Halloween, but a bathroom is pretty much a cul-de-sac
    and a very vulnerable position in case of a home invasion.
  15. Headless

    Headless Well-Known Member

    Re: cul-de-sac - I like my bathroom because it's got two doors on completely opposite sides of the room - can always back up away from an attacker, unless there are two and one has already broken into my bedroom and another is coming in from the main house area.

    I've considered keeping a gun in the bathroom...but instead i just put my carry gun (which is always on me when i am at home) within close reach, outside of the shower, under a towel to keep any beading up of water on it while i'm showering...it gets re-holstered as soon as i'm dressed anyway, so it's always near.

    I've taken plenty of my guns out to the range and fired them in pouring rain - i've seen remington 597 .22lr rifle, S&W 659 all stainless 9mm, browning buckmark std .22lr, s&w 642, beretta 96, and some other guns all handling pouring rain just fine and one of them rusted after their exposure. I let my s&w 659 sit in the pouring rain for ~10 minutes, with a full mag also sitting next to it..then grabbed both, shook them to get the pooled water off, loaded the mag and proceeded to blast off all 14 rounds. None of my guns, or the others i've seen get soaked in fact, had ANY problems functioning perfectly, and none developed any rust afterwards.

    Just keep them oiled up and don't let them sit in puddles of water ;).
  16. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    sm: Ah, from your posted scenarios, I see that only women...(ugly ones need not apply) and grandmas need to live in continual fear. Hmm, I think this falls into an "early-years" Mother complex" or female relationship problem that might want some attention here. :uhoh: Should't all Bathrooms be SAFE rooms? Looks like "Home Improvement" time guys!
  17. TT

    TT member

    Put the gun in a Tupperware container on the floor of the shower. If an uninvited guest shows up, bend down, pop the top and grab the gun.
  18. hnk45acp

    hnk45acp Well-Known Member

    gun on a rope?
  19. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    Since I think it's reasonable insurance to keep guns in all rooms of the house and since I don't believe there's a rule in the Bad Guy's manual that says a homeowner must not be attacked in the bathroom, I think it's wise to keep a gun in the bathroom also, but I don't bother having it in the shower.

    I have a choice of several stainless steel handguns, so I use one of those.
  20. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    I'd think that keeping it in a ziplock bag might be useful. Still easy to get to (hell, you can tear the bag off in a fraction of a second if needed), and would protect from moisture.
    Personally, i do not keep a gun in the bathroom while showering. Although, i do carry when I am home, and if I go in there for...you know...other reasons, I have it on me. I don't see a PERSONAL need for keeping one while in the shower. But, I would never be critical of someone who personally DID feel the need or desire to do so.

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