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Armscorps/RI 1911's?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JamisJockey, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    Time to start saving for my next purchase, and I think I'd like a fullsize 1911.
    Any experiences with Armscorps 1911 knockoff?
  2. George S.

    George S. Well-Known Member

    Do you mean the Armscor Precision 1911 that's made in the Phillipines?? Armscorp is a different company and I don't think they have 1911's.
  3. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    My bad, yes, Armscor.
  4. joegerardi

    joegerardi Well-Known Member

    I have the Rock Island 1911-pattern pistol and it's never had the slightest problem through oodles of rounds.

  5. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

  6. m39fan

    m39fan Well-Known Member

    I've got an Armscor and couldn't be happier. Mine was 100% reliable out of the box with GI mags, Winchester 230gr. HP and hardball. Don't laugh, I've had Colts that wouldn't do that much! I haven't tried anything exotic, ammo-wise in it yet.

    From what I understand, the Armscor units have extra hand-finishing and features over the RIA models. This was from several shooters from the Phillipines.

  7. mpthole

    mpthole Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking about picking up an Armscor after owning my RIA. In the 5k plus rounds through the RIA, the extractor went south, the ejector sheared off and the recoil spring plug cracked. Even with those problems, I'm still happy that I bought the RIA. It still shoots POA = POI and can put all 7 rounds into 1 big ragged hole. I mostly use mine for IDPA so I haven't shot it much past 20 yards and the majority of the time its between 5 and 10 yards.

    The aftermarket parts I've installed have required a little fitting, but well within an amateur's ability. This was my first real project gun and I've learned that pretty much everything is very do-able.

    For the money, I think both an Armsor and a RIA are a pretty good deal.


    Oh yeah... Merry Christmas!!! :D
  8. VWTim

    VWTim Well-Known Member

    I love my RIA Gov't 1911. It was cheap ($309 otd) and with a few minor mods has turned into a great shooter.
  9. OEF_VET

    OEF_VET Well-Known Member

    My first 1911 was a Rock Island, and it's been a great shooter. The only things I've had to do were replace the extractor, which gave out after about 1k rounds, and the firing pin spring, which was just a tad too tight. For the price, they can't be beat.

    Heck, the only 1911's priced in the same neighborhood would be the LLama's and they're pretty much junk if you ask me. Of course, for a just a little more you can get a SA GI model.
  10. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Yes, but with the Armscor you are getting Springfield "Loaded" features which costs close to twice what the Armscor does. The RIA compares to the GI and around here
    the RIA runs ~$290, Armscor45 ~$330, GI ~$390 & Loaded $600+

    The trigger and accuracy of my Armscor45 is darn close to as good as my much more expensive Kimbers. All of the above (Kimber included) are full of MIM/cast parts that likely not as robust as JMB's original design called for but, but as has been pointed out are generally easy to replace.

  11. horge

    horge Well-Known Member

    Hi, if you plan to get a non-GI Armscor, get one now.

    The powers that be seem to have have developed
    a fascination with external extractors.

    :barf: :barf: :barf:

    I wish I had a way to reliably quantify steel hardness.
    This past two onths, I've been (on-and-off) fitting a dinged-up old Armscor frame to a brand-new Armscor slide, and the hardness difference between the two was surprising.

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