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Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire - Documentary

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by DeadPatriot, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    Some more further information to add.

    It looks like for any manufacturer data older than the 2011 offering on the ATF site, it gives a comprehensive breakdown of how many firearm types each company manufactured.

    I opened this one up: http://www.atf.gov/statistics/download/afmer/2010-final-firearms-manufacturing-export-report.pdf

    While this isn't exhaustive, I've included some "assault weapon" manufacturer names I recognized off the top of my head that exclusively make assault weapons. There are some manufacturers with military contracts and also make more than assault weapons, like FN and Remington. I did not include them for simplicity. The actual number of evil black rifles manufactured is much higher than my rough list I cobbled below because I am mainly familiar with AR15 manufacturers, and not the AK-style manufacturers or otherwise.

    Smith & Wesson 100051
    DPMS 46891
    Bushmaster manufactured 40679
    Rock River ARms 23200
    Stag Arms 19545
    Colt manufactured 11175
    Armalite 9562
    DS Arms 8001
    CMMG 7663
    Del-Ton 5676
    Bravo Company Manufacturing 5380
    Lewis Machine & Tool 3553
    Olympic Arms 2892
    Daniel Defense 2413
    Barrett 1472
    Knights Armament Company 1399
    Palmetto State Armory 1363
    Mega Arms 1167
    Sabre Defence 1194
    Patriot Ordnance Factory 947
    Noveske 748

    294,920 evil black rifles manufactured out of a total of 1,830,556 rifles for that year. 16% of all rifles manufactured, based off the incomplete list above were assault rifles. It wouldn't be unreasonable to guess around 20% of the rifle market to civilians are assault rifles, if we could compile a complete list.

    Considering shotguns (743,378) and pistols (67,929) and rifles (1,830,556) total 2,641,863 firearms manufactured with this specific data, assault rifles manufactured, based on just the incomplete list above, 11% of ALL firearms made. One in ten firearms sold across America might very well be an assault rifle. Despite the disproportionate attention in the media, the incredible proliferation of these scary guns in the hands of Americans has placed this specific style of rifle into the category of "rifle" (along with all other rifles that aren't "assault), which according to the FBI, cumulatively is responsible for 2.75% of all homicides, the least used method in carrying out a homicide.

    Also there was some new information from the CDC data I posted on page 1. I was curious why "legal intervention" deaths were only 395. Right below it, it lists "Events of undetermined intent (Y10-Y34,Y87.2,Y89.9)" with 5,005 deaths. Given the CDC just records the annual deaths, it's quite possible these are "deaths in queue" undergoing active investigation or a court case at the time to determine if they were self-defense or not. Clearly some of these cases or investigations can take time. Obviously once these cases are settled, they won't be re-categorized into the proper category in the next year's CDC report.
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  2. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D New Member

    Also, the US is usually held up as having a *much* higher murder rate than other developed countries, now, can somebody please dig those threads out,

    In Brittan and Australia when they banned guns the violent crime rates and murder rates didn't even take a blip (well, 'crimes of passion', but those are well made up for by using a weapon on hand or defenseless victims)

    Secondly, there is no uniform standard in reporting crime nation to nation, then there are places like Brittan, then had a scandal 3? years ago of cops NOT taking reports of crime, as the had little hope of solving them, so they didn't even try.

    Then there is Japan, were murders and such rarely happen, rather the criminal removed the blot of his existence from contaminating his family's honor by pissing off the wrong people. See clear as day - SUICIDE....

    Two reasons why the anit's claim of 'US is a Violent Culture' falls down, we aren't the most peace loving maybe, but we are far from the worse, though we are the most well reported and DOCUMENTED.
  3. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    The actual violent crime rate (sans homicide) is higher in many European countries. Two cops were just killed with firearms and grenades in the UK.
  4. gfanikf

    gfanikf New Member

  5. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    Sorry if I misrepresented my comments as specific to LEOs. Violent crime in general. The two slain officers happens to be very recent news. I recall a study a while back that took a look at British and Australian violent crime, which affected upwards of 20-25% of citizens. Of course, the methodology of recording and categorizing crime is different in all nations so doing direct comparisons is superficial and difficult.
  6. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D New Member

    the US actually has a middle or slightly lower OVERALL violent crime rate - kinda, depends on how the numbers were jiggled to get them to align, we have a higher murder rate, but lower assault etc.
  7. denton

    denton Member

    You have to be careful comparing crime rates from country to country.

    Some of the reputable sources have a disclaimer, since different countries count and classify differently.
  8. X-Rap

    X-Rap Active Member

    I also believe the murder rate in any given area depends to some degree on the medical treatment available. Someone who survives what would/should have been a fatal gunshot, with todays medical advancements becomes an assault victim instead of a murder.
  9. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    I'm going to bump this back up and ask. Does anyone here post on reddit or some other huge non-gun oriented forum as a way to spread news of this project? I suspect if we can get news of this project beyond the purely gun-related forums, we might be able to pick up more traction.

    I'm actually surprised there aren't more folks on board. The funding rate seems to be slowing down with 8 days remaining.
  10. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    There is just over 24 hours remaining on the Kickstarter campaign. To the folks that spend their days here complaining about liberals, anti-gunners, Brady Bunch, Ceasefire, false statistics, dirty politicians, and the agenda of gun control: this is your very last chance to put your money where your mouth is and prove you aren't just hot air. A metric buttload of folks at Calguns have doubled or tripled their initial pledges. New pledge levels have been added.

    You folks will only have yourselves to blame next time you talk about how no one in Hollywood or the media will speak positively about guns or listen to gun owners because Kris is doing exactly what folks have been asking for but it's not getting enough traction. It's up to folks to step up to the plate and pass over that extra box or two of ammo at the store this week and send that money towards this documentary made for our benefit. It's a shame because I've seen Kickstarter campaigns for stupid games or knick knacks exceed their goal by 1000%+ and raise hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars but Kris is fighting tooth and nail just to hit $65k.

  11. jeffsenpai

    jeffsenpai New Member

    Great! I just donated $25, they are only ~$3,000 short of their goal with 22 hours left! Donate to this people!! They are too close for this to fail!
  12. holdencm9

    holdencm9 New Member

    I went to the kickstarter website and was just planning to donate $20, but then saw that for $25 you get a DVD of the documentary signed by the crew! Even though it will probably be available for download cheaper and may even find its way to Netflix or Amazon Prime, it is always nice to have something tangible as well. I recommend everyone do the $25 donation!
  13. fanchisimo

    fanchisimo New Member

    I just looked at the site, the goal has been met!!! I urge people to keep giving as the more he has to work with the better the film. :D
  14. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    Amazon and Kickstarter skim 9% off the top. Plus the actual merchandise cost of all the pledge merchandise so Kris is NOT netting $65k for the budget. I hope it keeps going and surpasses $75k+ tonight! You can also do multiple pledges, so you can do $10 for the HD download and still buy the signed DVD or even the 6 pack to give to friends and family that are fence sitters.

    The comeback is amazing too, thanks to a ton of folks that doubled or tripled their contributions. Here is some data: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/assaulted/assaulted

    Backers: 850
    Average Daily Pledges: $2,131
    Average Pledge Per Backer: $78

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  15. wacki

    wacki New Member

    Contact David Kopel... and read his book Samurai Mountie & the Cowboy.

    Also, NPR had an Intelligence Squared debate "More Guns, Less Crime" that was pretty decent. Listen to the unedited version...
  16. bergmen

    bergmen Member.

    This is a good book as long as one keeps in mind that it was published 20 years ago and has not been updated. Much has happened since in the world of firearms laws since and a current perspective is not portrayed here.

  17. DeadPatriot

    DeadPatriot New Member

    Hiya, Folks –

    I want to thank everyone for the support of our documentary,
    “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.”

    We have reached our goal for initial funding, and are now officially in production.

    Thanks again for all of your ideas, information and viewpoints; its good to know you are here and ready for this film to be made!

    This forum is one of the best by far. You have been so kind, and the input from The High Road is inspiring and thought provoking.

    Thanks again. I do appreciate it very much!

    Dead Patriot Films
  18. DavidMS

    DavidMS New Member

    One thought...

    Firstly, welcome and best of luck with the project. You may want to look up the Black Panther Party and the Mulford Bill but I am sure that you know about it. Also, a forgotten part of this history is the Deacons for Defence and Justice. We cannot tell the story of guns or gun control in America without talking about race and class.
  19. holdencm9

    holdencm9 New Member

    They need more money

    I have been getting the update emails from these guys. I wanted to bump this thread so if anyone out there can afford to donate for the first time, or again, they can. I donated $25 the first time, going to donate another $25. I don't need two DVDs but I figure I can use one to circulate to all my friends, pro- and anti-2a alike.
  20. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    This is a second chance for those particularly outspoken gun owners to put their money where their mouth is. We barely met the first fundraiser goal. I hope the recent political stirrings will convince gun owners to donate and fund this scientific documentary. Kris burnt a lot of bridges by securing airtime on PBS and chasing down theater distribution. This will be one of, if not the only widespread documentaries that places the second amendment in a positive light using government data and historical events. That an Emmy Award winning science documentary maker is doing it will eliminate arguments that this is some sort of NRA propaganda.

    There's no excuse not to donate a few bucks. You all have a few extra bucks on the side now that you can't fins ammo to buy. I purchased the 6-pack of DVDs and several other sponsorship levels on the first run so I can distribute materials to anti and fencesitters.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2013

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