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ATI 92 C Centurion from CDNN

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by smokey30725, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. smokey30725

    smokey30725 Well-Known Member

    Since everyone seems to be looking through the CDNN catalog right now, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the ATI Beretta knockoff that they are selling for $299.99. Just curious.
  2. Husker_Fan

    Husker_Fan Well-Known Member

    I don't have one, but everything I've read is very positive.
  3. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    Seen quite a few reports on them from people who bought them since they came out, universally positive reviews. The only 'negative' comments on them are things that are endemic to the Beretta 92 platform, like the slide mounted safety and larger grips then most 15 round 9mm, but it is basically a very faithful and very well made 92C clone. Parts interchange even.
  4. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I impulse bought one from the local gun store, March 2011, ($400).

    A lady friend shot it one Saturday afternoon and bought one Saturday evening.
    A couple months later she bought a second one.

    Her brother shot it, then bought his own.

    I bought a second one April 2011.

    A friend bought two (consecutive serial numbers).

    I bought a third one June 2011.

    Recently a new lady shooter shot one of mine, then immediately went to the local gun store and bought one.

    Although it's a fairly big gun the ladies like it because it's so smooth to operate and they tend to be quite accurate with it.

    The gun store manager says the ATI 92C is his best seller.

    It's totally reliable, accurate and a fun gun to shoot.


    Last edited: Feb 20, 2012
  5. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    Handled side by side with a "real" beretta, the only way you'd know the difference is the roll marks on the slide. Oh and the cheap plastic parts on the beretta that are real metal on the ATI ;)

    I own one, got it from CDNN. Unbelievably good for $299. Flawless reliability, looks very well made inside and out, even came packaged very nicely with a free bottle of gun oil. For $299, the best *new* gun you can buy, it's not even close. 100% parts interchangeable with a Beretta centurion, so you'll always be able to get any parts you need.

    Mine came with 3 free knock off mags that are utter garbage. I mean, when you load these cheap knockoffs (no, they are NOT mec-gar -- those are quality -- these are american eagle or some garbage) the rounds rattle around inside. Would never trust them. But, I'll be damned, even with these cheap god awful knockoff mags, my darned ATI 92C still functions 100%.

    If you want one, buy it with ZERO hesitation. Beretta would be in serious trouble if this company could have kept producing these and selling them on the US market.
  6. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    ATI also makes a nice Beretta 84 copy. I have a nice Beretta 84 but I'm still thinking about getting the ATI also.
  7. Snowdog

    Snowdog Well-Known Member

    I've considered one of these as well. I have purchased many pistols from CDNN over the years and most of them have proven to be excellent values. The last two were for $289 each, a new CD HP and a new Steyr M40. Both purchases I've been very pleased with.

    It's refreshing to know CDNN is still offering lesser-known (but not lesser-quality) handguns for ridiculously low prices.
  8. Husker_Fan

    Husker_Fan Well-Known Member

    I'm actually not one for the DA/SA platform, but I might even give one of these a try. How do they compare in conceal ability to a hi-power?
  9. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    They had to stop? That's a shame, our import laws are horrendous, they keep so many superb firearms and ammunition out for no legitimate reason. Or was it a lawsuit-based event?

    I think the Beretta format is wider, especially in the girp, a little bulkier, about the same weight, maybe a hair less.
  10. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't know what the issue is, but it's not import problems. They're made in turkey, and there is no import ban on turkish guns. We can import all the turkish guns we'd like.

    I think the story behind these is that beretta sent over tooling (which would explain why these darn things are so good), and had the turkish manufacturer produce them under license for the turkish army. Something happened, and they ended up with a bunch of extra guns, so they sold the entire batch to CDNN. But they don't have the license from beretta to make any more, so they're not.

    That's what I've picked up when I did some research on it anyway. It really is a shame. Because $299 for what is, essentially, a beretta 92 with a different roll mark, is a ridiculous deal.

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