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Attn: Browning Cynergy Recall

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Wildalaska, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    Mods perhaps you may wish to float this.....

    We just got notice that all Browning Cynergy shotguns are now under ansafety recall and SHOULD NOT BE FIRED.....

    This is subject to the final provision of the list of serial numbers that are actually going to be factory recalled.


    Check with your dealer for details.

  2. TrapperReady

    TrapperReady Well-Known Member

    So it's ugly and unsafe. No wonder the American Rifleman review was so glowing. :rolleyes:
  3. kudu

    kudu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up WA. A friend of mine is thinking really hard on getting one. I sent the link to him.

    kuduincentralindianaoutinthecornfields :D
  4. PJR

    PJR Well-Known Member

    There's nothing on the Browning website about this. No surprise that they wouldn't trumpt a recall though.

    This news while unfortunate for Cynergy owners makes me feel much better about the advice I gave a young fellow who was looking at one. I told him that I was suspect about any new gun from a major manufacturer particularly one with a radical locking and hinge system. He bought a 525 and is shooting it very well.

  5. Calvin

    Calvin Active Member

    Hi Wildalaska thanks for the heads up. I have shot a friends Cynergy and I think it is a quality shotgun. The recoil pad actually does work. Any idea as to what the problem may be? Thanks again.
  6. Shadowman

    Shadowman Well-Known Member

    thanks wildalaska :cool:
  7. Nathaniel Firethorn

    Nathaniel Firethorn Well-Known Member

    - pdboyamigladiboughtthecitoriinsteadmoderator
  8. boctordob

    boctordob New Member

    Well, I resorted to using the 'phone and called the UK importer to find out what the problem is. Apparently, there's a spring on the safety that needs to be beefed up (I assume to protect those people who like walking around with a loaded, closed shotgun).

    So much for concerns over a radical hinge system :)

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