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August 2009 Handgun Match

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by MrBorland, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    I've recently been bitten by the 10m Air Pistol bug, so this month's Handgun Match will be based on it.

    A basic ISSF 10 meter air pistol match consists of 60 shots, shot at 10 meters, 1-handed with a single-shot .177 caliber air pistol.

    For this match, then, simply print out a NRA B-40 10m Air Pistol Target (link below), and take 5 careful shots (50 points possible). You can shoot 1- or 2-handed, but you must shoot standing, unsupported. As always, if you touch a line, you get the higher score.

    Any handgun, iron sights or scoped. Separate rimfire and centerfire categories. Rimfire is shot at 10 yards, centerfire is shot at 15 yards. I haven't seen what the targets look like at 15 yards yet, but they're certainly bigger than those silhouettes y'all shot last month, so it ought to be very do-able.

    When posting your target, include info about the gun, caliber, indoor/outdoor, 1- or 2-handed and ammo. Multiple entries permited.

    Remember: rimfire = 10 yards; centerfire = 15 yards.

    Good Shooting!



    EDIT: Some may have trouble opening this link. I converted it to a pdf, but the edit function won't let me attach it here. Instead, I attached it within post #5. Sorry for the confusion.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2009
  2. Oyeboten

    Oyeboten Well-Known Member

    The link is not working...
  3. 3rdChance

    3rdChance Member

    Oyeboten, maybe the link doesn't work for you because of the file extension, not sure what an .svg file is, my browser doesn't have a problem with it but maybe some do.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2009
  4. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    3rdhance -

    Thanks for the link. I think it'd be ok to use, but the grey bull might make it tough to see, especially at 15 yards. Also, it prints just a wee bit bigger than the other target. If it's what you're able to print, though, by all means use it.

    EDIT: See post #5 for target in pdf form
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2009
  5. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    Sorry for the confusion, folks. Some may have trouble opening the original target link, so I converted it to a pdf; unfortunately the "edit" function won't let me attach it, so I'm attaching it here.

    View attachment NRA B-40.pdf
  6. Oyeboten

    Oyeboten Well-Known Member

    Much better...thanks!
  7. 3rdChance

    3rdChance Member

    I removed the link to the one I posted, it's definitely not the same dimensions as yours, MrBorland. Well, hopefully I will make to the range soon!
  8. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    What, no takers yet? Time for a gratuitous bump.

    Since I already had them, I took some regulation 10m Air targets with me to the range last week, but later discovered that this target is actually a wee bit smaller than a regulation target. I'll print some of these out and take another whack soon to get things going. Remember that optics are permitted.

    Good shooting!
  9. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    OK, just to get things started, here's my whack at it. It's about what I can do with my 10m air pistol, so I take that as an indication the distances are about right for the relative target & bullet sizes.

    2 weeks left! Still plenty of time to get to the range!

    4" S&W 617 .22LR revolver, CCI SV, shot double action.

    4" S&W DAO 686 .357mag revolver, 2.9gr Bullseye/148gr HBWC.
    One correction on the score, though: It looks to be a 47-1x, not -3x. The x-ring's shot out, so when evaluating the target, I flaked out and mistook the 10-ring for the x-ring.
  10. Tequila Mockingbird

    Tequila Mockingbird Well-Known Member

    I'll play...


    Freedom Arms Model 97 in .45 Long Colt. 255 grain Oregon Trail SWC, 21.5 grains Lil' Gun. 15 yards, outdoors.

  11. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    ok, you win. Doesn't matter what the score is, lol.

    oh...um...yeah...about the target. I think you're gonna have to score that. I see a round that's an 8 or a 9, and a 10 that might also be an "x". Could be a 42-0x up to a 43-1x. Your call.

    Good shootin'. Thanks.
  12. Tequila Mockingbird

    Tequila Mockingbird Well-Known Member


    I'll call it a 42-0X. I actually shot a tighter group with the first four shots on the previous target, but I pulled the last shot and it went way off to the right...:mad:
  13. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    Last chance, folks. It's a nice weekend to get to the range...
  14. 3rdChance

    3rdChance Member

    I'm off on Monday and plan to hit the range then, so hopefully I can squeak in my last minute entry.:)
  15. 3rdChance

    3rdChance Member

    Well here it is, not a contender but hey, at least I tried! I score it a 35.

    Shot with my Ruger Single Six 22LR, 5 1/2" barrel, 10 yards, indoors, with Winchester Wildcat ammo. My first of three attempts. That's the last of my brick of Wildcats, I've got a brick of Winchester Super-X to try next.

  16. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

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