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August Rimfire Match:

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Maverick223, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Rimfire Match for the month of August! This match is open to any and every 22 caliber (as well as 17 and 20 caliber) rimfire rifle including the perennial favorite .22LR, as well as the .22Short, .22Long, .22 Mag., .17HM2, .17HMR, and 5mm Rem RF Mag (as well as any oddball rimfires that you might have). This match is meant to be challenging and educational, but most of all FUN. Hopefully it will get you out to the range and shooting your rifle. If you have one handy, make sure an bring a friend too.

    There are Two Optics Divisions:
    ->Iron sights and non-magnified optics and red dots. Shot at 25yds.
    ->Scopes and other magnified sighting devices. Shot at 50yds.

    *Note that the distance of irons div. returned to 25yds.

    There are Two Rifle Classes:
    ->Unlimited/Target Rifles (highly modified rifles, rests, target sights, sub-.20cal. chamberings, high magnification optics- over 10x [in the appropriate division] may be used)
    ->Sporting Rifles (Includes All Non-Target Class Autoloaders, Bolt Actions, Single Shots, Pumps, & Lever Rifles chambered for any rimfire cartridge .20cal./5mm and larger)

    Both classes can be shot from any position. Rests/Sandbags/bipods are permitted in the Target Class only. Shooting stick(s) are now permitted for both divisions (either crossed or walking stick style). Use of a sling is encouraged.

    25 Yd. (Irons) Target: See image 1 attached below. Scale to 100% on standard 8.5x11in. paper. The objective is to fire one shot at each of the 6 "bulls". The target is scored as 1pt for breaking the line of each of the outer white rings (1-5), 8pts for the red ring, 9pts for the innermost white ring, and 10pts for a strike on the red bullseye. An X will be awarded for any shot that breaks the line on the small "inner bulls". The top 5 scores count for record, the other one is a "freebie"/sighter, for a maximum available score of 50-5X.

    50 Yd. (Optics) Target: See image 2 attached below. Scale to 100% on standard 8.5x11in. paper. The objective is to fire one shot at each of the 12 "bulls". The target is scored as 1pt for breaking the line of each of the outer white rings (1-5), 8pts for the red ring, 9pts for the innermost white ring, and 10pts for a strike on the red bullseye. An X will be awarded for any shot that breaks the line on the small "inner bulls". The top 10 scores count for record, the other two are "freebies"/sighters, for a maximum available score of 100-10X.

    If you enjoyed this match and want a bit more challenge, or just compare your rimfires to their larger cousins, check out the concurrent Centerfire Match (now quarterly).

    When you are satisfied you've done your best post/attach (or shoot me a PM) a photo or scan of your target with as much of the following information as possible: Forum name (or name you want posted in the results), Rifle, make, model, vintage (if known), Sights/Optics (with magnification if applicable), Ammo, Position, Distance, Conditions (in/outdoors, wind, temperature...). Multiple submissions are allowed (in same or different division/class with same or different rifles).

    Self-scoring is encouraged and appreciated; all submissions due before August 32nd. ;)

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  2. Centurian22

    Centurian22 Well-Known Member

    Looks like another fun one! Just one question on the scoring... You can only earn 1 "X" by breaking the line within the center bull? Or was this supposed to be like the 'eye' target where a perfect score with all shots breaking said lines would be 50-5x or 100-10x respectively? Can't wait to get out and shoot this one, who knows maybe the wife will tag along and enter again as well.

    Thanks as always Mav, and thanks for the clarification.
  3. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Correction made, you can earn 5 and 10 "X" respectively; which should make this just about impossible to ace...now tell the wife to prove me wrong. :p
  4. KSCCHTrainer

    KSCCHTrainer Well-Known Member

    This target is going to be another keeper! Having trouble deciding which rifle I want to shoot this month, the 93R17 or the 10-22.

    The .17 punches smaller holes, but I've been having some flyer issues with it lately and not sure if it's ammo or possible copper fouling in the barrel. If I can find a good carbon fiber cleaning rod locally with a .17 brush, gonna use some "Butch's Bore Shine" on it and see if that doesn't cure it. I have just been using a .17 caliber bore snake & Break Free CLP. If that don't work, gonna blame the ammo (bad batch of Hornady 20 grain V-max?) 'cuz it couldn't possibly be too much coffee --- :evil::banghead::):)

    Right now, the 10-22 is actually throwing tighter groups and that's a very pleasant surprise! I was going to try "pillar bedding" the stock, but so far the fender washer I'm using to keep the action high enough to insure the barrel free floats seems to be working. Don't want to "fix" something that ain't really broke.

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2012
  5. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    That's an easy question...both. I shot both my 93R17-TR and 10/22 last month and had better luck with the 10/22, but they go back and forth. If the range is sub-50yd. the .22LR has a marked advantage, at greater than 50yds the .17HMR wins handily (barring other circumstances in favor of one or the other).

    Neither his 10/22, nor mine, are anywhere near OEM. In my case I have replaced the barrel, stock, and done some trigger work and added a few other accessories. All of the above made a big difference in performance, particularly the stock and trigger modifications. BTW, welcome to THR and the Rimfire Match!

  6. KSCCHTrainer

    KSCCHTrainer Well-Known Member

    Mav's right, the only thing stock in my 10-22 is the receiver itself and the shell of the trigger group. Barrel has been replaced by an Adams & Bennett heavy barrel, free floated in a Choate "Dragunov" style stock. I've shimmed the hammer, trigger, sear and disconnector pivot surfaces to remove almost all side play and I've also carefully stoned the hammer and sear engagement surfaces to reduce the trigger pull to about 3 pounds. The trigger still has a little creep in it, but it's much better than what it was when I first got it.

    I re-worked the original bolt stop to make it an auto-release type (has nothing to do with the accuracy, but sure makes it much more pleasant to operate).

    I've also put 6.5-24 X 44mm Optics on it which might seem like overkill, but it's nice to be able to actually see the target (I'm 70 and my eyes don't do open sights very well anymore.)
  7. snakeman

    snakeman Well-Known Member

    I'll be entering soon
  8. KSCCHTrainer

    KSCCHTrainer Well-Known Member

    Last night, My wonderful wife brought home 5000 rounds of .22LR ammo she got from a person she works with. She got 10 bricks for $25 a brick. Seems like this lady's husband had passed recently and the gal had no use for it. There were originally 15000 rounds in the lot. Her boss got 5000 rounds, another guy got 5000 and she brought home the other 5K.

    Gal had just said she had this bunch of .22 ammo she wanted to get rid of so my wife bought some just to help out. Wonder of wonders when I opened the box this morning and found it was Wolf Match Target and NO I ain't gonna sell any of it! Like that obnoxious Subway avocado sandwich commercial that's been over run lately, "It's super good, and it's super MINE!"

    Oh and Maverick, that Aguila stuff shoots really well in the Taurus revolver, it's just the A & B barrel that doesn't seem to like it.

  9. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Like a good woman should. [ducks] :neener: :p
  10. Slapshot

    Slapshot Member

    Unlimited class. I shot a couple of targets this morning, 85 degrees, 60% humidity, and wind 3-6 mph switching. That showed me that I cannot read wind very well. So I just held center and let them fly. My rifle is Ruger 10/22 with stock receiver made in 2011. Fedderson 18" blue .920 barrel, Leupold Vari X III 6.5-20 with AO and target knobs. The bolt is reworked by Que with Power Custom Ti charging handel anf Ti firing pin. The trigger is a Jewell 10/22 model adjusted to 6.5 ounce pull with no overtravel or creep. The stock is From HS Precision made in the late 90's. I have a little more work to get it free floated and have a Gunsmither barrel block to install. I am sorry for the bad picture and will repost it when my new scanner comes in. The ammo is Wolf Match Extra. This target is 100-5X if I scored it properly. The other was 98-8X. I need to get a scoring pin. Anyone know where to order one? My rest is a Hart with a Sinclair top with a Protector 2" sand bag and my rear bag is a Bald Eagle filled with creek sand.
    PS I have replaced the target photo with a scan.

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    Last edited: Aug 5, 2012
  11. Centurian22

    Centurian22 Well-Known Member

    Jim: CONGRATS on having an awesome wife! And 'Cudo's' to her for a awesome find! Looks like you're set for a while!

    Elmo: Way to set the bar! Sounds like one heck of a rig you've got there any pictures up of it? Very nice shooting!
  12. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for getting us started, Slapshot! Looks like we've our work cut out for us this time.

    As a side-note, those two freebies look to have come in really handy; we might have to add those frustration reducers (it's the beginning of August, we'll call 'em "temperature compensators") to another match in the near future.

  13. Slapshot

    Slapshot Member

    Yes they were very handy, probably the only way I could score this good. But I am practicing to get better on the bench. I have to retrain my body and my brain.
  14. KSCCHTrainer

    KSCCHTrainer Well-Known Member

    Boy do I feel DUMB! Picked up a good carbon fiber cleaning rod, and when I went to give the .17's bore a good scrubbing with Butch's Bore Shine, as soon as I put the rifle in the cleaning rack, I found that everything was loose in the stock. I can't believe that I didn't catch that at the last range session where I was getting anywhere from 1 to 3 flyers in every group. Instead of the KISS rule, I was blaming a fouled bore, ammo etc.

    First thing I tell someone else that's having those kind of problems is shake the scope if there is one to make sure the mount is tight. If not, check the action mounting screws to make sure it doesn't move in the stock! DUH! If I'd have followed my own teachings, I wouldn't have had the problem. :banghead:

    The screws were actually both loose enough I could turn them with my fingers! Hopefully "lesson learned" (until I forget it again - I AM getting old, you know!)

    Now, I gotta get the 93R17 to the range and see which one (it or the 10-22) really shoots better. I'm now betting on the Savage .17! :D

  15. Slapshot

    Slapshot Member

    Happens to all of us sometime. Glad you caught it.
  16. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Add a drop of blue Loc-tite. Then you won't have to worry about it.

  17. Nice snag on that Wolf. I need a break like that on some really good ammo. I hate to pay for it. I just like to shoot it. Too bad they don't give it away. :)
  18. I just got through shooting my Savage MkII. It shot better with CCI SV ammo than my CZ has been shooting with Wolf MT. That wasn't true before. Before I had to use Wolf in the Savage to get it to shoot better than the CZ. I think I'll need to clean the bore on the CZ. I'll be trying some Wolf in my Savage soon to see if I should be shooting it to get those really tight groups. For some reason I just haven't gotten the results I was getting with the CZ. But the truth is I always knew the Savage was more accurate. Just not as much more accurate as what I saw today. I only shot about a box or less and I managed to shoot at least one quarter inch group. I didn't really shoot for groups the rest of the time although I did try one other time for a good group and didn't do as well but I still did pretty well.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2012
  19. KSCCHTrainer

    KSCCHTrainer Well-Known Member

    I decided to forego the loc-tite, but took it to the range anyway.

    The 93R17 outshot the 10-22 but not by much. I fired the .17 first as I had to check the zero on it anyway. Took several targets and 50 rounds to re-zero and come up with the target I'm posting. It was pretty hot in the tunnel and by the time I got to the 10-22, I was having to wipe the sweat out of my eyes about every 5 shots or I might have done a little better with it. The 93R17 IS more consistent in shot placement but the 10-22 gives a right good account of itself.

    Left target is the .17HMR (Hornady 20 grain XTP) and if I scored it right, it is 100-5X
    Right target is the 10-22 .22LR (Wolf Match Target) and if I scored it right it is 99-6X.

    Of course both are in the unlimited/target class @ 50 yards from a Caldwell bag rest.

    Optics on the .17 is a BSA Sweet 17, 6-18 X 40 set to 18 power and the optics on the 10-22 is also BSA 8-24 X 44 set to 24 power.

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  20. Centurian22

    Centurian22 Well-Known Member

    Nicely done Jim. People seem to be jumping on this one early this month.

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