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Autauga Frame Cracks

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by greg531mi, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. greg531mi

    greg531mi Well-Known Member

    On the Left side of the feed ramp, there is a V cut. It is very thin there, and a stress crack could develop there. My FFL Dealer told me of one gun he saw, and it started after about 500 rounds.
    The fix here is to round out the V cut to a U cut, with die or very fine emory paper. This will dissapate the stress, and hopefully stop the crack from forming. This is done with airplanes, there are no sharp cuts, so cracks can form from them. There might be other guns out there, with these V cuts, and if they do not hinder the function of the gun, they should be rounded. Hope this helps someone out, and stop cracks from forming.
  2. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

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