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Autozone Gun Issue

Discussion in 'Activism' started by dbp, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. kerreckt

    kerreckt Well-Known Member

    This is the sort of situation where common sense should prevail. Autozones' intransigence on this matter does not suprise me as much as it angers me that someone would be punished for doing what was the right thing to do. I wonder how many people would have put themselves in harms way when it would have been much easier to just leave. I would like to think that I would but, the truth is, you never know until faced with the situation. Incidentally, I live about 2 miles from where this occurred and have been in that store many times but never again.
  2. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    Again, I'd like yo read their policy, because I'd bet it has something along the lines of not having a gun in your vehicle, either.
  3. Trueno

    Trueno Well-Known Member


    Devin McClean, 23yr old Air Force veteran...if you ever make it to Texas, the beer and BBQ is on me.


    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    If you can find a major store chain like Autozone that does allow carry I will be surprised. It's for insurance reasons.

    Fixed that for you.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  5. I'm3rd

    I'm3rd Well-Known Member

    I just put the following message on Facebook.

    "Autozone's firing of an Air Force veteran employee in VA just before Thanksgiving because of his heroic act of displaying a weapon in order to protect his fellow employee's life and Autozone's property is despicable. I and my extended family are outraged by your company's unnecessarily harsh treatment of this USAF veteran who put his life on the line in order to protect the life of his fellow employee and his employer's property. In the future patronizing Autozone is no longer an option when any member of my family needs auto parts. And furthermore, in the future we will inform all auto repair shops that we patronize that we will not accept or pay for parts purchased at Autozone."

    I don't like Facebook and I have never posted anything there before, but my wife is registered there and I used her name to post my comment. I wish I could tell the Autozone executive creeps what I really think of them and their despicable mistreatment of an American military veteran just before Thanksgiving, but that would probably get my wife kicked off of Facebook.
  6. powder

    powder member

    Knee-jerk reactions.

    MOST employers do not allow employees to have firearms at work, by POLICY.

    Those policies in place keep their insurance rates down for their corporate properties. Does that mean I agree with them? No.

    Whether the AutoZone employee fired was a Mil. Veteran, LE veteran, or a retired college professor makes no difference-using nationalism to inflate a non-issue won't make this boycott any more effective for changing a policy: their insurance rate increase would be an insane cost vs. boycott cost.

    The insurance industry is the culprit in these scenarios: they hold most of us silently hostage. It's the Corporate culture of pass-the-buck until the Customer doesn't know WHERE to look.

    Put the NRA onto investigating the insurance industrys' fingers in this extortion till, rather than boycotting a business being held hostage by their insurance company.
  7. Oceanbob

    Oceanbob Well-Known Member

    These no gun decisions are made by the Insurance Company that underwrites the Umbrella Liability Policy.

    Could you imagine the huge lawsuit and legal problems if AutoZone said 'it's ok to bring a gun to work or store it in your car at work'..?

    Then a well meaning, yet unskilled employee starts a fire-fight over stolen sparkplugs and ends up killing some innocent customers..?

    Come on people..let's be realistic.

    There is NO INSURANCE COMPANY that would allow a pro-carry, pro-gun policy at any retail outlet in the world.

    Sure, a mom and pop store could be friendly to pro gun people like us, but a large corporation will never and can never allow $9 per hour employee's access to a gun at work.

  8. Trueno

    Trueno Well-Known Member

    As to insurance co's/liability, they're more afraid of the relatives of the deceased hollerin' "ALL I KNOW IS SOMEBODY NEED TO WRITE ME A CHECK!".

    Otherwise, I think the general gist of the matter is that most folks think the guy should get his job back and the atmosphere would clear very quickly.

  9. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    Admittedly this is really off topic because the guy was not carrying at work therefore not violating policy.
    There may be no large corporation that allows concealed carry, many do not mention it one way or another.

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    How do you know he was clocked out?

    By choosing to boycott AZ because of this is silly because nearly any large business has the same policy. If they kicked someone open carrying out of the store then that's one thing but this is something found almost completely across the nation. What if the same thing happens at NAPA? Are we supposed to boycott them too?

    In today's lawyer filled world, this is what we have to deal with whether we like it or not.
  11. Double Naught Spy

    Double Naught Spy Sus Venator

    Sure he did. He just didn't do it all day long. He was a company employee who brought a gun into the company workplace. At that moment, he was in violation of policy.

    No, this is a fairly blatant misrepresentation. From the article cited in the OP, the store was open at the time of the robbery and McLean was working. McLean never went "essentially off the clock" anymore than he would have going outside with the store's garbage. He never even left Autozone's property.

    Or, if you wish to believe because he stepped outside of the store that he went off the clock, then the moment he stepped inside the store again, he went back on the clock. Any way you look at it, McLean, an employee of Autozone, brought a firearm into the workplace against store policy for employees and got fired for it.

    Sure, he is a hero, but being a hero doesn't mean actions come without responsibilities, obligations, and consequences.
  12. powder

    powder member

    Noooo kidding.

    No, "the gist of this matter" is a large group has organized a Facebook effort to boycott a company for their being held hostage by an insurance company.

    You guys NEED to start thinking on your own rather than taking these NRA-like stances against an action you don't like, and see what the root-causes are of the problem; the insurance companies are anti-gun.

    It's not an "Autozone gun issue". Take a look at the insurance industry, their actuary tables, and understand WHY these policies exist.

    It's nice to be active in a group, but when you're in a group of misdirected people? You are no less wrong.
  13. Trueno

    Trueno Well-Known Member

    Lighten up Francis, we're not stupid, AZ's policy is well known. In this conversation (thread) I would think the context of "essentially off the clock" is similar to "figure of speech". It's a figure-of-speech somewhat in the hopes that AZ would see fit to rehire the man.

    Mitigating circumstances, look it up. Me, I hope the guy finds better employment. Probably will despite how many think he's a troublemaker.


    ps: the cup is half full :neener:
  14. Trueno

    Trueno Well-Known Member

    Concerning the FB drivel, I have know nothing of or have anything to do with the "large group" so no idea why you quoted me.

    Not sure what "group" you think I'm a member of(?) I'd simply like to see AZ give Devin his job back. He might not want it back, who knows, but I'm simply expressing the thought that things would do a 180 if that were to occur.

  15. Trueno

    Trueno Well-Known Member

    Does Autozone sponsor any NASCAR?

  16. the iron horse

    the iron horse Well-Known Member

    I will never again buy anything from AutoZone and will encourage my family
    and friends to do the same.

    I am getting sick of this stupidity :cuss:
  17. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

  18. Analogkid

    Analogkid Well-Known Member

    I give two Craps About their policy..... There should have been someone in the Background at the Corp Headquarters that should have know this was going to be a huge PR crap storm. He should have been taken into the office and thanked and then restate policy to save face.

    Like Turn a BLIND FRIGGEN EYE... A Veteran........... Soon to be a New Daddy and now he doesn't have a a dang job..

    Sometimes you just have to make exceptions to the rules.

    I don't fault him for any of what he did, I just hope I could bring it together enough to help a Friend out that was being held at gunpoint if it ever happened...

  19. CatManDo

    CatManDo Well-Known Member

    Autozone used to sponsor Richard Childress Racing, I don't know if they still do or not.
  20. powder

    powder member

    You would be in the group that thinks a boycott on AutoZone will make a dent in their revenue, and that a boycott will make a difference in their insurance company's policy.

    You would be in the group that wants to ignore the facts of the case: a major policy was broken by an employee-by right to work laws they could have fired this guy for much less without recourse. Do I like it? Nope.

    Is that the way it works? Yup, on the clock and on company property with a firearm, you are subject to being fired. Insurance companies.

    As the economy continues to spiral, auto. repair places like AutoZone flourish: check the stock history. Boycott all you want-until you make changes in insurance companies you patronize, nothing will change. NASCAR? It's run on insurance monies as well...


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