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Baby Eagle .45ACP Jamming Issues

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by cdc86, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. cdc86

    cdc86 Member

    I've had my Baby Eagle for about a month now and it's had consistent stove piping. I'd say once every 15 to 30 rounds or so, after I shoot, it will fire, eject the shell, then screw up trying to chamber the next round and it will get caught between the lip of the barrel and the top of the slide.

    I originally dismissed it as "break in" issues, but after ~500 rounds, the problem is persisting.

    My best guess is that the way the rounds sit in the magazine, anything after about 5 rounds deep or so, the front of the bullet 'floats' so that when the slide returns and pushes on the back to chamber it, the front end dips, catches the lip of the magazine, bounces off ending up too high to make it into the barrel, then gets caught.

    Has anyone had these issues or know of any solutions? Should I just send it back to have it looked at? I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the magazine and not the gun itself because my buddy bought one the same time that I did and we're have the exact same problem.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  2. cdc86

    cdc86 Member

    Oh, and I bough an extra used magazine and it isn't having anywhere near the problems that the original 3 magazines are having. Dimensionally they're nearly identical. (I checked with a digital caliper.)

    USMCDK Well-Known Member

    SEND IT BACK WITH THE MAGS tell them the issue and don't forget to dgo through your local dealer to do all of this
  4. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Is this with FMJs?
  5. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    I've had this problem with EAA Witness mags in every caliber but .45ACP.

    My fix has been to squeeze the feed lips in a bit at the front. This makes the lips "V" to the front, my problem mags "V" was to the rear originally. Parallel is what I thought should work, but although improved, I needed to squeeze in the front of the lips until the cartridge base would just about touch the sides.

    Here is a photo from my EAA thread shoing before and after for the 10mm mags:

    Here is the original thread with more details and photos:

  6. kai_lonewolf

    kai_lonewolf New Member

    A fix that might work!??!!?

    I just bought a Baby Eagle .45 ACP pistol. Opon inspection of the pistol, I found a lot of tool marks on the feed ramp and throat.
    I took the pistol to the range as is and fired 250 rounds threw it and ran into a problem. After 5th round or so, the pistol would failed to load a live round. I would either get the round stuck between the slide and barrel on a weird angle or, my favorite, do a stove pipe but with a live round. I had two factory magazines and 5 EAA Witness magazine that fit the my baby eagle .45. Every magazine got a Failure to feed on 5, 7 or last round. It was intermittent, I was using S&B FMJ 230 gr ammo.

    After coming back from the range, I cleaned up the pistol. I got some 400 & 600 grit sand paper, and red polishing compound, and began the long process of polishing feed ramp and throat. After getting it to a nice shine, I got some real dirty ammo. I talking about armscor china manufacturer ammo(my shooting buddy had some old ammo) [Update:Found out it was Norinco ammo]. I shot 250 rounds at the range and only got 1 failure to feed, due operator error, I limp-wrist while shooting the pistol. All 7 magazine( 2 factory and 5 EAA mag) functioned with out any problems. It is safe to say the next 250 will tell me how this pistol is going to act. It is some growing pains but this gun is going to be a keeper.

    Update: I recently shot at my friend"s private range on memorial day. After 150 rounds, I had 2 live stove pipes from one the factory magazines. I used mostly my factory magazines for most of the shooting there, so i do not know if a breaking period is needed on the factory magazines of what. The only good thing is the problem disappear when i pulled out and used the EAA magazines, by this time the gun had a lot of gun power dust on it. I got some more ammo and will do some more testing.

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