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Ballistics out of a 3" GP100?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by dodging230grainers, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. dodging230grainers

    dodging230grainers Well-Known Member

    I'm considering buying a 3" GP100 for CCW/HD soon, and was leaning towards using a 158gr Speer Gold Dot. Does anyone have a link to or tested themselves the velocity of some modern JHP's out of a 3" Ruger GP100?

  2. Gary A

    Gary A Well-Known Member

  3. Pistol Toter

    Pistol Toter Well-Known Member

    Mr. dodgeing230grainers, There no doubt will be members who will disagree with me, however, I would not recomend the 3 1/16" GP100. I owned one and traded it away. For CCW it is quite bulky and heavy. While it is a 6 shot it has only 15/16" more sight radius than a 2 1/4" SP101. The SP101 conceals much better, my opinion. If the gun is going to stay in your home and not be carried, then purchase the 4" GP100. My 3 1/16" GP was no more accurate at 15 to 20 yards than my 2 1/4" SP. I'm not trying to talk you out of buying the 3" just giving you my views. IWB holsters don't seem to be as readily available for the 3" gun also. I carry my 2" SP and love it. P.T.
  4. L-Frame

    L-Frame Well-Known Member

    For a little different opinion, I like the 3" gp much more than the 2 inch sp. For me I don't find it much more difficult to conceal at all. I use the soft Uncle Mike's IWB holster and have it in front on the right half of my body. I wear it with shorts and a tee shirt. I like the extra round and for me it is much more comfortable to shoot. Can't give specfice ballistics but with a 3" barrel, you don't have anything to worry about.

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